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California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules (Oct 2020) Facts.

California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules (Oct 2020) Facts. >> In this article, you will get to know about the new safety guidelines known as Newsom Thanksgiving Rules formulated by the California governor for the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Are you excited for the Thanksgiving coming next month? If so, then the California governor has some updated rules to be obeyed this year. Do you want to know what the California Department of Public Health is imposing restrictions on? 

If you are interested to know in detail about the California Newsom Thanksgiving Rulesthen read this informative article till the end.  

The Newsom Thanksgiving Rules to be followed have become a popular topic of discussion among the United States. To know why it has become a trending topic, let us explore the topic. 

What are California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules?

California Newsom Thanksgiving Rulesaims to reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection. Therefore the following rules are formulated to keep control of it: 

The longer duration can increase the risk of transmission. Therefore gatherings should not involve more than 3 households (including guests and hosts).

All gatherings must be held outside the residences, and attendees should use restrooms inside only if facilities are being frequently sanitized.

Everyone should try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other. Masks should be put on soon after eating and drinking. One can take over their mask for serious medical necessities like taking medicines or asthma inhalers. 

Singing out loud and screaming poses a greater risk of transmission of the virus; therefore, it is strongly discouraged. Regardless, you can shout or sing while wearing a mask. 

Musicians can attend gatherings only if they are from one of three families. The wind instruments played by the mouth (for example a trumpet or clarinet) are strongly discouraged.

Food and drinks should be served in disposable containers to maintain possible hand hygiene. Frequent use of hand sanitizer in gatherings is a must. The timing for gathering must not exceed two hours. 

Why are California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules constituted? 

In California, the total COVID-19 cases have exceeded 887,600, with 17,192 notable deaths. The social gatherings in the upcoming Thanksgiving can further add to the increase in the risk of transmission of COVID-19 infection. 

Therefore, intending to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus infection, some rules with strict restrictions were constituted. 

The California governor Gavin Newsom released guidelines keeping safety as priority as California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules for all gatherings between the COVID-19 situations.

What are people’s views on the California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules?  

As soon as the California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules were laid out, the people expressed their resentment, and many took to social media to voice their frustration about it. 

People are demoralizing the attempts of the California governor to control how people celebrate the holiday.


California Newsom Thanksgiving Rules have been imposed to ensure the safety of people. Being careless at such festive events can create a considerable infection and health risk. Consequently, everyone needs to be careful in the pandemic.

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