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Callmeifyougetlost.con (June) Make Your Own Travel Id!

Callmeifyougetlost.con (June) Make Your Own Travel Id! >> The article talks about a popular rapper and his novel way of promoting his upcoming album.

The internet makes a great platform for reaching your audience, thereby turning the world into a global village. Besides, it is also opportune for budding artists to promote themselves, which can help them in increasing their reach.

Over the past week, the internet has been splurged with billboards reading Call Me If You Get Lost in the United States, which has left users intrigued to know more. While users are directed to callmeifyougetlost.com, we also found there is searchability using Callmeifyougetlost.con.

In this article, we thus elucidate further, thereby detailing it in length to the readers. Therefore, please scroll down to know more.

Who is Tyler?

Also popularly known as Tyler, the Creator, is a popular rapper from the United States. Besides, he is also a musician, visual artist, designer, actor, songwriter, comedian, and record producer. He rose to popularity in 2010 as the de facto leader and co-founder of Odd Future, which is an alternative group (hip hop). 

Note: Although there is searchability by Callmeifyougetlost.con, the said link doesn’t direct to the actual website.

Why is Tyler in the news?

Tyler is back in the news after a billboard that reads Call Me If You Get Lost started doing rounds on the internet comprising a phone number. After few days, also a website was established with the same name. The website also includes a phone number on it. 

Moreover, on calling the number, users are greeted to an audio message in the voice of Tyler, and his mother wherein the latter is expressing her love for her son.

The website also has searchability using the keyword Callmeifyougetlost.con while users are redirected to the actual website that is said to be a promotional website for promoting his albums.

What is Call Me If You Get Lost?

Call Me if You Get Lost is Tyler, the Creator’s sixth album rolled out on 09 June 2021 having a billboard, promotional one, on the internet. However, soon after, we also discovered an online site of the similar name that contains the contact number that dropped a snippet of the yet-to-be-released song.

A few days later, Lumberjack, the album’s lead single, released on the date – 16 June. Hereon, the singer confirmed the actual release of Callmeifyougetlost.con to be 25 June 2021.

What does the Website include?

The website includes fun promotional games, which we believe as creating a travel Id, and getting a chance to purchase his promotional T-Shirts as well. There are also few YouTube videos along with the phone number listed in bold that replays the voiceover of Tyler and his mother everything we make a call.

Final Conclusion

The internet presents a great platform for users as well as celebrities to reach out to their audience. In addition, many influencers and artists use it to promote themselves and their upcoming projects using different creative techniques.

Tyler Creator’s Call Me if You Are Lost promotion in the form of billboards and website callmeifyogetlost.com (searchability also with Callmeifyougetlost.con) opens new doors for innovation. Read here more about Tyler, the Creator

Which is your favorite album? Please drop your opinion in the comments box below.

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