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Cambiala Com (Sep 2021) Everything You Need To Know!

The post talks about the website Cambiala com, which talks about the modified calling scheme.

The government of Colombia has brought about a novel change in the dialling of landline numbers. The recent changes are applicable across the entire country. However, not many are aware of the modifications that are made in the latest dialling scheme.

Thus, in this article, we bring you entire detail about what is the latest update about what the changes are and how they will be implemented hereon. 

So, it would help if you kept a tab of the entire article to know about the website Cambiala com in which the entire detail is enlisted. However, the real searchability is with the website –  https://www.cambiala.gov.co/.

What is the Latest Change brought by the Government?

As per the report published on the official website of the government, there will be a single form of national dialling implemented across the country. Herein, the length of the number will be fixed and shall be unified now to 10 digits. Thus, there will be an entire modification in the overall way of dialling.

The overall information is listed in detail in the Colombia government’s official website. In the coming sections, we would run through in detail about the Cambiala com in the below sections.

Reason For Carrying out the Change in the Dialling

As per the website, the numbering system was adopted as per Decree 25, released in the year 2002. Furthermore, it is based on the International Public Telecommunications Numbering Plan, issued as per the International Union Telecommunications – UIT.

The change is intended to move towards a single national dialling system that is equivalent to making calls between fixed and mobile networks.

A Detailed Insight into Cambiala com

Now that we have gained a little brief about the website let us give an insight into the website (as per the website). Read below to know more:

  • The new law on single national dialling is implemented from 01 September 2021
  • Herein, the length of the overall telephone number will be fixed and unified.
  • Users are given an overall time of 3 months to adapt to the new scheme
  • After this, it will be possible for the users to have a unified form of 10 digits number
  • It can thereby be used for making all types of calls from their cell phones and the landlines.
  • As per the information in Cambiala com, there will be no constraints on users to can across any number from the country.

Final Conclusion

Elaborating further about the scheme, it is also stated that the national single dialling scheme will also be applicable not only for landlines but also businesses too. Moreover, the value of charges will not vary due to the implementation of the new dialling scheme.

Users have a term of 3 months to implement the new single dialling scheme, which will be applicable from 01 September 2021 until November 2021. We hope this article cleared your queries about Cambiala com. Visit here to know more. 

What is your opinion about the new national single dialling scheme? Please share with us your feedback in the comments box below.

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