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Canada Sunwing Flight {Jan} Action Against Passangers

This article provides facts on Canada Sunwing Flight. It gives the highlights and a little advanced information here.

It is the Covid fear worldwide. It was clearly instructed to people to follow all the norms that are issued. Do you follow the same? If not, please follow it for your benefit. 

Recently, there was a video on Instagram; of Canada that had gone viral on the internet. It shows some people enjoying party time on a flight.

The party was on Canada Sunwing Flight. People found partying hard on the 30th of December. They were maskless and hence did not follow the general norms for covid. 

Let us dig into more details about this incident.

Who were the people on the flight?

These people were the influencer and reality show stars from Quebec. They headed the Sunwing flight from Montreal in Quebec to Cancun in Mexico.

The incident on the flight.

On December 30th flight; carrying a passenger from Quebec was observed parting hard ignoring the public health norms in these covid circumstances. They found Jumping and dancing in the Canada Sunwing Flight passageway. They found passing around the liquor bottles. Also, one of the passengers was found crowd surfing while in the air.

Images and videos of this party went viral on Instagram. Hence, leading the incident for investigation by the federal government.

The action against the passenger.

On Tuesday, dated the 4th of January 2022, the federal government released a statement stating that the Department of Transport had launched a strict; investigation on this incident. It is accepted; that Transport may fine these passengers for $5000 each involved in this incident on Canada Sunwing Flight.

Response from Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau, a prime minister of Canada, seemed extremely frustrated after looking into the video. He stated that it is a slap in the face and is furious at those involved. The Prime minister said that it is ridiculous because these irresponsible people are pushing all the fellow citizens, airline workers, and themselves at high risk.

More about the event.

The flight was booked privately by 111 Private Club. They are the promoter who organized the event for six days in Cancun. The promoter claimed in the advertisement that the plane would have a DJ.

Cancellation of Canada Sunwing Flight

The Sunwing firm had stated that they notified Transport about their investigation. The investigation shows that the group of passengers in the flight was incorrect and had unfollowed the norms. The passenger’s return is scheduled for Montral today.

However, Sunwing Terms and conditions were not accepted; by the Transport. Hence, the flight got canceled.

Note: All the information in this write-up is from the internet.

Concluding thoughts

As per our case study, we find that the passengers have claimed an unwanted demand as going against the terms and conditions. The rescheduling of those passengers is still not revealed for Canada Sunwing Flight.

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