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Canberry Reviews [May] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Canberry Reviews [May] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> In this website, you will gain knowledge of all kinds of Beauty Gifts, Hair Accessories, Home Gifts, and Petites.

Hi all! I hope all of you are in good health! Are you looking for a website that deals with beauty gifts, hair accessories, home gifts, and Petites? Then you have come to the right site as Canberry Reviews provide a range of all such items.

Canberry Reviews is recently trending in the United States, and the buyers who are staying over there are fond of this website. We have gathered a lot of loyal consumers from there. And we are gaining more and more as we deliver quality items to them, and our loyal consumers spread positive word of mouth for our website, which consequently helps us in acquiring more and more consumers.

 But still, potential consumers think about the legitimacy of our website since it is newly launched in the market. The question which revolves in their head is-is Canberry legit, or is it a scam? And whether it is safe to purchase items from there.

I am sure that in the end, everyone will be convinced that Canberry Reviews is a legit website and is worth your time and money.

Is Canberry legit or not?

Canberry Reviews is a website that sells essential items like beauty gifts, hair accessories, home gifts, and Petites. The things which are shown on the website are identical to the original one, be it in terms of looks, colors, shines, or anything.

Some might think that since it is a brand new website, it might be a scam but to them, I want to say that it is not so as we are open to our consumers about our items on the website and we have provided all the specifics of our things which are free for all to see and decide.

Again we want to add that since our website is a newly launched, people might be skeptical about it. But to them, we want to convey that do purchase from our site as you will not be regretted later on. And if you do not like any items of ours, you can return us, and we will credit you the amount.

What is Canberry?

Canberry Reviews is a brand new website that sells Beauty Gifts, Hair Accessories, Home Gifts, and Petites.

Under the category of Beauty Gifts, you will find Bachca Paris Baby Hair Brush, Bachca Paris Large Elastic Set, Baja Zen Eye Soother, Cannuka Healing Skin Balm, Henne Organics Luxury Lip Tint and many such items like this.

Then in the Hair Accessories, you will find A. B. Ellie Chandra Hair Pins, Albright Hair Pin Set, Allyn Reverse, Bowen Reverse, and many such exciting things you will discover when you will go through the site.

Then in the Home Gifts, you will see Akemi Ceramic Candle, Anecdote Comfort Glass Candle, Arlo Pot, Bailey Dish Towel, Block print Dish Towel, Borealis Mug and all other like items.

Finally, in the Petites, you will see AG The Stevie High-Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans, Aiden Textured Top, Amelia Mini Shift Dress, and many more such things in a pocket-friendly rate.

Specifications of Canberry:

  • Website- https://www.canberry.top/
  • Shipping time- Within 2-3 Days
  • Delivery time-Within 3-4 Days
  • Return- Within 7 Days from the time of order
  • Refund- Within 7 Days from the time of order
  • Payment mode-Debit Card or Credit Card
  • E-mail- canberry.sale@outlook.com
  • Phone number- +12054947844
  • Address- 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Pros of purchasing from Canberry:

  • On our website, you will find unique and fashionable things.
  • You can get items that are pocket-friendly and stylish.
  • We provide high-quality items on our website, and we can assure you that no one will ever regret purchasing from our site.

Cons of purchasing from Canberry:

  • We provide premium quality items, which is clear proof that we don’t compromise on that. And so we can assure you that you will never get any flaw or defect on our items. We would be extremely sorry if you will find any, and we will assure you that you will get the full refund within a week.

What are consumers saying about Canberry?

Consumers have showered us with a positive response, and they have said that they loved our website a lot. Moreover, they are also recommending our items to their close relatives and acquaintances.

Well, if you still have any doubt on our website, which you should not have at this point, but even in the case, then we suggest you purchase from Canberry Reviews, and you will realize later that we are not a scam and we deliver quality items.

Final Verdict

Again we want to say that do not judge based on this criterion that we are newly registered. But do purchase items from Canberry Reviews and see for yourself the quality that we deliver you.

We know that still, some people have not fully trusted our website to them. We want to say that we sell premium quality items, and you will realize that if you have purchased the item once from our site. So please shop from us because our sale are increasing and the stock will get over soon.

0 thoughts on “Canberry Reviews [May] Should Anyone Buy From It?

  1. How come company reviews are wrote by someone within the company?? No consumer reviews?
    And I second the fact the phone number listed is no longer in service

  2. I also tried them and the phone number is not in service. Wondering why they have replied to comments. I am thinking I smell a SCAM!!!!!!

  3. Why the hell didnt i get an email confirmation after I submitted my order. NOT HAPPY WITH THE BULLSHIT WEBSITE

  4. I notice this is the 3rd review site I tried to see and I think it’s made by the same person. They all are the same wording

  5. It seems too good to be true; a “2-Person Infrared Cedar Sauna” for $69.95 + free shipping?? no way! I might be willing to order one and risk losing the money, just out of curiosity!

      1. Ordered from them a month ago My item is still sitting in china and their website is no longer available I got scammed out of $70

  6. No email confirming my order. In fact, no webpage confirming my order. I was definitely charged though. The contact form is incomplete and generic. The topics have not been set up. At best this is a new website with an inexperienced web developer. But then I called the phone number +12054947844 and found that it was not in service. The 205 area code is for Birmingham Alabama, not Ann Arbor, Michigan which is the address listed. 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108. The Google street view of the building for this address shows a US flag and a British flag. I’m not sure what the flag in the center is. But there is no sign on the building for Canberry.

    I know that my credit card will do a chargeback for the item I purchased. If you’ve placed an order, you might want to look into this as well because there seems to be no response from Canberry.

    1. This is a joke . these people sent me 2 masks when i paid $65 for a spa. Waiting for my refund through paypal. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME .

  7. Did the same, bought a inflatable hot tub for under 80 free shipping, took a roll of the dice, but no shipping information for a week and then I did get confirmation and coming from China, so obviously shipping,if ever, will be in weeks. Fingers crossed. Lol

      1. i bought and paid for the hot tub also, got a confirmation, that was 6 weeks ago, i have made a complaint thru paypal, to get my money back

      2. I’ll leave an update finally got one crappy N95 mask when I ordered a hot tub. They are trying to negotiate down now due to costs of sending wrong items. Totally a scam. Do not buy

      1. If your delivery in not in your hand still, then go for the customer care number 12054947844 … thanks for keep connecting…

  8. This is a scam site. I believe the person operating the fake site must the person to write the reviews for this site as they all say just about the same thing.
    I ordered from them trusting the reviews of this site. However, after ordering I happened upon some reviews by real people stating this site is a scam. After which, I tried to get shipping and/or tracking information. No return response. Do NOT order from this site. I had to get a refund via PayPal.

    1. It is most definitely a scam my husband and I purchased a inflatable hot tub the phone number does not work we have not received anything And now you can no longer get to the website 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. Ordered on may 1st got a confirmation email after contacting them about not getting anything after payment went through on paypal. Then a week later got a tracking email. Coming from china, no updates as of yet

    1. I got a tracking number also as late as today 29 May but says exactly what it said on 7 May. I believe it is a scam. I filed a PayPal complaint

  10. I ordered a hot tub also. I got 2 mask in the mail today with the same tracking number. So far no response from canberry!

  11. comments are saying that youre a fake company. S C A M M E R S. dont waste ur moolah. xoxo

    just remember you are better than this company that rips people off! LMAO fuck you.

  12. They send masks to create a shipping number and to waste your time. I email them and this is all they say ;Dear Teresa,

    We are sorry to have kept you waiting.

    Please keep in touch with our colleagues in the PayPal case, they will deal with your request.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,
    Customer Service Center


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  14. I ordered the end of April, 2020 No update on my order since 5/15/2002, a month ago. Apparently it’s sitting in Shanghai. I would never order from them again. Someone has been responding to me via email telling me not to worry.

  15. I can personally guarantee that the Canberry website is a scam. Just got off the phone with Chase bank to dispute the charge and they have been seeing a lot of this activity.

    Basically if they ship you something (in my case a crappy mask) it is a lot harder to dispute a charge because they can show a tracking number that they did indeed delivery “something”. Whether or not it was the product you ordered the burden of proof lies with the purchaser. It also give them time to hold your money during shipping and that’s whether or not you try to dispute it or not.

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