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Candace Wheeler Georgia (May 2022) All Essential Facts!

The article will inform you about Candace Wheeler Georgia and the recent update about the series based on the murder mystery.

Do you know Candy Montgomery? Before marriage, her name was Candy Wheeler. Candy was accused of the brutal murder of her best friend Betty Gore, but later she was found not guilty. The murder mystery shocked everyone in the United States in the 1980s.

Later, Candy was removed from all the charges and presently working as a family counsellor and therapist as a general citizen of the country. But Candy’s past has put many things as a crime sense. Let’s find out the truth about Candace Wheeler Georgia

What Do You Know about Wheeler? 

Candy Montgomery was born as Candy Wheeler. As per the statement, Candy was a very independent nature in mind. Candy was very ambitious in her life. After high school, Candy left her house for good fortune. Candy started working to live hood and side by side Candy wanted to be a rich man’s wife and full-time mother.  

After some failed relationship, Candy got married to Pat Montgomery. But Candy was not so happy with this marriage. So, Candy started another relationship with her best friend’s husband. 

Candace Wheeler Montgomery

Somehow Betty Gore knew that her husband and Candy were in a relationship. So, Betty asked about it to Candy. First, Candy denied all the connection with Betty’s husband. But later, local police found Betty’s dead body, which was axed more than 41 times.

After a few days of investigation, the police interrogate Candy. And arrest Candy for the murder of Betty. But Candy claimed that she was not guilty. Candy also claimed that she killed Betty in self-defense. Candy was arrested on 27 July, and a trial took place. It was the most sensational trial for the local authority.

The Trial of Candace Wheeler Georgia

Just before the trial, the local authority did Candy’s psychological examination. Dr Fred Fason reported that Wheeler had psychological problems from her childhood in the test. Candy had various traumas for her parents and extreme parent pressure. The doctor’s team put Candy in hypnosis therapy to understand her mental situation. The investigation team found that Candy had blacked out at the murder. 

The jury decided to free Candy. After her release, Candy got divorced from her husband, and presently, she is working as a family therapist. Candy is now living in Georgia, which is all about – Candace Wheeler Montgomery

Why the News is Trending

In recent times a series has been made about the incident. Jessica Biel worked as Candy Montgomery, and Melanie Lynsky worked as Betty Gore in the series. The series is getting good reviews from the audiences and the critiques. For this series, people recollect the old murder mystery of Candy Wheeler. Many media has again published the news on various platforms. 


Many people still believe that Candy did the crime deliberately. But later on, she started the self-defence drama. However, Candy is now a free woman and living alone his life as Candace Wheeler Georgia. All the reports, data and information is taken from the old media reports and internet source.

You can check the internet link for more data and recheck the incident. 

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