What Is a Candle Holder?

Candles are an essential part of every occasion. They have the undeniable strength to illuminate the ambiance and mood of any event. Yet if you let them burn for a longer time, these can create a mess by producing stubborn wax. We owe these candle holders to the ancient Egyptians, who invented these in 3000 BC for illuminating nights.

Are you a candle lover? Are you looking for new ideas for candle decoration at home? Are you Intrigued about the types and uses of candle holders? Then let’s ponder the world of candles and how you can use these inexpensive treats for decoration, but first, let’s learn what candle holders are.

What Are Candle Holders?

What Are Candle Holders

Candle holders are heat-proof canisters that hold candles firmly. And prevent the candle wax from spoiling the furniture. Candle holders are usually made of glass, ceramic, or metal. Candle holders are mostly plain, but sometimes they’re designed specifically for decorative purposes.

Candle holders are available in various sizes and set i-e from tall glass candle holders to votives. How can you use these candle holder sets in your home? Let’s dig in to find some handy uses for candle holders.

Uses of Candle Holders

Uses of Candle Holders

The primary use of a candle holder is to keep the candle upright and stable. Still, you can also use these for decoration. You can place candlestick holder set on dining tables, coffee tables, wall sconces, or as a centerpiece. Candleholder lanterns are available in various designs, colors, and shapes. You can use them for many occasions like birthdays, weddings, fancy dinners, romantic evenings, camping, etc.

Now let’s find out which candle holder suits which type of candle.

Types of Candle Holders

Types of Candle Holders

Did you know there are various sizes of candles for specific occasions? Likewise, there are particular candle holders for a typical candle. But before selecting a candle holder for your event, you need to decide on the color scheme and mood of the event. Choosing an appropriate candle holder for a relative candle would be the icing on the cake. Following are the frequently used types of candles which can be used for your event.

  • Taper Candle Holder

Taper candles are a huge part of formal events like dinners, weddings, etc.

Their elegant shape and style make them stand out and be the most suited for display on dining tables. Taper candle holders are specially designed for thin and slender taper candles. It will be easy to check the width before choosing the candle, as too thin would wobble in a candle holder. It’s a rule of thumb that the heftier the material of the candle holder, the more stable it will keep your candle. For example, a taper candle holder of glass, iron, metal, or wood would be the best choice to hold these slender candles.

  • Tealight Candle Holder

So what if you cannot afford tall, gorgeous, and pricey candles? Tea lights are there to save the day. These tiny ones are beautiful yet easy on the pocket. They can be accompanied by any appealing object, such as a candle holder, glass jars, Wooden candle holders, etc. Tired after a long day? Use tea lights candle holders near the bathtub and complement them with an essential oils diffuser for a relaxing spa night.  

  • Votives

Votive candle holders are specially designed for votives and tend to be tinier and more affordable. They’re intended systematically to pool wax inside the candle to give the votives a longer burning time. Because of their unique shape, votive candle holders help votive smelts evenly without spilling or spoiling the wax.

  • Candelabras

Candelabras have been there almost since the 10th century. These have derived their name from the Latin word Candelabras and were invented for night light with an addition in the shape of a regular candlestick by giving its various arms. It was later changed to candelabras, meaning “a tree of candles.” Although pricey but candelabras have the power to provide fancy attire to your event and add charm and class to your evening.

  • Lantern Candle Holders

Since the beginning, lanterns have been the primary night light source in older times. Yet, these classic and aesthetically appealing structures are still a favorite. Now, lantern candles are available in various designs, colors, shapes, and materials. Use and match them as per your decor’s effect, yet, it’s advised not to leave them unattended due to fire hazards. Use these gorgeous lantern candles on mantles, entryways, dining tables, etc., for a subtle effect.

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  • Pillar Candle Holders

Pillar candles are the best resource for all candle lovers who cannot afford high-priced candles or candle holders. They are made from rigid wax, mainly paraffin wax. Usually, they don’t need a stand or holder to be stable as they are thick and cylindrical. But you can use these with designed and sturdy candle holders solely for decorative purposes. They are the best choice for cupboards, bedroom mantles, or dressers to give a magical attire to the whole ambiance.


Candles are the best gifts and would be bull’s eye if scented or accompanied with particular candle holders. Candle holders not only help the candle to be stable plus hinders the wax from spilling and add height and charm to your decor. Indeed candles are an affordable, romantic decor for your home. It’s advisable not to place these near a child or pet to avoid hazards.

All candle needs some care and cleaning; thus, trimming the wicks before lighting a candle is highly recommended. Clean the candle rim with a clean and dry cloth to increase the life of your candles. Don’t use a wet cloth or abrasive chemicals for cleaning metal or metal candle holders; instead, clean with a dry cloth. We hope our guide has helped you learn about candle holders; tell us which type of candle holder you liked best and why? Happy lighting.

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