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Can You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Cannabis Seeds Online: Selling cannabis seeds is a legal activity in many countries. They are actively used in various fields from the production of fabrics, cosmetics, and medical products to feeding fish and birds.

The easiest way to get a quality product with high yields is to buy cannabis seeds online. You can do this in specialized stores.

Why it is beneficial to work with professionals

Buying cannabis seeds is a responsible task. A grower needs to consider many factors when choosing a vendor and product. By cooperating with online stores with a good reputation, the buyer receives:

  • a wide selection of original seeds from well-known breeders;
  • high quality and compliance with the parameters specified on the site;
  • attractive cost;
  • safe fast delivery;
  • the absence of obstacles and difficulties in the purchase and receipt of goods.

Types of seeds

Seeds differ in gender and method of flowering. Depending on the gender, they are:

  • regular. They produce both male and female plants. Male ones are relevant only for the cultivation of their varieties. They don’t flower and produce pollen, which not all growers like;
  • feminized. Up to 99% of those are only females. Their buds contain a high concentration of THC.

Taking into account the characteristics of the flowering period, plants are:

  • photoperiod. Their flowering depends on the illumination of the space. When daylight is shortened the plant perceives this as the beginning of winter and blooms;
  • autoflowering. Such plants are not affected by light. The beginning of flowering in them is laid down at the genetic level and occurs after reaching a certain age.

When choosing a marijuana variety, you need to pay attention to growing conditions, yield, flowering period, growth rate, THC content. Given these characteristics, it will be possible to select the best seeds for both beginners and experienced growers.

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