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How a Custom Canopy Can Boost The ROI For Your Business

The perfect marketing tool

Believe it or not, your humble custom canopy can boost the return on investment for your business substantially. In this article we will see exactly how you can utilize your canopy tent as an effective marketing tool to rope in new customers and increase business profits manifold. But before everything else, let’s understand what the attributes of an effective marketing tool are.

An effective marketing tool is –

  • Catchy: a properly designed marketing tool is catchy enough to grab the attention of onlookers from the moment it is deployed. It intrigues viewers with graphics and messages but is careful not to offend anyone.
  • Cost effective: while there’s no limit to how much one can invest in marketing, an effective marketing campaign makes proper utilization of the allotted budget. The ideal marketing tool is something you can easily own without having to stretch your budget.
  • Portable: the ideal marketing tool should be portable and easy to deploy. This way it can be moved around from one venue to another with ease.  
  • Easily accessible: the best marketing accessories in the world are easily available in the market. What makes a marketing tool stand out is the careful planning that goes into tailoring it for a particular brand.   

A marketing tool with the abovementioned attributes attracts, engages and delights potential customers and ends up boosting business for the brand deploying it.

How custom canopies can boost your business

A commercial canopy tent can be heavily customized to suit the needs of its user. This makes it the ideal accessory for any marketing campaign.

  • Canopy tents are lightweight and can be moved around from one venue to another with ease. They are also incredibly easy to install and take down.
  • A business owner can have his canopy tent exclusively branded for his business. A branded canopy tent normally carries the colors, logo and slogan of the respective brand. It can also be used as a makeshift billboard to display offers etc.
  • These accessories are cost effective and durable. Once purchased they tend to last a very long time, adding to the list of assets of the owner.

Here’s a few smart ways to effectively use custom canopies and see your sales figures skyrocket.

  1. Outdoor restaurant

Café and restaurant owners are often limited by indoor space when it comes to business expansion. The effective solution in such scenarios is to construct an outdoor dining area for guests. It goes without saying that people love to dine in the open air and hence outdoor eateries enjoy a lot of attention all around the globe.

With custom canopy tents, it’s easy to setup an outdoor dining area.  If you are a restaurant owner and happen to have an idle space like a sidewalk or garden about your property, you can pitch branded canopies in the empty space and create a nice and cozy setup for your guests. You bet they’ll love the new setup!

  1. Curbside pickups

In this post-pandemic era more and more retail chains are encouraging customers to collect their supplies from curbside pickups instead of adding to the indoor crowd. In this shopping format you just have to order and pay for your things online and pick them up later from a makeshift enclosure outside the main store.

Custom canopies play a vital role in setting up curbside pickups. They make for the perfect shelter solution to house merchandize and employees. Retail outlets can save a lot of money on construction cost and permits because with canopy tents at their disposal they don’t have to erect permanent structures for their pickup zones.    

  1. Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are a great way for local farmers and producers to sell their fresh produce and handmade goods directly to consumers. However, these markets can be unpredictable due to weather conditions, which can impact sales. A custom canopy tent can provide protection from the sun and rain, creating a comfortable shopping environment for customers and a sheltered workspace for vendors.

  1. Food Trucks

Food trucks are a popular way of serving snacks and refreshments to visitors at outdoor events, festivals, and markets. However, they often lack proper seating areas for customers and people often have to stand and eat under the open sky. By setting up custom canopy tents next to their food trucks, vendors can create an inviting space for customers to sit and enjoy their meals. Needless to say, these tents go a long way in promoting the respective brands.

  1. Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers. A custom canopy tent can help draw attention to your booth and create a professional and inviting environment for visitors. With a personalized design, you can promote your brand and stand out from the competition.

  1. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events are a prime location for businesses to promote their products or services. Custom canopy tents can be used to create pop-up booths for customers to browse and purchase stuff. By setting up their shops near high-traffic areas, brands can increase visibility and attract potential customers.

  1. Outdoor Fitness Classes

Outdoor fitness classes have become increasingly popular, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of custom canopies, fitness instructors can create an airy workout area in the outdoors, all the while keeping their clients protected from the elements. A personalized design also helps the business owners promote their brand and attract new clientele.       


Custom canopies are a versatile and effective tool for businesses of all kinds. By using them in innovative ways, businesses can promote their brand, increase their visibility, and create a comfortable and inviting environment for customers. Whether you’re a farmer, food truck vendor, trade show exhibitor, event promoter, or fitness instructor, custom canopy tents can help take your business to the next level.

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