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CanvasDiscount.com Review: are Discount Custom Prints Worth It?

CanvasDiscount.com Review: are Discount Custom Prints Worth It? >> The custom printing industry now offers more options than ever – these days you can get your photo printed on a plethora of different materials. But many companies charge a high price for products like custom canvas prints or photo posters, so anyone searching for wallet-friendly solutions needs to do a little market research. 

If you’ve got a nose for a bargain, you may already have heard about CanvasDiscount.com – a printing company that offers custom prints at factory prices. Sounds too good to be true? We’ve explored the ins and outs of CanvasDiscount.com to find out if the company lives up to its claims!

What Is CanvasDiscount.com?

CanvasDiscount.com is an online printing service that offers a wide range of personalized prints and lifestyle accessories. It’s a discount company with highly competitive prices – for example, you can get an 8×8” canvas print for as little as $5.

Where Is CanvasDiscount.com Located?

The company’s headquarters and production facilities are in Florida, but it doesn’t operate as a brick-and-mortar shop – you’ll need to go to its website CanvasDiscount.com to make a purchase.

Since CanvasDiscount.com operates here on US soil, American buyers won’t need to wait long for their order to arrive – delivery usually takes 1-4 business days, depending on region. 

Canvas prints are ready for dispatch within just 24 hours, a turnaround that really sets them apart in the industry. Best of all, if your order costs $70 or more, shipping is free.

Product Roundup

There are three main sections of the CanvasDiscount.com catalog: wall decor, home & lifestyle, and photo gifts. Here’s what you’ll find in each category:

  • Wall decor: canvas prints, metal prints, classic framed photos, acrylic prints, photo posters, prints on photo board (a white hardfoam panel) and MIXPIX® photo tiles
  • Home & Lifestyle: custom face masks, photo blankets, photo pillows and photo towels
  • Photo Gifts: custom star maps, photo puzzles, personalized mugs and MixBlox (mini acrylic photo blocks)

Note however that CanvasDiscount.com don’t make old-school loose prints on photo paper, i.e. the kind you’d collect in photo albums. They also don’t offer ready-made images/designs to print – the service is aimed squarely at people who want reproductions of their own photos.

Our Top Picks from the CanvasDiscount.com Catalog

  • Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are the signature product at CanvasDiscount.com – the company’s sold over 10,000,000 in the US. We were pleased to learn that despite their high production rate and their discount price policy, CanvasDiscount.com haven’t completely automated their production – all their canvas prints are stretched by hand on the frames, a traditional technique which is seen as a gold standard for the industry.

  • Posters

We also liked poster prints – a recent addition to the range of wall decor products. CanvasDiscount.com use lab-quality Fujifilm photo paper, so their posters are sturdy yet lightweight – they’re great value for money too, with an entry price of just $6 for a 12×16” poster print.

Our Top Picks from the CanvasDiscount.com 2021

  • Metal Prints

They might be more expensive than prints on canvas, but the metal prints at CanvasDiscount.com still fall within the bargain category. You’ll be able to afford a decent-sized print even if your budget doesn’t stretch beyond 50 bucks. CanvasDiscount.com metal prints are made from a robust aluminum composite panel that’s coated with a UV-resistant laminate – so if you’re looking for extra durable wall decor, this should be your first choice.

The Order Process Explained

Ordering products at CanvasDiscount.com is very straightforward. Each product page has a big “Upload Photos” button – just press the button and you’ll be prompted to browse your device for the image file of your choice. (You can also upload several pictures at once – they’ll then be stored in a special gallery so you can use them one by one to create your products.)

Once a picture is uploaded, the site measures it automatically – and then offers you only the print formats well-suited to its size and shape. Just choose the format you want from the list shown. After uploading you can still adjust the print area if required, and even add text.

When you’re happy with the product design, click on “Continue to Shopping Cart” and you’ll be taken to checkout. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Registering on the site will mean you get quick and easy access to your account information in the future, but you can just check out as a guest too.

The Order Process Explained 2021

What Do Their Customers Think?

CanvasDiscount.com claims to be the best-rated US canvas shop on the Trustpilot review site. After going through hundreds of reviews, we can confirm that this isn’t a baseless claim. Over 90% of reviewers rated their service as excellent. And we were struck by how many customers say they’ve been using CanvasDiscount.com for years – always a good sign.

If you want to hear more customer experiences, we suggest heading straight to Instagram (you’ll find the social media links at the lower right corner of the CanvasDiscount.com page). Go through the tagged posts and you’ll find plenty of testimonials with real-life photos of the products.

Key Benefits of CanvasDiscount.com

  • Prices

Discount prices are the main selling point of CanvasDiscount.com – in fact all their products come with a “110% lowest price guarantee” for the US. That means if you find a product of the same size at a cheaper price elsewhere, CanvasDiscount.com will beat that price by 10%. That’s a nice feature, even though we aren’t sure you’ll find a pre-stretched custom canvas print for less than $5 anywhere in the US!

  • Quality

Getting the right price-quality balance is a tricky challenge for any discount company. But CanvasDiscount.com seems to have found a way to make low-cost products without compromising on quality. They use streamlined production processes to maximize their output, relying on economies of scale to keep prices down rather than cutting corners.

We particularly liked the fact that CanvasDiscount.com have developed their own type of canvas fabric, specifically designed for the HP latex inks they use in printing. And it was great to learn that CanvasDiscount.com use natural, sustainably sourced materials that are safe for children and people with allergies.

  • Product Versatility

CanvasDiscount.com now has around 20 products in its online catalog – which should be more than enough to find that perfect new wall decor piece, or a touching photo gift for your loved ones.

What Do Their Customers Think 2021

A Few Arguable Shortcomings 

Some customer reviews say that an image edit option would come in useful. As of now, CanvasDiscount.com don’t offer any image retouching when it comes to brightness, exposure and saturation. You can only zoom in and out on your uploaded image to get the perfect print layout.

We think it would also be nice to have more information about CanvasDiscount.com and its production process at the webshop. The site lists the most important technical specs of every product but information about the manufacturing process itself is pretty scarce. Some photos from the production facilities and a short account of the company’s history would give a better understanding of CanvasDiscount.com as a whole.

Final Words

We’re happy to say that in our judgment, CanvasDiscount.com deliver on their promises – they produce high-quality personalized prints at better-than-affordable prices. If your first priority is keeping to a tight budget, but you aren’t willing to compromise on quality, we recommend choosing CanvasDiscount.com as your printing provider.

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