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Cara Mia Bra Reviews {Nov 2020} Is This A Reliable Site?

In this post, you will get to know about a fresh, supporting and flattering brassiere for all those real women. Read now.

Are you tired of the brassiere that only causes pain and discomfort? Are you in search of a comfortable, supported and cool brassiere that brings relief to your body? If yes, then, you should try out the Cara Mia Bra.

Bras were created to provide support, coverage, and elevate breasts. While essential modifications made to the design, but they still manage to cause discomfort. So, should we stop wearing them? Cara Mia Bra Reviews will tell you about high-quality and best-supported bras.

Bras are a necessity as they provide support and protection to the breasts. They also help in smoothening out your silhouette in the various outfits we adorn. The Cara Mia Bra has gained popularity amongst the women in various nations like the United States and Canada.

You must give this post a read before making a purchase from the site. The pointers below give you an in-depth analysis of the product and its official website. If you want to know about other customer’s experiences, check and view Cara Mia Bra Reviews online.

What is the Cara Mia Bra?

Cara Mia is an online site selling cool, comfortable and unique brassiere for all those females who are tired of wearing the discomfort. It is a trademark of APG. The bra offered by Cara Mia is very flattering and supporting that it makes you forget that you have worn it. Such a relief! Isn’t it?

The secret lies behind the double conforming comfort and the adjustable support straps so that you can get maximum comfort and smoothness. The USP of this ladies garment is that it is without underwire and provides 360 degrees coverage. 

It comes with cooling mesh ventilation at both – front and back so that the fresh air can flow smoothly. It is suitable for all the shapes and the sizes and is available in four colours – black, white, nude, and lavender.

What is so unique about the Cara Mia Bra?

Have you ever heard about Cara Mia Bras? If not, then check the website Caramia Bra.Com and Cara Mia Bra Reviews AmazonThe reviews of customers will help you to make the better decision whether you should buy this bra or not. So, let’s take a look at the reasons behind the uniqueness of caramia bras.

Different Shades Are Available

We all know that girls are fond of buying beautiful bras in different hues. So, when we talk about Cara Mia Bras, they are available in various shades like black, nude, white, lavender, etc. You can find your desired bra among four shades. 

If you are a  kind of woman who likes to wear light-colored clothing, then Cara mia bra is an ideal option. Black color is classy and can go with any dress. So, the choice is yours. Choose your favorite shade.

Soft & Breathable Fabric

All women indeed look for quality and soft fabric. Cara Mia Bras are made of high-quality, smooth, and breathable fabric that gives a soft touch and ultimate comfort level. After wearing this bra, you can feel sweat-free, comfortable, and fresh throughout your whole day. It is ideal for day and night as well. But, it’s up to you whether you want to wear it at night or not.

For getting more information or details, you can check Caramia Bras Reviews.

A significant problem with bras is that they tend to highlight the back fat! Not the Cara Mia bra, though! The soft and stretchy fabric will perfectly fit your body instead of your body, providing it. The soft fabric will ensure that you do not get those strap rashes or burn women usually tend to get from wearing bras for long hours. These facts make this invention unique.

How to wear it?

All you need to do is pull the bra over your head the same as other bras and adjust the shoulder straps according to your preference or comfort level. After that, close the straps of the caramia bra. The front lace fabric will latch on to the area right under your armpits. This overlapping will provide a gentle lift along with a 360-degree coverage by the caramia bras.

If you think what size, you should buy it? The company advices to purchase the larger sizes if you are in-between bra sizes.

Features of Cara Mia Bra

  • The cup sizes available are – A, B, C, D, and DD.
  • Find your size – 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44.
  • It is comfortable, relaxed and flattering.
  • Provides excellent support to the bust.
  • USP – without underwire.
  • Offers 360-degree coverage of the buttery soft, breathable fabric.
  • It comes with cooling mesh ventilation.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes.

Specifications of Cara Mia Bra

  • Product- Lingerie
  • Email- Caramia@CustomerStatus.com
  • Shipping/processing time- not provided
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned
  • Exchange- within 30 days of purchase
  • Returns- 30 days of receipt
  • Refunds- no clarity
  • Mode of payment- only online payment

Pros of buying the Cara Mia Bra
  • Made of stretchable and breathable fabric

  • Sizes for plus size women available

  • Does not highlight the back fat like regular bras

  • Provides double support and comfort

  • Lace front crisscrosses to provide support instead of underwire.

  • The bra designed ensures your breasts provide the comfort they deserve.

Cons of buying the Cara Mia Bra
  • The brand is only delivering in the United State and Canada

  • Its fabric may stretch out quickly and turn ineffective in providing support.

  • The bra is not a budget buy.

  • Returns and shipping details are unclear.

Customer Feedback on Cara Mia Bra

The site displays positive feedback from customers. This tells us that users of the caramia bras have been pleased with the purchase. They comment, “it feels like I am wearing nothing,” which displays the success of the product.

But, we are taking into account the other Cara Mia Bra Reviews and customer reviews also, and we have found most of the comments as unfavorable. The females who have purchased this product are not happy with the promises that the Company made. 

Some women complain regarding the size, stating that if you are a size 36C, then you must purchase a smaller cup size as these cups seem to be bigger than average. It is one of the significant issues most users are discussing online.

According to the research and Cara Mia Bra Reviews, it is found that the average customer rating is one. Most of the customers gave a negative feedback about the quality, delivery, and cost of the product. Some women faced size problem, and some women said that the customer service of the website is poor, We are not able to connect with the customer team.

Final Verdict-

While the bra may sound too good to be right in the pictures and writing, it seems to have some design issues. It also fails to provide necessary shipping and return/refund details. However, this can be fixed easily by giving their customer care helpline a call!

Guys! The review is unbiased. We have discussed the website and product information. But, we can’t say the website is legit as we found negative feedback as well. So, being the right customer, it is essential to research thoroughly before ordering anything online.

We hope the pointers have given you clarity regarding the caramia bras. Leave us your feedback regarding this bra in the comments below!

50 thoughts on “Cara Mia Bra Reviews {Nov 2020} Is This A Reliable Site?

      1. I watched this new Cara Mia bra commercial and the female model used could of been about 34B size breast. The bra looked very comfortable on her. Why not use a full figured model with large breast displaying the bra? There were 3 other woman different size breast that were used during this commercial and did not model the bra. This does not convince me to purchase. I am a 42C and cannot see this bra holding up my breast. Let’s try to have a few full size woman model the bra it may bring more business to this company and possibly less negative reviews.

  1. I ordered Cara Mia bras on April 21, 2020 and they sent a notice they were shipped on May 14. I still do not have them and when I try to call, I get disconnected.
    Very disappointed that I cannot get through to anyone to find out where my bras are since they already credited my account. If I do not hear from someone, I will cancel this order and demand my refund.

    1. I order a 2x and the where the hooks are it rolls up .and the price is cheaper at amazon 3 for 22.00
      Nice but what the they are saying on line and tv it’s not that great.
      Now I have 3;bras that roll up on me.


  2. There phone prompts need a lot of work i never got a tracking number i have been waiting sense the 14 0f may for my order to come . I have called several times for the tracking number i can not get any where. I am very disappionted in there service . I even called and waited for a half an hour well music played to try and talk to someone.
    they claimed they sent it i have recieved my other orders that bought the same week but theres.

    1. I ordered a black and a white bra and the money was removed from my bank account.I have yet to receive my 2 bras, so either I get both bras or a full regund or there will be a law suit from the state of Texas. Take your choice.

    1. It is difficult to get on and off, since there are no fasteners. It is comfortable, but kind of flattening. The lace supports do not lift, since the are underneath the cups.
      Good for smoothing back lines.
      The figures they used were already pretty ideal.

  3. Just received my bras after more than a month. I kind of expected this, so not a big issue. However, I am a 38DD and purchased the size recommended, which does fit. The material is soft and comfortable, BUT, they talk about no back fat showing when wearing one of these bras. I can only think that this person must be extremely thin. What I find is that the bottom of the bra rolls upwards both front and back if you have any fat. I’m 65 and I don’t have a flat stomach (wish I did) and this bra rolls, I hate this. Also don’t like the little pads they place in the cups as they are very thin and I can’t imagine what they will look like after being washed (and Cara Mia promotes their bras as being machine washable). Also, I can’t imagine wearing one in the gym or when running. Though they do provide some lift with the crossover in the front. They don’t provide real support. if you exercise, run or jump, you will bounce quite a bit if you are busty.

    I can see this as a sleep bra for those who like to sleep in a bra or a work bra, i.e. mowing, gardening, etc. All in All, I would not purchase one again and would not recommend, especially if you are full figured. They might work great for a thin or small-busted woman, but not so much if you are full in the flesh!!

  4. I have been on the phone most of the trying to void my order. In fact I am on the phone now holding this is my 4th call today. 4 different people have told me they can’t find my account, I went through the Canadian site, but it goes thru the US I have never been sold a bunch of crap like this..they can’t find my order but they have already taken the money from my account scam scam scam product is not as advertised. Read the reviews before you order

    1. From what I’ve read in reviews about this bra , I’ve learned that they are NOT what they advertise to be. Especially if your a busty woman. Don’t waste your money.

  5. Will your Cara Mia Bra fit me with comfort I wear a full 44DD? I welcome your response.
    Thank you.

    1. I order a 2x and the where the hooks are it rolls up .and the price is cheaper at amazon 3 for 22.00
      Nice but what the they are saying on line and tv it’s not that great.
      Now I have 3;bras that roll up on me.

  6. I purchased 6 bras on 6/11/20, received an email confirming my order, stating my credit card would not be charged until they shipped, and I would receive an email once shipped. My credit card was charged on 6/12/20, no email received at all! I went to their customer service online, only to receive no more information then I already knew. I am on hold with their customer service phone line right now, going on 27 minutes!!! They don’t say how it was shipped! It’s 6/15/20, not received.
    Their customer service is way below expectations, to say the least!!!

  7. I say the add on TV. I ordered 3 bras on June 2nd. I was wondering when I would get them? My Confirmation number is 637267404289073282. I paid $70.58 foe three bras

  8. I ordered my bra’s on May 29. Received a confirmation on May 31. Charged my card June 3rd. They emailed me my order was shipped on June 4th. I call for updates and the recording says shipped on June 2nd. Called to talk to someone on June 16th? and they said my order has been labeled and sitting in the warehouse still? When am I going to get my order?? No updates as of June 18th? Can’t wait to try them! But I would like to know when I am going to get them? Thanks for listening!

  9. Do Not order from these people! My bras did not fit, they measured small and the support is not there at all. Now I’m having issues trying to return them (only one of three did I try on, the other two are still in original packaging). Emails keep redirecting me to phone numbers that have automated messages saying they cannot process my call. $72 down the tubes for nothing!!!!

  10. After reading the comments here I certainly will not buy these bras. Slips are made from nylon not bras I am a 40 D and I wear underwire bras and because I was measured at Macy’s during a special promotion I know what brand and style fits me best. I often buy $45 bras on sale at Kohl’s For $20 and they last for many years – I do hand wash.
    These are junk unless you have the shape of a model like Twiggy.

  11. I have been waiting for this bra since May. On June 3, I received a notice that it was on its way: June 3, 2020 at 6:34 pm Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item. Corona, CA 92879: We shipped your order. YAY! I’d been waiting long enough! Well, it never came, so I tracked it via USPS and received the same info as above. I proceeded to call the number provided (800) 431-8995. I’ve been calling there for three weeks (total of 6 calls), with NO SATISFACTION WHATSOEVER. All they’ve told me is to KEEP WAITING. The last time I called was yesterday, 6/29/29. Well, when I woke up this morning, I had an email from Caramia: “Thank you for your order from Caramia. Your order Number (order number was listed) has been processed as returned on 6/29/20, the order originally shipped to the following address: (then my correct name and address was listed.) Right now, I am calling them again … actually, for the last 15 minutes, I’ve been listening to their music on the phone, just waiting for someone to answer. So what do I think of this company? It is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

  12. I’m on the fence in regards of pursuing these bras as I read the reviews (thank you for being so truthful) does anyone have some positive feedback.

  13. I was really hoping I finally had found a good bra. These bras do not support or lift if you are big busted. I am a 36DDD and the lacy straps roll under my boobs and the actual bra rolls up. Very uncomfortable! The back of the bra goes down so far that it’s almost to my waist. It isn’t “cooling” at all. I thought I would keep it on and give it a fair try but after about 3 hours sweat was dripping down my back and front. I am not fat but not slender either. The shoulder straps are very wide so if you wear a tank top or sleeveless summer dress the straps show. I bought some for my rail-thin daughter and she was sweating also and hated it. I will continue with my bras from Kohl’s. Their sizing is accurate and there’s always a nice coupon so my $65 bra costs me only $30 with free shipping and lasts me 2-3 years.

  14. So disappointing! This bra offered ZERO lift and support and when I called to find out how to return them I learned they do not pay return shipping. So it cost me money to try it on. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Buyer beware!
    They actually offered me 24% off if I kept the bras even though I told them they didn’t lift or support. Kudos to them for great advertising. I fell for it hook, line and sinker!
    There is no place to leave a review on their site and Amazon sells the same exact bra under different names for $10

  15. The Bra’s seem to be very comfortable, I could not get one with a large enough cup size that would fit. They are much too small on their cup sizes!

  16. The Bra’s are much too small in the cup for me and I bought the largest one they had available! I am sending them back .

  17. Thank you so much for all your reviews I was ready to buy but now I can see this is another big scam.

  18. These bea’s are a joke. They may work for slim women but if you are a short 38D forget it. They are comfortable but they give very little support and are extremely hard to put on. Also, they give you no shape and the rolls do show

  19. I bought theses bras it says my size was 2x so I got 6 of them well they didn’t fit plus I got charged shipping when it was suppose to be free shipping.then I had to pay 10.90 to return them. I would not recommend them

  20. I bought these bras( not true to size. Trying to get Return Authorization number has been a task. Would never do business with these people again.

  21. I agree with all the bad reviews here. Too bad they couldn’t just make a larger size that really fit. They sure make these bras look good on the women in their commercial. I say go buy a sports bra at Kohl’s or somewhere that can be returned !

  22. I agree with all the bad reviews here. Too bad they couldn’t just make a larger size that really fit. They sure make these bras look good on the women in their commercial. I say go buy a sports bra at Kohl’s or somewhere that it can be returned. Very disappointed. And they know it’s wrong!

  23. I received 3 bras the wrong size. I ordered 6 bras and was charged foe 6 bras. No paper work came in the package. Am I out $90.00?

  24. Thank you for the reviews ladies. I was also all set to order but have changed my mind. I guess we’ll all have to continue to suffer with the underwire until someone comes up with something better!

    Just a tip:

    I have had some great products delivered from companies in China. Also some really bad ones. There are really good quality items I’ve received at great prices! But please beware……… check for Return Authorization Numbers & check to see how much it will cost to return. I purchased 6 dresses last summer, paid $146.00. By the time I got them, it was almost 6 months later & Spring was on the horizon. None of the dresses fit me. When I contacted the company to return them, I found out I would be responsible for the return postage. It was going to cost me $149.00 to send them back!! So, for a $3.00 charge, I got to look at the dresses. I still have them 🙄

    Good luck ladies! 😉

  25. I wished I had read the reviews before ordering these bras. I did not like them because the material was to heavy for the summer weather but probably okay for the winter. I also ordered the BONUS 3 pack ( BIG MISTAKE). I wanted to return the bonus 3 pack but could not get any information on line so I called their 800 number after waiting and listening to music for 16 minutes. What this company fail to tell you is YOU have to pay for the return before they return your money. NEVER again will I order anything from Cara Mia.

  26. I recently received my first order of Caramia bras. I ordered a large set for my sister and a small set for myself. When I received them I realized that I should have ordered myself the medium set instead. They advertise a 60 day money back guaranty, so I began calling and then emailing them with the intention of asking to exchange the small set for the mediums. I have called multiple times a day, every day since receiving them, and emailing them as well. No one has ever answered the phone calls, despite their message that says someone will be right with me, and no one has responded to my emails. Today, after yet another call and sitting on hold for 15 minutes I was disconnected. I regret this purchase and would never recommend that anyone else buy from them!

  27. I bought these and they are not worth the money. After the exchange rate I paid just over $100 Canadian for three of them. They are not true to size and the “support” is a joke. I’ve just received them in July and have requested info on how to return them since they guarantee we would be happy with them or send them back for a full refund. What a surprise, no one has gotten back to me…..what a waste of my hard earned money!!

  28. I have trid for 2 days to reach someone in customer service. I finally did today. His name was Chris. He advised me that the order number is the return authorization number. If you are in the US, you can return them to Caramia 300 Returns Rd., Wallingford, CT 06493.

    I told him that the ads are truly false advertising. The tv ad doesn’t show that the bra has to go over your head. It also makes it look like the cross over parts are fastened by just patting them – like there is velcro. Not true. There are hooks and eyes are each side.

    Do not buy this bra. It’s too bad they make you buy 3, because you have to pay for the return shipping.

    Caveat emtor – buyer beware.

  29. Never received mine its been about a month or over if I don’t receive will reverse charges -Jennifer Dolliver 105 Washington street 03867 -3 blk 46 DD

  30. Elsi Cole, I agree with you, the model in the video looks like she could go without a bra if she wanted to, so what about the bigger breast women I don’t believe it will help us.

  31. I am ticked off beyond measure. I ordered these bras the end of July!!!! I went online to follow up and was given a tracking number. Ok…Iook that up and found it was “supposedly” shipped out on August 3, 2020. TODAY IS SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 AND STILL NO BRAS – I CAN’T EVEN GET THROUGH TO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO COMPLAIN AND/OR ASCERTAIN WHERE MY MERCHANDISE IS and I have called from last week up until today. I am contacting my credit card company to have this disputed as well as I’m going to contact my state attorney general to see what they can do. I don’t know what kind of game they are playing but I ain’t the one!

    1. Renee we are in the same boat with getting order/replacements. If your State Attorney General feels they have a case we are in Calif., hopefully they can use this site to obtain more details along with the dozen emails we have including the orser they say they placed for the replacements they promised months ago. Everytime we see an infommerxial I write another reply to customer service. Our email is 86acalderon68@gmail.com, hopefully we can get others involved in different states to continue this effort to shut down this China based company and others like it that promise everything and deliver nothing.

  32. To all the previous commenters: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your honesty has saved me between $60 and $90. I am somewhat busty, definitely need supportive bras, so will not be buying.

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