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Cards For Blake Scam (June 2021) All You Need To Know!

Cards For Blake Scam (June 2021) All You Need To Know! >> The article talks about an online scam and the ways to protect yourself from fraudsters and hackers.

The advent of the internet has surely made it easier for people to carry out different transactions. However, it is also a base that presents a lucrative ground for many users in conducting frauds and scams.

There has been an increase in the number of scams that people across the United States are falling prey to the ploys of scamsters online. Cards for Blake Scam is one such scam that is doing rounds and ditching users in losing their money through false claims.

Thus, in this article, we bring detailed research about the scams to prevent yourself from any scams ahead.

What are Cyber Scams?

Before we look in detail into the scam, let’s have a sneak peek into what exactly are cyber scams. 

One of the ideal tools used by fraudsters is copying your personal information and looting your money. It generally includes asking users to click on a link that includes copying the card details added.

What are Cards for Blake Scam?

Thus, we decided to conduct in-depth research about Blake’s scam and came across two different stories that involved Blake. 

In the coming sections, we would throw light on these scams and its detail to assist users in knowing what exactly are the scams about.

EDD Bank Text Scam

Recently, the EDD warned Bank of America customers in the United States about fake messages doing rounds with links that could steal their personal information. 

The scam targeted users with EDD debit cards from Bank of America. In this Cards for Blake Scam, the CEO of ID.me Blake Hall elaborated the scamsters targeting elderly and young people, thereby convincing them to divulge their information and thereby scam them.

What is the Scam about?

The messages contain false claims of the users’ debit card verification on the pretext of its suspension. These also include a link, clicking which makes them capture the user’s personal information.

Jenkintown Card Scam

Another scam that we came across surrounding the cards scam is that of Jenkintown, wherein a man was named Blake Rubin, 58, scammed over 70,000 victims.

The modus operandi for this Cards for Blake Scam included the accused forging the signature of his father-in-law and family friend. The money was used for creating a payday loan business in Utah. 

The conspirators herein reaped millions of dollars through short-term, high-interest loans called payday loans with no credit or liability.

Final Verdict

Like the above two cases, plenty of other cyber scams prevalent across the world target citizens to share their bank details and later ditch them. 

Hence, it is extremely important to be vigilant and avoid clicking on any suspicious link to safeguard yourself from Cards for Blake Scam. To know more about Jenkintown Card Scam, please click  here.

Have you ever experienced or fallen prey to an online scam? Here are tips for protecting yourself from online scams. Please click here to read more. Also please do share your experience with us in the comments box below.

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