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Casefory Com Reviews [June] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Casefory Com Reviews [June] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe with most fashionable shoes and clothes.

Do you read a fashion magazine and wonder where you can buy dresses or shoes? We have a website to assist you. 

As a daily shopper, one tends to buy trendy products that he/she sees on television, magazine and even on other people. We are here to support this curiosity and suggest you a place where all our fashion needs meet. Casefory is an online store that sells shoes and dresses for women at attractive prices. To cross-check the claims, we are analyzing Casefory Com reviews

The United States is one the biggest hub for shoppers. However, we also find countless scam websites in this country. Therefore, we are here to give you all the intricate details for having a safe and satisfying shopping experience. 

What is Casefory Com?

Casefory is an online women fashion store that gives enormous discounts, depending on the cart value. You can buy tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories, bags and sandals at reasonable prices. This website is a perfect place to purchase beautiful items to upgrade your wardrobe and fashion style. To avail the discount offers, you need to apply coupon code that is mentioned on the site. The clothes and shoes look comfortable and high quality in the pictures. 

The site also claims that it has emerging brands and designers across the globe to present us with high craftsmanship, creative and trendy collection of fashionable items. Can we genuinely get expected high-quality products at our doorstep? Is Casefory Com a scam? How our payments are secure? This article is all about answering your previously-stated questions.

Specifications of Casefory Com:

  • Website type: Women Fashion Store
  • Return: Applicable within 14 days
  • Refund: Applicable within 14 days
  • Exchange: Not Applicable 
  • Order cancellation: Applicable before the product shipping
  • Shipping time: 1 day to 2 weeks, depends on the order volume
  • Delivery time: No information found
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Phone number: +1 (855) 949 3062
  • Email address: casefory@ibymail.com 
  • Payment mode: Amex, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay and PayPal 

Pros of Shopping from Casefory Com:

  • Attractive footwear and clothing collection
  • Affordable prices 
  • Plenty of payment options
  • HTTPS secured connection
  • Un-negligible orders
  • Widespread distribution network

Cons of Shopping from Casefory Com:

  • Company address cannot be found
  • Less information on the background
  • Picture scattered website outlay
  • COD and exchange are not applicable

Is Casefory Com legit?

Having 30th May 2020 as the inception date, Casefory is a new online store for women. It has market reach in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Alabama, Argentina, and many more countries. The site security validity will last up to 82 days, which ring bells in our mind for the legitimacy. However, the company uses the HTTPS protocol to secure us from insecure and compromised networks. If you do not know your ideal size, then the website has a chart from which you can measure your body vitals and find your size. 

As the website comes under new launch online businesses, we can only give it time to grasp the audience and market value. Let’s check the benefits and drawbacks of shopping from this online fashion store.

Market value and customer views of Casefory Com:

Because Casefory Com has a new launch date, it does not have a well-known market value. It sells fashionable and designer women clothing and footwear collection; therefore, it has both mixed reviews. Some get satisfaction with the quality and price while others do not find their investment worthwhile. Eighty-two days validity is short-term for any online store; hence, some buyers are suspectable about the payment, site legitimacy and mainly quality. We cannot counterclaim these statements because we feel the same way. 

We are not suggesting that the website is a scam or you should not buy from it; we imply you can give it time to create its niche market in the United States

Final Words:

As per the special artificial and algorithm intelligence technology of cyber verification sites, we find Casefory Com was earlier launched in December 2019 as well. It signifies that once the site is suspended, it creates a new online portal. This information is a terrible sign to lay our trust in the products and payment security. We still cannot claim that Casefory Com is a scam because it is just nine days old. Being HTTPS secured and Shopify certified, we find you can invest your money on legit websites to shop dresses, shoes and bags. 

0 thoughts on “Casefory Com Reviews [June] Legit or a Fake Scam?

  1. I’m a bit concerned I haven’t received an email from this business yet they have took my money -Casefory Manchester GB.

  2. I placed an order and was told product had been shipped on June 11th. Still have not received it. Can you let me know when it will arrive. Thanks Laura Lesch

  3. I have just received an amazing set of responses to my refund request from send pictures to show items condition to telling me how nice it is to give the item to someone else and not to bother sending it back as it will take 1-2 months and they may not receive it!!!!

    1. Thanks for your response … 1 (855) 949 3062…dial this number to know more about…. Thank you…

  4. I too placed an order the first of June but have not received my order. I think this is a scam and would advise you not to do business with this company

  5. I placed an order on June 6th 2020 and nothing has been delivered to my daughter. I emailed them June 21st inquiring on the status and they responded on June 23rd saying it would be10-12 working days from the purchase date. I just sent another status inquiry today 7/5/2020. Can you find out anything on my order

    1. We are not owner of this company but we are happy to help you… kindly dial this helpline number to track your order… 1 (855) 949 3062…. The team will help you…

  6. Please advise as per my order. I have heard nothing from you! I’m beginning to think you are fraud!

  7. I placed an order on June 1, 2020, as of this date 07/16/20 I have not received my order…I have emailed casefory several times. This is the last email response I received on 07/08/20 “The parcel is in transit and will coming to your country.
    Due to the epidemic situation, the parcel may be delayed in the delivery process. Please be patient and the parcel will be delivered.
    For further questions I am gladly at your disposal.
    Have a nice day”… I have called their new phone number 516-550-3930 as directed by the operator of the old phone number several times today, 07/16/20 and had to leave a message requesting tracking of my order……If I want a refund, how do I receive it if I am unable to get through?????

  8. I had a similar experience about the length of time for delivery.
    When goods arrived they were not suitable and I have been trying to get a refund address but no replies to my email after the first one (email 5th July) which said
    “Maybe it is a good gift for your friends or family with small figure.In order to apologize for the trouble ,if it possible,we would like to provide a 30% discount for your next order ,
    suitable for any items in our website.“
    I have sent several emails sense this date but no replies.
    I still have the goods which I want to return

  9. Ordered 3 tops ..1 was perfect, the other 2 were a disaster, i’ m sure they are imperfect…when they sent my tracking # and billing it showed they charged me..&59.99
    When I received my statement they had charged me $82.62…. what a bunch of scammers
    Never order online again..they show this beautiful line of clothing and when you receive it it’s garbage …disgusting how they RIP off the public🤔

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