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Caxzey Reviews (August) Is The Store Legit Or Not?

Caxzey Reviews (August) Is The Store Legit Or Not? If you wish to buy women’s and men’s clothing, go through this article, you will have a better idea about the authenticity of the web portal.

Have you ever thought of buying a Lawn Mower? Are you looking for a cute dress? Want to buy some chic accessories? Want to buy some men’s classy wear? Then Caxzey.com is the place where you can find it all. 

Caxzey.com is an E-commerce store; they are delivering their products in the United StatesSuppose you are visiting the site and wish to buy something, but you are unsure if the online store is authentic or the portal is safe? Then continue reading the article Caxzey Reviews.

What is Caxzey?

Caxzey is an online shopping store or an e-commerce store, delivering services mainly in the United States. They have different varieties of products, such as;

  • Female’s section: Accessories and Dresses
  • Male’s section: Shirts and T-Shirt
  • Lawn Mower

This site offers its products at reasonable and affordable prices. They have different varieties of Lawn Mowers as well.

We understand that the site is very new, and most of you must not have heard of it ever. However, investing your money is not easy on such a site, so we are here with facts that can tell you Is Caxzey Legit?

Specifications of Caxzey Portal:

  • Official site URL – https://www.caxzey.com/
  •  Domain Creation Date – The porta was created on 15th July 2021
  •  Products – Female’s Clothing and accessories Men’s wear (Mainly Shirts and T-shirts) and Lawn Mowers.
  • Email Address– caxzey@outlook.com
  • Phone Number – +12516516770
  • Payment Modes – Mastercard, VISA cards, Paypal, AMEX and more. 
  • Return Policy – Under 30 days of buying goods
  • Refund Policy- Available on the website
  • Exchange Policy – Exchange policy is not mentioned on the site
  • Shipment Policy – Within 1-3 working days 
  • Delivery Charge – Free shipment above $50
  •  Official website – Not Available
  •  Social Media Presence – Lack of social platforms presence

If you wish to check out the website, continue reading Caxzey Reviews.

Pros of buying from Caxzey:

  • They have a good collection of women’s dresses and accessories on the site
  • They also have a decent collection of men’s top wears
  • The lawnmower is in a different range 
  • Free shipping above $50
  • They have precise policies about refund and return
  • Contact number and email information is provided

Cons of buying from Caxzey:

  • Absence of reviews from the customers on the site
  • Zero social media availability over the web
  • No proper information about the owner of the online store
  • No feedback system on the website

Is Caxzey Legit?

To find out the legitimacy of the web portal, we carried out a proper investigation on the website. After analysing the facts and figures, we came across many red flags, and the website looks a bit suspicious. Here are few points:

  • Domain Age – The website’s age is only19 days because this web portal “Caxzey” was created on 7th July 2021.
  • Trust Score – Trust score of this website is 1% and it is extremely low.
  • Plagiarized Content – The products present on the Caxzey are available on various websites.
  • Customer Feedback –Any post that says Caxzey Reviews is nowhere on the internet.
  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa ranking of the website is zero.
  • Policies – The website seems to have precise and proper policies for the refund process and return of the products.
  • Official Address – 2001 C WORLDWIDE DRIVE FED EX ABMTRACY DINGESS, FORT WORTH, Texas,76177, US.
  •  Social Networking Sites – No social media presence.
  • Owner Information – Any details of the owner was not mentioned at all.

We suggest to our readers that the portal is very suspicious; it lacks the owner’s details, the trust score is very low, it also lacks Alexa ratings.

Caxzey Reviews

There are plenty of online shopping websites, but the question is; is the site we wish to visit safe? We are here to help you, and after our extensive investigation, we found out that the website looks shady considering that not much time has passed since the existence of this site, but it also lacks authenticity checks. Get your money back from Paypal if scammed, click here.

Final Verdict

This web portal or online shopping store is very new, and there is not much information about the website anywhere.

We could not find any post for Caxzey Reviews; the website has a low trust score index and few items of women’s clothing .  Read here to know the methods to get money back on a credit card scam.

Have you purchased any product from this site? Then share your viewpoints down.

One thought on “Caxzey Reviews (August) Is The Store Legit Or Not?

  1. Scam site, ordered a lawn mower lift and was sent a billfold, Then told the correct item would be sent so got a tracking ID No and waited another month and it never showed up, Then sent another tracking No and it was same as the 1st tracking No that was a billfold and been delivered already over a month ago, Just pure out scam site that everyone needs to stay away from, I will reprt them to FBI for wire fraud and let the FBI do its job, Investigate and charge them for wire fraud, They are in the US so will be found and charged for wire fraud, Stay away from them as they are a scam,

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