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Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle (Nov 2020) The Mexican Culture!

Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle (Nov 2020) The Mexican Culture! >> Do you about Mariachi and why its celebrated? Then, read the whole article to know more!

Opening Google is always so exciting, every time Google Doodle has a new sweet surprise for its viewers. Google Doodle creates icons type characters, better known as Doodle, everyday symbolizing various traditions and celebrations across the globe.

Here we will be talking about Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle in today’s article to read the whole article if you want to know more about Mariachi and how Google which is based in the United States showcased gratitude.

What is Google Doodle?

Google is a widely used search engine which is a giant in on the internet in comparison to other internet services. Google is almost everywhere, and Google Doodle is an animated icon that are featured every day on the Google search browser as per the day’s occasion.

Google, which is based in the United Statesis widely popular in the whole world and is used by the majority of the users. Let’s find out how Google is Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle.

What is Mariachi?

A Mariachi is a serenade that is a very all-time famous classic song of Mexico which is better known as ‘Cielito Lindo’. Mariach is a type of music that was first heard in the 19th century, and since then it is named as the traditional music of Mexico.

Since the 19th century, the music has evolved in many ways blending into other genres like jazz and reggae. Even after all these years the music never lost its touch and still has a strong presence among the Mexicans.

Google was Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle on its 24th edition of the month. Let us find out how Google celebrated Mariachi.

How Google celebrated Mariachi?

Google showed its gratitude towards the Mexican culture by showcasing a doodle video which featured a small group of musicians dressed in traditional clothing. Playing Mexican music, this sweet gesture by Google was appreciated by the Embassy of Mexico in the U.S.

The appreciation was shown through a tweet which mentioned that Google Doodle is celebrating one of the most iconic music and culture of Mexico.

According to Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle Mariachi was recognized on the Representation List of the Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity in a session held by UNESCO in late 2011.

What is Mariachi to Mexico?

Mariachi is the traditional music of Mexico and has been in the history of Mexico since the 19th century. Even after all these years the music still holds a strong bond and connection with the people of Mexico. 

The music represents the Mexican culture to the world; the music remains intact even after all these years and also after blending with different genres of music.


We conclude that Google Celebrating Mariachi #Googledoodle was an honourable moment for all the Mexicans, and it was widely recognized. Google Doodle showcases various traditions and occasions every day with attractive and creative Doodles. By doing this, Google not only shows gratitude to the different cultures but also helps the world know a new thing every day.

Please tell us your views about today’s article in the comment section below. Also, mention one Google Doodle feature that you liked the most!

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