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Chain Runners NFT (Dec 2021) All You Need To Know!

Are you excited to know how Chain Runners NFT works and its latest cost? If yes, then stick to this write-up carefully for detailed analysis.

Do you want to be informed about a valuable token introduced in OpenSea? Then, please review this write-up for more clues. 

Some people in the United States are crazy about NFTs since they are unique and can use them in multiple applications. Also, they provide an excellent platform to earn huge incentives for the future. In addition, they also help us to create a suitable medium to gather and flourish our knowledge to future traders.

Therefore, recently, in OpenSea, a great NFT has been receiving much admiration over the platform. So let us analyze the features of Chain Runners NFT.

What is Open Sea?

It is a game-changing decentralized medium that is used for buying and selling different NFTs. In addition, it was established by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in New York. Also, its creation date is the 20th of December, 2017. 

You can generate NFTs free of cost in this platform, which you can employ for purchase and auctions. Besides, OpenSea is based upon the Ethereum ERC-721 standard. 

Now, we will talk about the useful NFT used in this platform that might help you in increasing revenue. 

Introducing Chain Runners NFT

The Chain Runners are Mega-City renegades that are created and preserved on chains. Furthermore, it helps to bridge the gap in decentralization by innovating new constraints. Also, it includes artificial intelligence to offer supreme facilities to users. 

The Runner’s main aim is to utilize the chain for enjoyment and profit. Also, some want to extract maximum value from Mega-City. 

Cost of Chain Runners 

If you want to mint them, then you should know that its value is 0.05Ξ per Runner. Moreover, if you’re more interested in Chain Runners NFT, save this page for future reference. 

So, let us discuss the steps to create and choose these NFTs on-chain. 

How to Generate Them?

At the time of mint, different traits are selected on-chain upon the desirability of the user. Also, after minting, the image and trait of the Runner are shown instantly. However, there are 10 000 chain runners on-chain. 

Where to Store Them?

Several sources have disclosed that the user can store all related images, data and metadata on-chain. 

Latest Chain Runners Status 

Upon researching, we have noticed that all Chain Runners NFT are out-of-stock; however, you can buy a few of them over OpenSea. Also, there are no restrictions on Chain Runners, stating that you can use them anywhere and for any purpose. 


In this article, we have learned the utilities of OpenSea and its owner’s name. Moreover, it is beneficial in manufacturing different NFTs. Also, this write-up has informed us that OpenSea is dependent on Ethereum ERC-721. 

Besides, we have also determined the cost of Chain Runners NFT with the steps of storing them. However, at present, you can earn it from OpenSea only since it is unavailable on-chain. To know the latest facts about Chain Runners, please visit here. 

Do you think that Chain Runners are valuable? Kindly spread your reviews in the comment section. 

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