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Sheikh Youssef Al Shelash, Chairman of Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development, Elevates Aida Project Through a Partnership With Trump

Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company is building an oasis abutting the sea near Muscat, the capital city of Oman. The project, called Aida, is a feat of engineering and an example of the luxurious properties the company, chaired by Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash, can develop around the world. 

“The architect who designed the product still cannot believe that we will find a way to suspend these pods,” stated Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash, referencing the visionary suspended hanging suites the company calls “Aida’s hidden pearl.” The mixed-use project will be built on 3.5 million square meters of hilltops above the shores of the sea. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Muscat, Aida is an oasis in the sky. Now it’s getting even more enticing with the addition of a Trump-branded resort, which includes a hotel, villas, and a championship golf course.

Eric Trump, stated, When the company considered our future initiative and the areas wherein we wanted to broaden our presence, we were clear that it needed to be in a fantastic place with an incredible staff. We have actually discovered that at Aida, a hotel located in the centre of Muscat, Oman, with a prime view of the magnificent sea. Also, we will work with Dar Al Arkan to bring an extraordinary Trump golf course to one of the greatest picturesque sites, complete with the best private villas, a top-notch hotel, as well as an historic golf course.

The real estate development company is working on all the engineering research and development required to safely suspend the hanging suites, floor-to-ceiling glass pods with private swimming pools, 100 meters above the Arabian Sea. “People have planted pods in the mountains before, which is different,” explained Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash. “And the only people who have done this before, such as in Machu Picchu, Peru, used metal-and-glass pods, very old designs, whereas we are doing this at the level of a five-star hotel.”

The Aida project will include 3,500 residential units comprising medium-sized villas, town houses, and low-rise apartments. The private villas will be connected through winding pathways. There will also be hotels, including a Trump-branded lodging, a sunny plaza where residents will find delightful cafés and gourmet restaurants on the land, which is controlled by the Omani Company for Development and Tourism. In addition, the project is being designed to include high-end shopping centers, state-of-the-art wellness facilities with gyms and pools, and gorgeous, lush landscapes. 

According to a Dar Al Arkan real estate company spokesperson, “Atop a lofty peak, Aida looks out over perhaps the most stunning views in existence. It is simply unmatched to picture a villa in this spectacular environment or to enjoy a round of golf while gazing out at the ocean. We am convinced that the partnership with Trump will greatly accentuate Aida’s attractiveness and draw in international investors seeking to participate in a truly unique project.

Dar Al Arkan Is a Leading Real Estate Development Company in Saudi Arabia

Six families founded Dar Al Arkan in December 1994. It operates in eight countries, has delivered 5,000 units, and has been listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange since 2007. The company utilizes technological advancements in its projects, including 3D construction.

The real estate market in Saudi Arabia is expected to post a compound annual growth rate of over 9.74% between 2022 and 2027 — and Dar Al Arkan operates under the belief that every new homeowner or investor should be able to enjoy the lifestyle that fits their aspiration and success. “With every project, from a single residential unit to a mega retail destination, the company does not simply adhere to the global real estate guidelines,” stated the company. “Instead, it puts expertise at the heart of it by continuously creating bespoke gold-standard principles for commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects, on-time delivery, construction, and maintenance.”

Another major real estate development company milestone is building the world’s only residential W property. The W Residences Dubai — Downtown in the United Arab Emirates is a unique living experience with the same deluxe amenities the W brand is known for, including a high-end spa, immaculate pool, and meeting rooms. Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash explained that what sets it apart is that “it does not have a hotel element, whereas all the rest are combined with a hotel.”

That means complete privacy for the occupants of any of the 384 units inside the W Residences Dubai — Downtown. As a result, residents “don’t have the check-in, check-out hassle of losing your privacy in the development,” stated the chairman of the real estate company.

The towering W Residences Dubai — Downtown is an excellent example of how the real estate development company is establishing itself outside of Saudi Arabia. “This is part of making Dar Al Arkan a global brand,” stated Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash. The company strives to do that in each of its projects outside of the Kingdom.

Dubai is a prime real estate development location. “It is a place where all these nationalities are converging. They take Dubai as their first home, second home, a weekend escape, or a working home or office,” Al Shelash said. “Dubai has been visionary in building [up] the area since 2002.”

As more people flock to Dubai, the demand for housing increases. “Dubai is similar to Manhattan, but it is very secure, and there are no taxes,” explained Al Shelash. “In Dubai, Dar Al Arkan is providing unique products to the people who are investing and want to live there. So far, the company has only taken plots that are of key locations, either on the water or in the center of the downtown. So far, we’ve only presented co-branded projects, like the limited edition of the real estate market in Dubai.”

Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash Talks Trump Partnership 

“The Trump Organization is well-known for its high-end construction.”The criteria that Trump expects for all of its projects, from housing to commercial, are exceptional quality, precision, and elegance, according to Al Shelash. “We are constantly investigating ways to amplify Dar Al Arkan’s one-of-a-kind projects with first-rate amenities and activities, and our collaboration with Trump will set apart and elevate our first venture in Oman.”

The venture will begin construction during the first quarter of 2023 and take ten years to finish. However, the collective forces of the two businesses are raising the bar for golf in the 

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