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Chapter 158 Blue Lock {Jan} Releasing Date And Summary

This article is based; on Chapter 158 Blue Lock and other knowledge like release date, Chapters availability, previous chapter’s storyline, etc.

Today, anime has become a solemn competitor to other platforms like web series and films. Are people excited about Blue Lock?

People in Indonesia and the United States admire the anime platform. It is why the creators of anime carve their niche to give out a significant outcome.

Chapter 158 Blue Lock is one such creation by the author. Massive fans are eagerly waiting for the recent release. 

In this article below, you can absorb all the knowledge including, the chapter availability platform, release date/time, and more. 

About Blue Lock.

Blue Lock is an anime series that is available on the web. The entire plot is explained here in this section.

The Japanese national team (JNT) ranked sixteenth in the FIFA world cup. Therefore, enigma Ego Jinpachi was hired by Japan Football Union. 

Blue Lock is the training program required to develop the great striker that is self-serving. Yoichi Isagi joined this program and hence became the best player.

Chapter 158 Blue Lock is the recently released chapter of this Blue Lock anime series.

Blue Lock Chapter 157.

If you are new to this series, we would like to help you out with a small recap of Chapter 157.

Yoichi Isagi accomplished his place on the training given by Kaiser.

The training was against German team members in Chapter 157. 

The battle between two teams provides for knowing the capability of endurance and physical talent. 

Isagi failed to acquire the cup and was cunning enough to trick the game for his win.

Chapter 158 Blue Lock quick notes are summarized in the below section.

A summary of Chapter 158.

Kaiser is the trainer in Blue Lock who requested Isagi to fight with him in which he easily won. Therefore, the Isagi took the last spot forcefully. However, he played with the German team to learn the game; from his role model, Noel Noa. 

Chapter 158 summarized by stating; that the players need to qualify for the training.

The design was for ranking the players for the selection of the Noa Team.

In contrast to fighting, Kaiser is the highest competition.

Chapter 158 Blue Lock: Release Date 

Blue Lock is a manga series that is updated weekly. Chapter 158 was published; in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Chapter 158 was released on the 12th of January 2022

Why is it trending these days?

Due to the recent release of Blue Lock Chapter 158 people are excited to gather all the possible information available. Many people admire the story of previous chapters. Hence, they are eager to read Chapter 158.

Note: All the information obtainable in this article is from the web.

Last thoughts

Blue Lock is an anime manga series admired by many people.

The chapters in this series are awaited; for their engaging storyline. Chapter 158 Blue Lock is released, on magazines and various other platforms. 

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How much did you watch? What is the review on this chapter? Give your answers in the comment section below. 

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