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[Unedited] Charles Metcalf Wife: What is Charles Metcalf Pastor Age? Check The Trending Facts Now!

Scrolling down the article, you will find out about the recently discussed topic of Charles Metcalf Wife and his life history.

Do you know Charles Metcalf, a very popular pastor of transformation church? Do you know his wife and family details? This post discusses Charles Metcalf and his family’s various personal and professional life details. Charles Metcalf wife has been in the limelight recently because of her growing popularity and presence on social media. Charles Metcalf is known in the United States and Canada

Let us discuss more about Charles Metcalf Wife and related details about her career and life. Continue reading the article towards the end for more information. 

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Disclaimer: This post is for informative purposes only and is based on internet research sources. We do not support or promote any particular person or links. Also, we do not intend to hurt any person’s feelings through this article. 

Who is Charles Metcalf’s Wife? 

People are very much curious about the wife and family of Pastor Charles Metcalf as he is a very esteemed pastor and a God-send guardian of Christianity as per his follower’s beliefs. The wife of Charles Metcalf Pastor is Abby Rose Metcalf, a rising social media star and content creator. 

Her content mainly focuses on her family, their life journey, and inspirational stories about them. Until now, Abby has gained over 70000 followers on Instagram and has a significant presence on other social media platforms. Reference links are given for better knowledge. 

More Details about Abby Rose 

Abby is also a Christian devotee and uses the given platform on social media. She promotes the values and teaching of Christ. Apart from influencing, she also has skills in photography and the skills of professionals in the creative field. Charles Metcalf Age is 29 years old as he is 2 years older than Abby. The couple enjoys traveling too much together. Abby also works with the creative team of church transformation, where Charles works as a pastor. Abby is a woman of many talents, working in the essential oil field. 

Abby Rose Biography :

  • Name: Abby Rose Metcalf 
  • Age: 27
  • Date of birth: 6th October 1995
  • Net Worth: Unknown 
  • Spouse: Charles Metcalf 
  • Children: 4
  • Nationality: American 
  • Profession: Social media influencer. 

Abby Rose Biography

Past Relationships of Charles Metcalf 

There is not much information available online about Charles Metcalf’s past relationships. Charles Metcalf Wife, Abby, and he have been married for a while now, and before that, Charles preferred to keep his personal affairs very private. Therefore, there are no records of Charles’s previous girlfriends in any sources. Very little information about the early life of Charles is found. Details such as his education, siblings, parents, etc. They are not mentioned anywhere. 

Who is Charles Metcalf? 

Charles Metcalf, full name Charles Henry Metcalf ||| is an executive pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Transformation church. He played a very important role in the development and success of the Church. Charles joined the transformation church in February 2015 as a lead pastor. Charles Metcalf Wife and Charles are both very big supporters and promoters of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

At 23, Charles started his own Church, but according to him, it was God’s wish that he join another church, so he closed down his own Church and joined the Transformation church. 

Social media Links :


We can say that Charles Metcalf has made many contributions to society with his knowledge and teachings. His wife, Abby, is also gifted in the creative field.

Do you know more about Charles Metcalf? Please tell us in the comments section below. 

Charles Metcalf Wife: FAQs

Q1. Who is Charles Metcalf?

Charles has been an executive pastor in the transformation church since February 2015.

Q2. Who is the wife of Charles Metcalf? 

Charles has been married to Abby Rose for a long time now, who is a content creator and social media influencer. 

Q3. When did Charles start his journey as a pastor? 

From the age of 23, Charles has been following the path of Christianity and serving God.

Q4. How many children do Charles and Abby have? 

They both have four kids of their own Luna Rose, Jade October, Arlo Phoenix, and the latest addition, Blue Sunday. 

Q5. What is the content of Charles Metcalf Wife based on? 

Abby posts photos and videos of her life, their life stories, and about Christianity. 

Q6. What is the date of birth of Charles Metcalf? 

Charles was born on 24th August 1993. Currently, he is 29 years old. 

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