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Charlie Wordle {July 2022} Find Hints For Puzzle 360!

This article below is specifically written down to settle the dilemmas regarding Charlie Wordle.

Are you a Wordle enthusiast and feeling a bit nervous with upcoming puzzles? Do you also think that you’re encountering tricky puzzles day by day? If that is so, don’t worry as you’re not alone and this is a Worldwide point of concern nowadays. 

Players are anxious with the difficult puzzles and reckon unusual and incorrect words. Those words become controversial, ending up making other players confused too. So, we are here with another identical scenario where people are stuck with Charlie Wordle. Let’s solve this problem together-

Is Charlie an Answer? 

Today’s Wordle is Wordle number 390. Various hints can help us to guess the answer correctly, which are given below-

  • Firstly, today’s word is a body part that starts with the letter L. 
  • It ends with the letter R. 
  • There are 2 non-repeating vowels in the answer, and the word doesn’t start with a vowel. 
  • It is the largest internal organ in our body, the size of a football. 

So, after observing and comprehending the hints, we learned that the answer is LIVER. 

Is Charlie a Word or Not? 

After searching and excavating the answers of all the variations of Wordle, no explanation matched Charlie. Specifically, the normal Wordle game, geography Wordle, Poeltl, and many more refused to match this word. And this scenario made things even more confusing for players. 

Now, they’re scratching their heads if Charlie is a word or not. Let us clarify that Charlie is a name and also a word. It has a proper definition in many renowned dictionaries. We will give you the details of this word in the section below. 

Why is Charlie Wordle Trending? 

It is an evident result of people’s craze for puzzle games, especially Wordle. They wish to try different variations and incarnations, and Charlie is the outcome of one of them. Many people reckoned Charlie in an unlimited version of Wordle where more than 5 letters can be guessed. From there, the trend and controversy started lightening up. 

What’s the Meaning of Charlie? 

Charlie is a gender-neutral phrase of German origin that tells the independent man. It is often used as a nickname; another meaning of this name is a warrior. Besides, if we talk about the literal Charlie Definition, it is an informal word in several dictionaries. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is an informal British word that means a foolish person. A silly individual according to the Cambridge dictionary and an idiotic person as per the Collins dictionary. So, we can consider this term a proper word. 


As a final verdict, the charm of Wordle is getting on people’s nerves. Daily a new word comes up with new challenges and fun simultaneously. And players started working on that with extreme enthusiasm. Charlie Wordle is a strong indicator of their charisma.  

We have gathered all the essential information based on the Internet. What was your guessed answer to today’s puzzle? Please comment down

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