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Charloy Clothing Reviews [Oct 2020] Is it Scam or Legit?

Charloy Clothing Reviews [Oct 2020] Is it Scam or Legit? -> The Portal provides a complete clothing attires for women along with accessories.

Are you looking to buy some designer and fashionable clothes for yourself? Is Charloy Clothing Reviews still in your research mode? Please read our article till the end to know more.

The portal provides a massive clothing range for women with variable options from tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, accessories, etc.

It provides 10% off on shipping of first order and even free shipping over an order of $ 109.

It provides shipping to all over including countries like the United State, Canada, Australia.

The portal does not appear to have many reviews, so a deep dig in its information is much needed.

What is Charloy Clothing? 

It is a website for all the women fond of shopping clothing. It provides everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, etc. the entire collection looks fashionable and designer. 

Although no real consumer Charloy Clothing Reviews are available, the site looks well designed and structured.

It does provide shipping in multiple places with variable shipping options. People of countries like the United State, Canada, Australia always on lookout for trendy things.

It accepts returns and cancellations and even exchanges but lacks any social media presence, and that makes it risky to try for the first time.

So looking for more information about the portal is the best thing to do for now.

Specifications about Charloy Clothing:

  • Type of Website: It displays a wide variety of clothing range for women which is fashionable and designer.
  • URL: https://charloy.com
  • Address: Chicv UK Limited Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH
  • Phone: Not shared
  • Email ID: service@charloy.com
  • Shipping cost: It charges shipping as per destination although free shipping over $109 order is also provided.
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payments via cards or wallets.
  • Refund and return: It takes returns within 15 days.
  • Cancellation: It does accept cancellation requests within 24 hours after that it is charged at 15% fee.

Pros of shopping at Charloy Clothing:

  • The website looks well designed and structured.
  • It offers a massive designer variety collection for the women. 
  • It does accepts returns and even allows cancellation within 24 hours without any charge.
  • It also provides free shipping over orders of $ 109 and above.

Cons of shopping at Charloy Clothing:

  • The portal does not appear much reliable since no reviews are available anywhere.
  • It does charge for cancellation post 24 hours with a fee of 15%.
  • It does not provide any complete free deliver over orders under$ 109.
  • It lacks any social media presence, which makes it less reliable for consumers.

Is Charloy Clothing a Legit or any scam website? 

The website lacks any Charloy Clothing Reviews hence much clarity from that perspective might not be found. But some things do appear good about the site from its designing and its offers.

It does not provide any lucrative deals though and still bears a risk of unreliability. So we cannot claim it to be any real legit site. 

But the fact remains about shopping from the site, and it is still risky without knowing more about it.

What do the customers say about Charloy Clothing website? 

No real Charloy Clothing Reviews were found to date. So until more can be found or until anyone tries the site out a practical experience would be hard to explain.

Since reviews are not the base of trying anything but instead looking for the website features are. So although the site does look fine nothing can be assured for now.

Final verdict

The portal looks like a complete website of apparels for the women. Although there were no reviews available for the same, the site does appear a well designed and structured one.

It does look like a new site created for all the designer and trendy collection of clothes for the women.

It is a complete place to shop for women. But the only thing that makes it risky is no availability of reviews, and even it lacks social media presence.

So, we suggest refraining from investing in the site until any substantial first-hand experience or reviews about the website appears.

Some of the websites nowadays does look safe but are risky to explore without many details. This one might be one of those so avoid making any purchase from it for now.

Hence it is best to get lured by new sites until reliable information is available about shopping and consumers. Do share your experiences below and thanks for reading our content.

0 thoughts on “Charloy Clothing Reviews [Oct 2020] Is it Scam or Legit?

  1. I have seen the SAME dresses and photos on different sites that were shipping from China. Also, the products ended up being of VERY low quality, nothing like what the pictures show. Complete scam.

  2. I’ve just recieve my order from Charloy and a compete rip off. Neither item looks like the picture and their size charts for each item are completely inaccurate. Being a L, I ordered XL as per their size charts. Both items 2 sizes too small. Absolute shocking quality of both fabric and workmanship Have cancelled the rest of my order requesting a refund and heard nothing.

  3. I ordered over a month ago and have not recieved anything still and no update or tracking info. I’m going to go ahead and say a scam as well. I’ve tried contacting them and can’t get ahold of anyone and also no one has emailed me back yet.

  4. We ordered a few things and they were all significantly lower quality than what was advertised. We wrote to the company to complain but they did not respond.

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