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Charmitata Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Charmitata Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> Here, we talked about a marketplace that claims to sell good quality clothing stuff at a massive discount price.

Are you a great fan of Halloween related stuff and want to own them? Then it would be best if you tried chamitata.com, which boasts selling top quality products. Here for your knowledge, we are sharing Charmitata Review with you all. 

If you are residing in Australia, then you can easily enjoy the doorstep delivery of your product there. 

To collect more information about the company where we will give you detailed information about the company. 

What is Charmitata.com?

Charmitata.com is an online company that sells tops, velvet, bottoms, Halloween stuff at a cost-effective price. You will enjoy a significant amount of discount on certain products. 

If you are looking forward to make your purchases from this website, then you ought to come to the official page of the website. 

Write here all the specifications of Charmitata.com. 

The specifications of the Charmitata.com are: 

  • Website: charmitata.com
  • Products: Tops, Velvet, Bottoms, Accessories, and lots more other products
  • Contact number: Not Mentioned
  • Mailing Address: service@charmitata.com
  • Address: Room 503, No.85, Shatai South Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
  • Shipping Facility: Free for the amount above 60 dollars
  • Order Processing Time: 1-5 working days
  • Social Media Presence: Instagram, Facebook
  • Arrival Time: 7-20 working days

List here all the advantages of Charmitata.com.

The advantages of Charmitata.com are:

  • You will get to see the options of the most trendy and unique clothing wear. 
  • The price of the product range is low. 
  • The website has got an excellent HTTP connection. 
  • You will get a refund and return scheme here. 
  • The company covers up almost all locations of Australia

List here all the disadvantages of Charmitata.com.

The disadvantages of Charmitata.com are:

  • It is a newly created website. 
  • The website does not mention the name of the owner. 
  • According to the Charmitata Review, the images of the models are not relevant. 
  • There is no customer support panel. 
  • The website has not received any customer ratings so far. 
  • The website got its domain name 46 days back. 
  • The website drives very less traffic on its panel. 

Do you think Charmitata.com is a legit place to buy clothes?

Charmitata.com is a recent marketplace that sells a great variety of clothes, accessories and lots of other stuff related to Halloween. After checking it a lot, we found that this website has got its domain registered just 46 days back. Though the website has put the icon of the social media platform, it has not promoted itself on any social media platform. If you closely look at the images, you will get to see that they have not done the original photos. Instead, they have posted pictures from other websites. 

It would be better for you to look for another website that sells authentic products and has proper detailing. There are a lot of companies who are well known and have suitable customer bases that you must opt for. We will not recommend you to buy your products from this website as it is a pure scam. 

What are the customer reviews for Charmitata.com?

The website has registered recently, and therefore it attracted significantly less traffic on its official page. Due to the lack of promotional activity, people are not aware of this website. After inspecting a lot, we did not find any Charmitata Review about the company. Moreover, it does not have its reviewing page where people post their testimonials. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have talked about Charmitata.com that is an online website that sells fantastic clothing wear stuff at a massive discount price. Though the website uses a secured SSL certification, it did not receive any customer rating so far. The reason could be its current registration. Moreover, the company uses copied images and lacks appropriate detailing. We advise you to switch your website option and go for well-established ones. As it automatically reduces the chances that anything terrible will happen to you. Because after searching a lot, we have put this website into a scam category. 

If you also have made your purchases from this website, then kindly share your Charmitata Review here as it will help a lot to all the prospective buyers to make your decision. 

0 thoughts on “Charmitata Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. totally a scam. products i received bore no resemblance to what i actually ordered. am in dispute now with my cc company

  2. After a month I received 2 out of 4 items ordered. Absolute scam. Not even trying to look like ordered items. Disgusting fraud.

  3. I ordered items from this company and it was not what I had ordered. I tried to email them three times to get a refund and send the items back and nobody is getting back to me. I ordered three of the Halloween costumes and I got a black robe and a blue robe. I ordered a pair of jeans with cute patches and I just received ripped jeans with no patches. Definitely a scam!!!

  4. Total fraud! The item I finally received was in no way close to what I ordered. Best description would be a sheer curtain with long sleeves. I tried to get a response to return it but no luck.

  5. my nightmare – DO NOT BUY FROM CHARMITATA. Cheap products – EXTREMELY cheap. Business is under Charmitata website, KDW warehouse (shipped from but you can’t return the items there), Pearlgo Technology (billing), and returns go to a factory number in Guandong China. Paypal told me I would have to pay return shipping to get a refund for product received that was INCORRECT and missing one item. The Paypal agent said that they would contact the seller about the return address and ask for a free return label, but never contacted me back. i was told to wait to hear back from paypal and the next contact received was paypal saying my case had been closed. I had to re-open the case, again had trouble contacting paypal, and now have until tomorrow morning to return these faulty and poorly made items at MY expense (around $45 and the post office can’t verify the address), which paypal will only reimburse a portion of (up to $30). I’m having to eat the entire cost rather than take off of work to send these things back (post office isn’t open before or after my work hours). I’ve already exerted so much time and effort in this case – i have been stressed out for weeks about it – since the first package arrived and was wrong and i tried to contact charmitata directly. I never did get a response. I am extremely unsatisfied with the way paypal has handled this and that they continue to do business with this company. The seller company turned out to be a scam, yet paypal supports them

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