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Chelsea Lazkani Mother {April 2022} Essential Details!

This article reveals about the rising star of the Netflix show “selling sunset.” Also, what impact does Chelsea Lazkani Mother have on her daughter’s life.

Do you have any idea about Chelsea Lazkani’s lifestyle? Chelsea Lazkani is a newly introduced actress in “Selling Sunset,” the hit show available on Netflix. She is a British Nigerian and worked in real estate. Chelsea travelled with her mother to various countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Chelsea’s mother allowed her to travel with her and visit lots of places to understand the business strategies and marketing styles. To know about Chelsea Lazkani Mother of 2 kids, read this article. 

Chelsea Lazkani as a mother.

Chelsea is a mother of two kids with her husband, Jeff. She married in 2017 with Jeff. They has one baby boy and a baby girl named Maddox Ali Lavon and Melia Man. Maddox is 2 years old, while Melia is 9 months old. Chelsea had kids at a very young age. She lives with her husband and 2 kids. Chelsea is happy being a mother and providing good care and lifestyle to her kids. She also takes her kids to shows and shootings.

Who is Chelsea Lazkani Mother?

Elizabeth Adefioye is Chelsea Lazkani’s mother. She was born in 1968 and worked at Emerson in 2022 as a Chief people officer. She also worked in European companies at an early stage. In 2012 Elizabeth also worked as the vice president of Novartis consumer health. Elizabeth has good work experience in different companies and areas. That is a good reason for the better development of Chelsea as Elizabeth takes her on every trip and place wherever she goes and lets her follow her passion from childhood. That encourages Chelsea to become a role model for everyone. 

Chelsea Lazkani progresses in life.

As Chelsea Lazkani Mother of 2 kids, she did not leave her passion for modelling and marketing. At a young age, she became a real estate agent in LA. She worked with the Oppenheim group before joining the cast of ‘Selling Sunset.’ 

In the cast of Selling Sunset, she is the only black lady in the whole series, and she is introduced as Black Barbie in the trailer. Chelsea has a unique rich Lifestyle and loves to do modelling photo shoots. You can see Chelsea in the fifth season of selling sunsets which will be available on Netflix on the 22nd of April. Chelsea Lazkani Mother had a significant influence on her life. She helped Chelsea to follow her passion for Modelling and Design. Chelsea achieved a lot of success and worked in real estate and architecture.


Now you can see Chelsea Lazkani as a black Barbie in the upcoming season of Selling Sunset. Are you excited about Chelsea Lazkani being the next female actress selling sunsets? Also, write your opinion in the comment section below about the good quality of Chelsea that inspires you. To get more information about Chelsea Lazkani Mother, You can check out Elizabeth. 

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