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Chenlinwood Reviews {May} Another Scam or Legit site?

Chenlinwood Reviews {May} Another Scam or Legit site? >> The article consists of a specification, information, Pros and cons, and exchange and returns policy about the Chenlinwood.com.

It is easy to put in the request and to buy items through the web. It is one of the advantages that the internet has. However, a large portion of the online store tricks purchasers by their phony guarantees. It is seen that the more significant part of the notable dealers neglected to satisfy the guarantee they made. Along these lines, it is a suggestion that you never fall in the snare of any interest. 

In this article, we will bring you Chenlinwood Reviews, and we will talk about the site, which is selling items like unique products and underpants for ladies. In this article, we will redress its subtleties and the offers and limits that they are giving. 

The best and most brilliant method of moving toward any web-based business store is knowing all the subtleties and input about the site. 

Because of the current pandemic circumstances, numerous con artists in the United State are exploiting the blameless purchasers and burrowing cash through unlawful methods. This sort of action ought to be stopped. On the off chance that the casualties of trick share their encounters, at that point, it will be useful for different purchasers. 

What is Chenlinwood.com?

Chenlinwood Myshopify Com is a regular online shop that sells products made with wine storage barrels like chairs, tables, center tables, and wine showcase made with barrels. All the products are handmade and designed to give a bar look. The items made with barrel gives a unique look to your home, it is made up of wood, and the glossy polish gives a classic look.

The website offers a discount sale on all products; each product a customer can get up to a 60% discount. Free shipping is not available. If the purchase order is over $75, then the customer will receive track Id that can be used for tracking the product delivery.

According to Chenlinwood Reviews provided by the consumer, the website is not delivering their product, which they ordered a few months back. They said that the site is making fake promises and not giving the product. When some consumer tries to reach the customer care number, it was temporarily unavailable.

The website is new, and there is no social media page, or external links are available. So, according to our study, we do not suggest this website to any consumers.


Email Id: customer@ChenLinwood.top

Pros of Chenlinwood.com

  • The website is selling unique products like the chair, tables, tea table, wine shelves made with barrels.
  • The barrels are made up of wooden, and all the recycled barrels are utilized in making home decor products.
  • All the products on the website are available at a reasonable price, and you can get up to a 50% discount.

Cons of Chenlinwood.com

  • The website does not have any contact number or office address, so if any customer wants to contact them, they will have to wait for the response mail.
  • The website does not have an active social media page where we can identify the website’s legitimacy.
  • No Chenlinwood Reviews are available on the internet.
  • There is no proof of satisfied consumers available on the internet, so that we can recommend this website.
  • We found that few images that the website is utilizing are adopted from any other site. Using images without giving credit to the original webpage means infringement. 

Exchange and Return Policy

  • If the purchaser needs a discount for the item, at that point, it is reasonable. However, all the discount sums will take around 30 days to be credited. 
  • All the customers who buy any item from Chenlinwood.com will get 14 days to return or trade the item on the off chance that they are unsatisfied or get any broken items. 
  • If any shopper has not gotten the discount sum, at that point, it is recommended that then they should contact their bank.
  • The items may be traded if the item conveyed from the organization side was harmed, wrong, or hurt. 
  • After getting confirmed from the quality check, the returned item will be accepted.


In this article, we explained how a trick site would successfully uncover cash from your pocket. We recommend that our perusers choose another site yet buy the item in the wake of distinguishing all the subtleties. Be that as it may, the choice to purchase and leaning toward the website is up to you.

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  1. This Company doesn’t exist ! They will take your money and the product will never come from China .
    When you try to get a refund there is no address or contact available . They use this front place called Service5 to say that your product was shipped while it never was . They won’t provide a persons name to speak to or anyone to call you back . All they do is say it was delivered when it never was ! Spread the word that it was fake please .

  2. ripped me off for sure another chinese scam buy local only and f these people post on facebook

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