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Chicindress Scam (Oct 2020) Is The Website Legit?

Chicindress Scam (Oct 2020) Is The Website Legit? >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells a complete range of women’s clothing items.

Nowadays, we come across several online stores that fool their customers and turn out to be a scam. 

Chicindress Scam is one such scam that is being talked about in the United States and other countries. Chicindress.com is an online store that sells women’s clothing. This store delivers its products across the nations.

To know more about the Chicindress Scam and its reviews, read the following article.

What is Chicindress.com?

Chicindress.com is an online store that sells a wide range of women apparel. These products include shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc.

The store delivers to various nations, which has helped it to increase its customers. It also offers multiple discounts to its customers. To encourage new buyers to buy from the store, additional discounts are provided to them.

Customer reviews and ratings are also available on the website for each product.

Specifications of Chicindress.com:

  • Website: Online store that sells women fashion clothing
  • Address: Not Available
  • Contact: Not Available
  • Email Address: service@chicindress.com
  • Shipping Time: Within one to five business days
  • Shipping Cost: Chargeable, free shipping with orders above $ 59.99
  • Delivery Time: 8 to 15 working days in case of standard shipping, 4 to 10 working days in case of expedited shipping 
  • Return: Possible; within 30 days from the receipt of the product
  • Refund: Within five days from the date of receipt of the returned item.
  • Exchange: Possible; within 30 days from the receipt of the product
  • Cancellation: Cancellation Policy not available 
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal only

Pros of Chicindress.com:

  • A large number of clothing options is available on this web store.
  • Free shipping option available on standard shipping on orders above $59.99
  • A worldwide delivery option is available.
  • Availability of discounts on various products in the store.

Cons of Chicindress.com:

  • Only a Single payment option is available.
  • Very few reviews and ratings are available on the web-store.
  • The about us section fails to disclose the address and contact information of this web store.
  • Some of the products are not appropriately described in the web-store.

Is Chicindress.com Legit?

Many customers have brought forward various points that support the notion of Chicindress Scam. They have said that the received products are not of good quality. No proper response has been received from the support team of this web store.

The website has not mentioned its contact details and address. Another point that raises a question on the web store’s authenticity is that all the ratings available on the website are top, even when the customers complain about the quality of products.

All these points portray that the website is a scam and is trying to fool its customers. 

Customer Reviews on Chicindress.com:

Customer Reviews available for this web store and its products are quite confusing.

It is quite challenging to collect the cues for Chicindress Scam from the product ratings and reviews available on the website. Most of the customers on this website have left high ratings for these products. 

When it comes to studies, the customers have said that they are happy with the products’ styles. They have appreciated the affordability of the products and discounts available on them. Some of them have complained about the fit of the product.

However, online reviews for this website are not at all good. People have talked about various aspects that show that shopping from this website is not safe for buyers. There have been complaints about the delayed deliveries and the quality of the products. People have also complained about the fitting of the products, which have forced many customers to go for returns.

Returns, too, have been a problematic aspect of this store. Request for returns hasn’t been handled well by this store. Customers were also upset by the fees charged for the returns by the website.

Final Verdict:

This web store has proved to be successful in increasing its customer base with the help of attractive styles and discounts. It has also tried to expand its routes across various continents and countries. 

But it fails to reveal its identity among the customers, which raises a question in the customers’ minds about the true essence of this website. Additionally, the customer reviews available online show a clear picture of the working of this online store. 

Thus, customers are advised to thoroughly go through the online reviews and the above article and restrain themselves from buying from this online store.

Do let us know about your reviews and take on the Chicindress Scam in the comments section below. 

4 thoughts on “Chicindress Scam (Oct 2020) Is The Website Legit?

  1. Requested return authorization for a coat which did not fit properly. Return was denied despite my compliance to their return requirements. Beware to consumers this website does not comply with written information.

  2. Takes close to a month to get your merchandise. The two lightweight coats that I ordered are very stylish, but were definitely way too small so I have to give them away. I wouldn’t even try to return them and get my money back. Though the price is right, I would not advise ordering from this company.

  3. Chic dress is an absolute scam. Classic basic and switch. Who should we contact so they can shut down? They will never tell you how much they will refund you and the costs to return are exorbitant. Loss of $125 and nothing fits and it is very poor quality.

  4. Chic in dress is an absolute scam. Advertises heavily on FB, doesn’t disclose location, returns are not really allowed unless you want to pay more to return than the items are worth. The colors and fabrics are miss represented. Loss of $135 and nothing fits, too small, sizing on the website is wrong and it is very poor quality. They offered 20% off my next order, seriously? Then when I complained they offered a 10% refund if I wasn’t returning the items. I want to report them to be shut down! Don’t order from them!

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