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China Seeds Warning (July) Reviews For Better Views

China Seeds Warning (July) Reviews For Better Views >>The article outlines in detail about mysterious packets of seeds that have been received by people in the United States.

Have you received a mysterious packet of seeds on your doorstep this morning? Are you wondering what it might be? Let us unfold its mystery.

According to the agricultural officials in the United States, these packets of seeds may be from China. They have strictly issued a China Seeds Warning not to meddle with these seeds and plant them.

Many residents who have received these seeds have confirmed that they made no such order in the past. The seeds have reportedly arrived by mail from China. The US Department of Agriculture, on receiving many such reported cases of seeds, has urged all the citizens to exercise caution and report immediately to the Office of Plant Industry Services on seeing or receiving such seeds. This can be regarded as part of the China Seeds Warning currently being given to these states’ residents.

What are China Seeds?

These are individual packets of unknown seeds reportedly coming from China. This assumption is made on account of seeing the Chinese characters on top of the grains packet. Many things remain cloudy about these mysterious seeds. The US authorities still don’t know who is sending them and their purpose in posting these seeds across the States.

Where do these packets come from?

The residents have described these mystery packages as light grey with a shipping label on it. The name indicates these packets arrived from the city of Suzhou, which lies west of Shanghai, in China. If one reads the package, they will get the impression that it consists of jewellery. But on opening it, one can see packets of seeds.

According to some agricultural departments, these seeds may be invasive plant species and planting them could wreak havoc with the existing plants. 

Where all are these seeds delivered?

At least 15 states in the United States like Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, Kansas, and the Washington States have received the packets of these seeds. It is yet to be confirmed the motive behind them.

Read below for more information regarding China Seeds Warning.

What do state authorities think about China Seeds?

The US Department of Agriculture is still clueless regarding the purpose of these seeds. They have no proof for these seeds being something other than a scam. Considering the heightened tensions between the United States and China, the former is exercising great caution regarding these seeds.

The Kentucky state’s agricultural authorities say that they do not want their robust agrarian supply chain to come under threat. Therefore, they are viewing these seeds as potentially harmful and have issued stern China Seeds Warning.

In the absence of concrete evidence for these seeds, the authorities find themselves confused. They cannot brush it off as a scam or a hoax. At the same time, they cannot view the mysterious occurrence of these seed packets, which seem to have come out of the blue light.

The North Carolina department of agriculture is confident that these packages are a product of ‘brushing.’ ‘Brushing’ happens when recipients receive items and products from a third-party. It is done to gain positive reviews on their products. They also say that many of the residents who received the seeds placed no order whatsoever in the first place. 

What are people saying about this about China Seeds?

As far as the citizens are concerned, one of the residents who received the seed package describes it as Chinese. She makes this assumption based on the writing outside the packet, which was in Chinese. Surprisingly, she also says that the package of seeds claimed that it consists of jewellery.

In a twitter post, Animal and Plant Health Service of the United States Department of Agriculture said that it is working closely with Customs and Border Protection and other Federal Agencies to look into these seeds and conclude this bewildering situation. It has requested everyone receiving such seed packets to immediately report to the State Department of Agriculture or the State Plant Health Office.

Presently, however, the state officials are gathering the seed packages from the various states receiving them. They will then carry out thorough testing of these packages and its contents to ensure that they do not contain anything potentially harmful to its agriculture. 


We are sure that the China Seeds Warning issued by various states’ agricultural departments will not go unnoticed. The fact that such packets of unidentified seeds come when China is under attack by many countries of the world makes the situation even more precarious. 

Results from further testing and investigation into the origin and occurrence of these seeds are awaited. 

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