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Chipper Wood Accident {March} What Happened And Why

The Chipper Wood Accident happened on Wednesday morning and was watched by some residents. Read to know more.

A worker accidentally got killed in Oshawa on March 16, 2022. The accident which concerns audiences from the United States and Canada is widely reported. The Chipper Wood Accident has sparked a debate on whether safety and precautionary measures are sufficient enough to prevent such harms. 

Was there any lapse on the part of the employer in providing safety and taking precautions? This takes us to the depth of the incident and various reports coming out of Oshawa. There are people who watched this accident happening and their stories are also a part of this article. 

The Oshawa Chip Wood Accident

Our intention in this article is to get you details of the accident, namely, how it happened, what were the precautionary arrangements, and could the Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa be avoided. The incident happened in the morning around 8:40 am on Wednesday. An arborist was employed by the city on contract to cut down a tree from the Waverley Rd.

 The arborist started cutting but suddenly, due to reasons not yet reported, lost control of the tool and got partially pulled into a Wood Chipper. The residents who watched it happening said that the arborist lost control suddenly and stopped moving with blood spurting all over. The scene had been very troublesome for some who took to social media to share the accident. Some people also recorded the place of the accident. 

Why Did the Chipper Wood Accident Happen? 

The arborist belonged to a company named Eco Tree Care and was contracted by the city to get some emerald ash trees removed. The crew was cutting the trees when the accident happened. According to police, it was an accident which couldn’t be avoided by taking extra safety measures as in normal circumstances, no additional safety measures are taken. 

The Ministry of Labour has constituted a panel to investigate the accident and hold, if someone is responsible, accountable at the earliest. This move is a positive development in order to deal with the Chipper Wood Accident

The police confirmed at the accident site that the arborist died instantly. This is corroborated by the testimony of nearby residents who have seen this accident happening in front of their eyes. 


The death of an arborist in Oshawa led to the constitution of an investigation panel by the Ministry of Labour. The accident had happened when an arborist, who was hired by the city to cut some emerald ash trees, accidentally fell into the Wood Chipper. 

There are some residents who watched it and their testimonies are discussed above. The report of the investigation panel on the Chipper Wood Accident could take some time. To know more, see CTV News Toronto Arborist dies in Oshawa following incident with wood chipper | CTV   

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