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{Updated} Cho Gue Sung Wife: Is He Married Or Have A Girlfriend? Does He Have A Daughter? Checkout Current Facts!

Today’s write-up on Cho Gue Sung Wife shares information about the private life of a gifted Soccer player who was recently associated with a model.

Which rumors are circulating about the Soccer player? Is Cho Gue in a relationship? The agency of Billie recently responded to the dating rumors about Cho Gue Sung, the Soccer player and the sister of Haram.

People Worldwide are eager to know if Ji Min Joo is associated with recently-famed soccer player Cho Gue Sung. So, let us check the recent response and details associated with Cho Gue Sung Wife in this post below.

Disclaimer: We inform viewers about the happenings and do not promote celebrities.

Who is Cho Gue Sung’s spouse?

Cho Gue-Sung, a Soccer player, doesn’t seem to have a spouse or friend. Cho Gue has not yet verified this content. Besides, Cho Gue-Sung hasn’t shared any images of his partner on social networking sites.

So, as of 2022, he isn’t married or in a relationship. Therefore, statements about Cho Gue’s spouse or Girlfriend may be false.

What were the rumors about Cho Gue Sung?

On December 1, 2022, there were debunked reports that Ji Min Joo, the model, and Cho Gue Sung were courting. The original article detailing the friendship involving Cho Gue Sung and the sister of Haram has now been taken down.

What did the agency declare about rumors?

Mystic Story has quickly addressed reports that Cho Gue Sung, a soccer player, and Billie Haram’s sister are in a relationship. On December 2, 2022, a spokesperson of Mystic Story stated that the company was unaware of the rumors involving Ji Min, the air force commander’s Daughter, and Cho Gue. The soccer player later rose to stardom following scoring twice in a World Cup match South Korea against Ghana.

They continued in a statement that they request your consideration as it is a subject or issue they cannot remark on since it relates to the family of the member and not Billlie’s member. They also mentioned that they aren’t aware of any such thing or rumor. 

Is Cho Gue Sung Married?

No, the soccer player doesn’t seem to be married since no official statement is associated with his marriage or relationship. Cho Gue Sung is a Korean striker. The 24-year-old began playing professionally in 2019 and has appeared in 132 games. Also, he scored 52 goals in the K League 2 and K League 1.

Cho Gue Sung won both K League 2 and K League 1 and the FA Cup of Korea in 2022 and 2020.

Additional details of Cho Gue Sung:

The professional soccer player, Cho Gue Sung, represents Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors as a striker. In 2020, he joined Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, where he appeared in 34 games and scored eight goals.

Cho is a highly gifted soccer player with a strong reputation in the K Leagues and an incredible athlete and career. He plays the striker position. He earns about 24139.49 USD a year primarily from his football profession. 

Furthermore, this sum could range from 17896.36 USD to 29572.19 USD. However, the information about Cho Gue Sung Wife is false.

Quick Wiki

  • Real Name- Cho Gue Sung
  • Profession- Soccer player
  • Date of birth- January 25, 1988
  • Age- 24 years
  • Birthplace-The Republic of Korea, Ansan-si
  • Nationality- Korean
  • Height – 6 feet and 2 inch
  • Parents- Identities not disclosed
  • Cho Gue Sung Wife– Not disclosed
  • Net worth- One million USD as in 2022

Social media links:

Although there is no information regarding the recent news about Cho Gue Sung in the links below, you may check about his life.


Cho Gue Sung, the lately-famed Soccer player, was in the news for him dating the Harem’s sister. However, the allegations have been denied by Ji Min Joo’s agency. Also, the initial post has been deleted from social networking sites.

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Cho Gue Sung Wife: FAQS

Q1. Who is Cho Gue Sung?

Cho Gue Sung is a Soccer player.

Q2. Whose name was rumored with Cho Gue Sung recently? 

Ji Min Joo

Q3. Who released a statement about Cho Gue’s relationship?

Ji Min Joo’s agency has announced Cho Gue’s relationship.

Q4. Has the agency accepted the allegations? 

No, Ji Min Joo has denied all allegations of her relationship with Cho Gue Sung.

Q5. What is the nationality of Cho Gue Sung?


Q6. Where was Cho Gue Sung Born? 

The Republic of Korea, Ansan-si 

Q7. Who is Cho Gue Sung Wife?

Cho Gue Sung has not declared anything about his marriage or relationship.

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