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[Update] Christian Chavez Suicidio: Why The Rbd Photos Trending on Twitter? Check Details Here!

The Christian Chavez Suicidio images are booming the interest of many viewers. Know the actual availability and facts of this here.

How often do you listen to songs? Do you have any favorites? If you are a frequent listener of Mexican songs, then you would know about the well-known singer Jose Christian Chavez Gaza. He had acquired a huge fan following in the United States and Mexico.

People go crazy with his unique ability to present a song. He presented his recordings along with the superior music group named RBD. Despite succeeding so much in his career, he is news for a suicide attempt. Therefore, Christian Chavez Suicidio is trending now.

Disclaimer: We approve of handing only truthful facts to our readers. We service the accurate source for gathering satisfactory awareness. The information shared here is only for factual alertness. 

Christian Chavez Suicidal pictures

On 10th October 2013, Christian posted some suicidal pictures with a message saying that he wanted to tell everyone that people are double standards. After this, he ended the line with three dots and typed ‘no more.’ 

Looking into this message and the pictures on his twitter account, his fans thought he had committed suicide. This eagerness to look into the images is again exploding among a search engine’s numerous people.

Christian Chavez Suicidal pictures

The pictures posted by Christian seem to be graphic images showcasing the suicidal scenario. The pictures showed him with a bottle of alcohol on the floor and a slit wrist. 

Christian survived this attempt and confirmed through one of his videos that the images posted were real. He mentioned that he attempted suicide, but his friend survived him from the death gate. 

How is Christian connected to RBD?

Christian Chavez is seen in several Rbd PhotosPeople wonder about his connection with RBD. Well, Christian Chavez launched RBD along with other members after a successful outcome of his television drama, Rebelde. 

RBD is a Latin pop group that records studio albums in all languages, including English, Portuguese, and Spanish. They are the largest group that sold over twenty million albums across numerous nations. 

Due to unknown glitches inside, RBD members announced the split on 15th August 2008. Hence, Christian is not a member of this group now.

Christian Chavez Suicidio Images Intention  

Upon investigation, the intention of releasing these suicidal images confirmed that Christian intention was just to make a joke. Unfortunately, his followers lashed negative comments for this insignificant joke.

After this, Alejandra De La Reguera, a famous Mexican Stepmother actress, posted a tweet to Christian followers. She asked Christian fans to calm down, and it was just a suicidal joke. 

About Christian Chavez

  • Full name: Jose Christian Chavez Gaza
  • Date of birth: 07th August 1983
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Profession: Songwriter. Singer and actor
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Nationality: Mexican

After Christian images were released in 2013, people were stunned to know about it. The interest rate to look into these images is boosting the search engines. However, the Christian Chavez Suicidio images have been deleted and are unavailable on the social platform.

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Christian Chavez traumatized many followers with his suicidal images. Though Christain mentions that the suicidal images are real, the investigation reported that they were graphical images and unreal. 

What’s your vision of the images? Tell us in the comments.

Christian Chavez Suicidio–FAQs

Q1. Who is Christian Chavez’s wife? 

William John Murphy

Q2. Does Christian Chavez have children?

There is no knowledge regarding his children on the internet.

Q3. Who were the members of the RBD group?

The RBD group members include Christian Chavez, Dulce Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, and Christopher von Uckermann. 

Q4. Does Christian Chavez have a boyfriend? 

Some reports mentioned that he was living with his then-boyfriend, Benjamin Stewart-Kruger, in his Beverly Hills home. 

Q5. What is Christian Chavez best known for?

He gained enormous fame and is best known for his role as Giovanni Méndez López in a television drama named Rebelde. 

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