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Christiana Collings Scam: Dominic Roque, And His Age Details Here!

Do you know about Christiana Collings Scam and Dominic Roque breakup updates? Read this article to learn about it, along with her age.

Do you know about the famous Vogue fashion designer Christiana Collings? Have you observed that Christiana’s interviews and her posts are going viral in the Philippines region?

Christiana Collings is a sensational fashion designer and model who has acquired the hearts of millions of people with her beauty. But beauty comes with problems as well, so the Christiana Collings Scam is popping up on the internet. So let us find out about that scam related to her.

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More details on the Christiana Collings Scam

Christiana Collings is a famous Vogue fashion designer, model, and content creator who has reached the hearts of many people with her designs, outfits, and also her mother-and-daughter duo posts. But recently, her name has been the subject of a scam. 

The truth is, Christiana is not scamming anyone because she is a designer who makes excellent dresses, and she doesn’t seem to have any black marks in her career. She doesn’t run any businesses to scam people as well. Hence, Christiana is not related to any scams, and she is not a victim of any scams as well.

More details on the Christiana Collings Scam

Christiana Collings and Dominic Roque

Dominic Roque is a famous Filipino actor and model who rose to fame with his television shows Aryana and May Isang. Recently, Dominic’s name became a trending one because he broke up with his actress girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, in February 2024. The pair dated for four years, and they are one of the most potent couples with a more extensive fan base. 

One time, Dominic and Bea attended the wedding of Christiana Collings’s sister. In this manner, Christiana Collings and Dominic Roque are related, but there is no blood or love relationship between them. Christiana Collings’s sister got married to Dominic’s friend, so he attended the marriage function. Hence, Christiana and Dominic are good friends and have many mutual friends as well.

Christiana Collings and Dominic Roque

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Christiana Collings Age

The age of Christiana is 35, as she was born on November 7, 1989. Usually, when people see the photos of Christina, the first question that pops into everyone’s mind is her age because she looks so young and slim. In addition to that, she has a five-year-old daughter named Camryn, with whom Christian looks like an older sister. 

So, Christiana Collings Age is entirely different from her outward appearance, and many fans of her wanted to know her skincare routine.

Christiana Collings Age

Why is Christiana Collings trending?

Christiana Collings is always a social media star, but her recent hype is due to her sister’s wedding, which the famous actor and actress Dominic Roque and Bea attended as a couple. Dominic and Bea announced their separation, so their relationship timeline is trending; Christiana Collings and Dominic Roque‘s friendships are also popping up on the internet. 

But Christiana is not related to the separation of Dominic and Bea. She is a mere friend of his. In addition to that, she is one of the most searched content creators in the Philippines, so her search query will always be a trending one.

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Instagram: Christiana Collings Canlas (@christianacollings) • Instagram photos and videos


Thereby, we have discussed the Christiana Collings Scam and how she is related to the separation of Dominic Roque and Bea. She is a person who started her career from scratch with all her hard work and talent. And we hope that she achieves a lot in her professional and personal life.

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Disclaimer: The content shared in this article is true and verified.

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