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[Update] Christine Mcvie Died Of Cancer: Is Any Last Photo Available, Check Full Details On Net Worth, Family Members, Wiki, And Children

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere in this article on Christine McVie Died of Cancer. Also, learn about Christine’s life.

Christine Anne McVie was a famous musician, singer, songwriter, and music producer from the United Kingdom who also performed in the United States. Her famous songs’ Little Lies’, ‘Everywhere’, and ‘Don’t Stop’ were featured in Fleetwood Mac’s British-American band ‘Greatest Hits’ album. She performed in Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist.

Sadly, Christine McVie passed away on Wednesday, 30th November 2022. Let’s check if Christine McVie Died of Cancer.

Christine’s cause of death:

The information obtained from various sources on the internet suggests that Christine died a natural death. She had a brief illness, after which she was hospitalized. At the time of her hospitalization, Christine was in bad health condition. 

She was also suffering from endured debilitating back problems. However, the details of where she was hospitalized were not provided. The Net worth of Christine is estimated to be $105 million. Her doctors did not publicly announce the exact cause of her death.

Christine’s obituary:

The date of Christine’s obituary and her last rites are yet awaited.

Christine’s Family Members:

Christine was born to Cyril Percy Absell Perfect, a music lecturer and concert violinist at St Peter’s College of Education and Beatrice Edith Maud Perfect (Reece), a faith healer, psychic, and medium. John Perfect was her elder brother.

Was Christine married?

Christine was married to John McVie in 1968 and separated in 1976. She later got married to Eduardo Quintela in 1986 and got divorced in 2003.


Was Christine married

Christine’s Wiki:

Real name

Christine Anne Perfect
Music band Sounds Of Blue(1966-67)
Chicken Shack (1967-70)
Fleetwood Mac (1970-98, 2004, 2013-22)
Instrument Keyboards and vocals
Genres Blues, blues rock, pop rock, and soft rock
Total number of albums 20
Height 5′ 9″


Christine’s Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, and kids:

Christine Anne Perfect was a citizen of England. She was of British ethnicity and a Christian. Christine did not had any Children from her two marriages.

Christine’s DoB, Age, and DoD:

Christine was born on 12th July 1943. She passed away on 30th November 2022. She was 79 years old.

Social Media Link

Christine’s social media accounts:






Others – Auction site of used items by Christine


Christine died a natural death. Her early life revealed that Christine was born in the Lake District village and brought up in Bearwood. At the age of four, Christine was introduced to the piano. She sifter her focus to rock and roll at the age of fifteen. She studied sculpture at the Moseley School of Art and wanted to become a teacher.

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Christine McVie Died of Cancer – FAQ

Q.1 Was Christine suffering from any illness?

At the time of her death, Christine was in bad health and suffered debilitating back problems.

Q.2 What was the cause of Christine’s death?

Christine’s death was due to natural causes. He had a brief illness and got hospitalized in November 2022.

Q.3 What did the doctors inform about her cause of death?

The details about the hospital where Christine was admitted were not made public. Hence, her Last Photo was not published. Further, the doctors did not announce the specific cause of her death. 

Q.4 In how many albums Christine had performed?

Christine performed as a solo singer in four albums, with Chicken Shack band in two albums, and with Fleetwood Mac in fourteen albums.

Q.5 Did Christine Died of Cancer?

No, Christine’s cause of death was not due to cancer. She did not had cancer.

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