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Chrome Untitled Error {May 2021} How To Fix This Error?

Chrome Untitled Error {May 2021} How To Fix This Error? >> Do you know how to solve an error while working on an important task? The two methods described in this article will help the internet surfers.

Imagine you open a browser, and it shows an untitled error. Have you ever been stuck in these types of situations? Need help? So, read this article carefully.

According to numerous users’ reports, it is the bug that causes such types of error within the browser, and it can lead to crash the whole system in severe cases. So let’s discuss the tips and tricks related to Chrome Untitled Error and its effect on the United States, Canada, India, and United Kingdom.

The pattern of the issue 

The issue affected Google Chrome on only specific Windows types, as reported by some users. This crash mainly randomly occurs in Chrome and exhibits a specific pattern, but some users have tagged at specific situations. 

It is generally encountered while loading or after loading the extension, thereby causing an immediate crash of the page. When this happens, a system prompt might emerge, and in some cases, it automatically reflects on the desktop. 

It has been reported that in certain circumstances, Chrome launches properly, but extensions and tabs are affected, thus causing trouble to the user. 

What causes Chrome Untitled Error? 

The Google Chrome pages show untitled errors due to unwanted extensions which load multiple ads in real-time. However, some important tricks can minimize the risk of getting encountered in a troublesome situation after being applied. 

Method 1: Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

It is a tool initiated by Google that helps to eradicate such errors during browsing. After downloading the tool extension in the system, it will detect the problem and ask the user to ‘Continue’ for further processes. 

It will automatically be redirected to the Google Chrome settings. It is an important step to solve Chrome Untitled Error.

The system then delivers a prompt and asks the user to ‘Reset settings’. The resetting will cause the Original Chrome settings to appear back, thus, causing it to get rid of such errors. 

Method 2: Application of Google Chrome properties

This trick is majorly applicable in Windows 10 by fixing the Google Chrome unresponsive error. The first step is clicking on the ‘Start tab’ and searching Google Chrome in it. 

Then, put a right-click in the Google Chrome icon and open the ‘file location’, which will help detect the Chrome Untitled Error problem.

It will show a list of options in which ‘Properties’ should be chosen by double-clicking. 

After opening the properties, the user needs to click on the ‘Shortcut’ tab and go to the ‘Target’ field, and after adding a space in between ‘chrome.exe’ and ‘-no-sandbox’, thereby minimizing the risk of failure of browser.

However, a couple of methods are also helpful in eliminating these types of errors since these two methods are quite simple to process and don’t require any applications to be downloaded. 


In-depth knowledge of fixing problems while browsing will help to tide over serious circumstances in the daily routines of someone’s professional life. This article on Chrome Untitled Error will be helpful for beginners to gather knowledge about such circumstances. For more updates, visit

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