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Circlemaxx com Reviews (May) Is it legit or not?

Circlemaxx com Reviews (May) Is it legit or not?  >> In this article, you have gained all the required knowledge about the website and the contact details to solve your problems

The products that we use as medical equipment and some electronic items found difficult for buying.

Circlemaxx.com Reviews states that the people in the United States are using this website at great extent. It also helps in clearing the doubt regarding the process and the policies. All the facilities provided by the company explained in the article.

In this article, you also know that circlemaxx.com is a legitimate site or a scam? Please read the information given and enjoy shopping with us.

What is circlemaxx.com?

Circlemaxx.com is the online company selling the electronic items of daily use. The product range from the thermometer, HDMI device, Gaming console. The Amazing quality of the monitor attracts the people with a slim body and high picture quality. The medical equipment like pulse rate counter, Blood pressure checking equipment, and many more solves the problem of doing hospital on the daily base. 

Buying such useful things saves our money for the daily problem. The product like Lifestraw, Emergency Water Filter, is helping hand to get the filtered water. While travelling or at some adverse situation where you cannot have aqua guards and drinking clean water is the topmost priority one should have in any case.

We assure you of the quality of each equipment and long-life guarantee with deficient maintenance.

Specification of circlemaxx.com

  • Website – www.circlemaxx.com
  • Phone no. – +1(440)253-9607
  • Address – 400 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701, United States
  • Email Address – support@circlemaxx.com
  • Shipping time – depends on the product
  • Delivery time – usually it takes 12-15 days 
  • Return – You can quickly return the product upto 30 days or purchasing
  • Refund – Within 14 days refund processed if applicable
  • Payment – online payments applicable

Is circlemaxx.com worth money or not?

The question which we come across during any online shopping is it worth money or not? But this answer depends on the quality and service website provides. In the case of circlemaxx.com, the answer is yes. The quality here gives 100% surety, and even the customer service is outstanding.

The charges applied are reasonable and easy for everyone to buy, and no duties and extra fees is charged from the customer. The circlemaxx.com reviews also say that the customer service available 24*7. All the problems are solved as soon as possible by the teammates, and advice is given for further use.

Pros of circlemaxx.com

  • Easy to buy and return
  • The quality of the product is premium.
  • The tax not charged over $75
  • Half refund transferred in case of the damaged product

Cons of circlemaxx.com

  • Shipping charges for return items charged by the customer
  • only online payments are applicable 

What customers have to say about us?

The circlemaxx.com reviews show you the details about the website and also the feedback of customers. The site also provides you all the reviews given by the users and the rating clearly shown on the official website.

It says that the rating is a helping source for many others to trust the website. 

The negative reviews say about the extra charges during the return, but let me clear a problem by telling you that the costs we take is the tax which applied to the product. Positive feedback says about the half amount refund during the damaged products like pen drive, and other non-refundable items are per the other website, but here we pay the half amount of stuff you pay.

Is circlemaxx.com legit or not?

The answer to your question about being legit or a scam is that it is a legitimate company. The payments done are safe and secure. No frauds initiate here. The trust of the customer is something that makes us grow and reach heights.

Circlemaxx.com review suggests you be safe and select the best site for the shopping and not sharing the personal data which can harm you by any medium. 

Final verdict

Circlemaxx.com reviews have stated all the details of the company and the procedure of return and refund if you want. I would suggest my readers buy the necessary stuff from this fantastic website and experience the service of the site.

The site has its pros and cons, but we should focus on all the right side as compared to the negative one because nothing can have 100% positive feedback. The love we get from our users is very precious for us, and we respect your words.

0 thoughts on “Circlemaxx com Reviews (May) Is it legit or not?

  1. This site used to be Anontee.com. I ordered from anontee.com on April 29th and never sent me my items. The contact information on that and the Circlemaxx site are all bogus. I have complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. I also contacted the Circlemaxx address after learning that the scammer opened the site in this name and threatened jailtime and violence against them.

  2. They used to be under the names Anontee.com and iflexmax.com. They are all scams. I ordered back when it was anontee.com, I received receipts through Shopify and never received the items. Electronic payments were processed through Fundly, a crowdfunding platform. I have contacted Fundly that they are not associated with them nor store card information. I have contacted Shopify and that they take fraud seriously (will not disclose action to anyone). Anontee.com was shut down after I contacted Shopify. I have already reported to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. If I had actual contact information, I would personally make contact and make threats. Contact information is all fake, addresses are usually to shopping malls with no presence in the store directory.

  3. Circlemaxx is a scam (formerly anontee.com). Bogus addresses and phone numbers are always listed on their sites.

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