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Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles {March} Recent News!

The article will discuss the recent Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles racial discrimination and the aftermath of the incident.

Do you know the recent racial news incident in Citibank? As per our research, we find that the incident happens in Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd. 

The news is already viral on social media platforms. After seeing the video, the majority of people Worldwide are criticized by the Citibank authority. 

In this write-up, we will describe all the factors of Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles. 

What Do You Know about Incident? 

As per our research, the incident took place on 22 March 2022. A young black woman is going to Citibank to submit a cheque. 

But the problem arises when one bank worker racially harasses the woman. Even the woman was totally confiscated by an employee of a bank. 

The incident gets viral on the social media platform. The lady made a “Tiktok” video and shared it on social media. 

Many people strongly criticize the incident. Even ask for an explanation from the bank authority. 

What Do You Know about Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles

As per our research, the branch is situated at 5000 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA. 

This Citibank branch starts operation from Monday to Saturday. It begins work from 10 am to 5 pm. But on Saturday the work time is 10 am to 2 pm. 

The incident occurred on Tuesday when a lady went to the branch. But as per the news, she faced racial discrimination by the bank employee. 

After the incident took place, many people accused the bank. Our research also finds this branch also has a past racial history. 

The Aftermath of Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles

After the incident, many people, mainly social media activists and other customers, strongly criticize the incident. 

Our research also finds that the bank is getting many negative reviews due to the incident. Many also demand that the bank authority take the step against the accused bank employee. 

The bank is also facing much criticism about their behaviour toward the lady. As per the video, the bank authority seized the cheque for an unknown reason. The video also shows that the lady was a breakdown in crying after the incident. 

That is the central incident of Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles

Why the News is Trending? 

The news is trending because this is the case of social discrimination. The bank authority has committed racial discrimination against the lady. 

Nobody supports the bank on the social media platform, and the demand is justice. Due to this reason, the news is trending. 

At Last 

Our research finds that the lady’s father has issued a check for her home rent. But the bank didn’t pay her cash. 

Our research also finds after the incident, the lady called the police. Local police have started investigating the incident on Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles.

We need to clarify all the information we have gathered here from the news link and internet sources. 

You can also learn more about the recent news by clicking the link

Did you ever face racial discrimination? Share your view. 

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