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Clan Del Golfo Net Worth {Oct} Get Its Detailed Information!

The below article will give you a brief information about Clan Del Golfo and Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2021.

Clan Del Golfo is one of the largest criminal organizations in Uraba, Colombia, which deals with illegal activities like drugs and a paramilitary group often involved in the Colombian armed conflict. The organization is recently in the news, as the country’s armed forces and reports state that it has brought an end to the clan dynasty that captured its leader Dairo Antonio Usuga on whom the United States government had announced a $5 million reward.

Let’s look at Clan Del Golfo Net worth below.

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Origins and Structure:

Many famous drug lords set up the organization, the Clan leaders like Daniel Rendon Herrera, Carlos Mario Usuga, Gustavo Adolfo, Juan de Dios Usuga and Dario Antonio Usuga David, who was captured recently by the Colombian army.

As per reports, it has over 3000 members in the group’s inner circle and operates throughout the country. Talking about the net worth, the latest leader of Clan caught “Otoniel “, estimated to have $1 billion net worth. Earlier, Dairo, also known as Otoniel, was a member of the Popular Liberation Army and later, it was absorbed into Colombian United Self-Defence forces.

Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2021:

The net worth of an organization is not well known, but it can be estimated by the net worth of its leaders. However, reports say that the business makes around $7 billion a year or more, but recent captures by the army and police have brought the clan business down.

“Otoniel”, their leader recently captured, is estimated to have a net worth of more than 1.4 Billion and more and is extremely wealthy, having military powers too. In addition to business and drugs, the organization is also involved in illicit mining, human trafficking, assassinating and terrorizing community leaders, etc which adds more to Clan Del Golfo Net worth 2021.

Latest Updates about Clan Del Golfo:

The Druglord or head of Clan Otoniel, also known as Dairo Antonio Usuga, was caught by Colombian soldiers in northern Antioquia province under “Operation Osiris”, bringing an end to 6 years old search for the accused carried in coordination between police, army, air force and marine force.

The reports say that he has recruited more than 1200 people armed with the latest weapons working under him and do other works like assassination, illegal mining, child recruit, human trafficking etc., which also contributes towards Clan Del Golfo Net worth. With more than 3000 people working for the organization, the Clan needs a lot of money and power.


Thus, by the above information, we can understand that Clan Del Golfo is one of the biggest drug cartel organizations and a dangerous one with its paramilitary force equipped with the latest weapons. Moreover, their illicit mining, drug distribution etc., provide them with enough funding for their growth as more than 3000 people work under this organization.

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