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Classy Hub Review (Aug) Is It a Legit Seller Or Not?

This article is all about Classy Hub Review regarding its traditional Indian wear, accessories, and other products at its online store.

Are you searching for a single-stop shopping portal of different categories? Your search for a single-stop shopping portal that ends with Classy Hub.

Classy Hub has several categories to shop for women’s and men’s wear with stylish bags, jewelery, gardening, electronics, and home and kitchen products.

This shopping portal is discovered in India and claims to offer stylish and classy apparel and accessories.

The post below will provide you with all about Classy Hub and the deals it offers. However, you must find Classy Hub Review to check if its claims of stylish and high-quality apparel and accessories proved right or not.

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What Is Classy Hub?

Classy Hub is an online platform associated with the “Classy Hub Collection” company. It claims to offer fashion with affordable and quality Indian wear.

It caters to a wide range of collectionneeds, such as crop tops, harem pants, fusion ensembles, sarees, gowns, lehengas, suits, and much more.

Classy Hub provides perfect outfits for its clientele with classy designs with racks for sangeet, haldi, and engagement, and for all those who attend the wedding.

Would you like to know that Is Classy Hub Legit or not and if the claims of the Classy Hub Collection company are authentic or not?

Then, you may continue reading to know the Classy Hub’s legitimacy and if its classy and traditional with the classy collection is reliable.

Specifications of the Classy Hub:

Website url-https://classyhub.in/
E-mail Address- classyhub006@gmail.com
Phone number- +91 905 416 4248
Classy Hub’s Address- Plot Number 203 to 206, J.B Road, Industrial Phase-1, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 303101.
Payment Modes- VISA, Skrill, PayPal, Master Card, and AMEX Card.
Shipping Countries- Worldwide
Return Policy- Classy Hub offers two days to returns its products. Also, explore Classy Hub Review for factual information.
Classy Hub’s Shipping Policy- Classy Hub usually takes two to fourdays to process the items.

Pros of Classy Hub:

Classy Hub provides a wide collection of sarees, harem pants, lehengas, accessories, footwear, jewelery, and many more items.
Itprovides a 50% discount on the products available on Classy Hub’s shopping portal.
Classy Hub claims to offer affordable and traditional Indian wear with stylish apparel and high quality.
Classy Hub gives a hundred percent secure checkout to protect clients and buyers.
Classy Hub offers free shipping across the nation with worldwide option available.

Cons of Classy Hub:

Classy Hub’s high-quality products’ claims did not prove right.
Classy Hub has not acquired client’s and buyer’s trust.

Is Classy Hub Legit?

Classy Hub, the shopping portal, provides a massive collection of traditional Indian wear with optimum quality and the best available price.

Classy Hub’s Alexa ranking is 807 644.
The domain of Classy Hub was registered on June 20, 2021.
The domain registration name of Classy Hub is Classyhub.in.
Classy Hub’s domain Creation country is India.
Classy Hub’s website or the products did not achieve any opinion from its buyers.
Classy Hub obtained about 35 percent trust score.
Classy Hub has no detail of its creator and owner.

Hence, the factors mentioned above for Classic Hub’s official shopping portal could not prove its authenticity, making us conclude the portal as suspicious. So, viewers must know and explore Classy Hub before dealing with its traditional Indian wear.

Classy Hub Review:

Classy Hub, the shopping site, was founded about two months ago, making it difficult for buyers to trust instantly.

Moreover, Classy Hub has no views or comments from its buyers, proving that the company is too new to obtain the client’s trust.

So, the individuals looking to buy products from Classy Hub must explore Classy Hub’s Customer’ reviews to find if they are satisfied with its products’ quality and cost.
Also, you can check the legitimacy section provided above for Classy Hub and look at its trust score and Alexa ranking to stay away from it till it gains trust.

Besides, explore more for Classy Hub and discover if you can read Classy Hub Review to know its trustworthiness.

However, if you bought any traditional Indian wear, apparel, or accessories from Classy Hub, you must see how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers.

Final Verdict:

Classy Hub, the shopping site of Classy Hub Collection company, deals with Indian wear at a low price and high-quality items.

It claims to know the sense of style of its customers and offers broad categories of products for sangeet, haldi, marriage, and any other occasion at its physical and online store.

However, Classy Hub’s claims were not correct after exploring its collection and the website’s authenticity.

So, find more Classy Hub Review and find How To Get A Refund On Paypal If Scammed?

5 thoughts on “Classy Hub Review (Aug) Is It a Legit Seller Or Not?

  1. My email to Classyhub:
    Every time I write to you, the delivery gets delayed by a day.
    Your customer service is extremely poor, I tried your number not less than 100 times but it is not answered even once.
    The way you respond to emails is highly unprofessional.

    Enough of patience! Either you dispatch my order today or refund. Failure of either of it, shall mandate to register a complain of cheating and breach of trust.

  2. Classy hub is fraud. I made a big mistake from ordering from them. They took my money and now are not delivering the order

  3. Absolutely a fake website. I never received the ordered item. Called the number given not less than 100 times, but it is never answered – not even a single time. All the emails go without any reply in return. IT IS A SCAM.

  4. This website is a scam. I did not receive any product that I had ordered after paying for it online. All I got is a text message from the website confirming the order and providing me with a tentative date of the order would reach me. The number given on their website is always switched off and they do not reply to the emails sent to their email address.

    1. Hello Nidhi Gulati! We appreciate that you have spared your precious time in posting your feedback here. Online shopping is very challenging, and together we can keep each other alert and protected from fake websites and scams. Thank you! Stay Safe & Happy!

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