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Cleanyos Com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Cleanyos Com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> This journal brings you reviews about the site selling sanitizers and floor cleaners to keep you safe and healthy.

Are you looking for an excellent floor cleaner and sanitizer that can make your house safer from germs and viruses? Well, you can get these easily at an affordable rate at Cleanyos.Com

Many people demand high-quality cleaners and sanitizers for themselves to increase the protection and security level. But all the available products do not show exact utilities that the customer needs. To fulfill these requirements, this site provides customers in the United States with ample cleaning products with great features.

Cleanyos Com Reviews help the readers to know that the site finds its functionality in the United States. We see that the site delivers a wide range of cleaners that are usually not readily available on a single site.

The developers have created the products to keep in view the customers’ requirements and that it is essential when viruses have become very dangerous for the health of people. In the article ahead, we will know that Is Cleanyos Legit?

Before seeing the details and the specifications of the product, let us see What is Cleanyos Com?

What is Cleanyos Com?

It is an online site that offers the users different kinds of cleaners, disinfectants which help them keep their houses safe and clean.

The site provides a wide variety of products such as disinfectants, floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, and wipes under the name “Lysol”. These products, priced at cheaper rates, are delivered all over the United States. The products are sold in a package of 3 or more at an attractive price.

All the products are created, keeping in mind the safety level required and the extent of cleaning that is necessary. The products will help you get a clean floor and, will make it free from germs and viruses. But is Clean Yos Website Legit? Let us solve this query as we proceed further.

What is so unique about Cleanyos Com?

The fact that the website provides its users to get access to buying a lot of products at a single platform. The users feel that the cleaners they buy should have a lot of features and properties that make it highly suitable.

Cleanyos Com Reviews show that users can buy laundry sanitizer, floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaners, disinfectant spray, and clean wipes. These products contain the necessary amount of disinfectants that kill germs and help to provide a clean surface.

The site is known for its fast delivery services. In addition to that, the site is offering a 3-days flash sale, wherein they are providing lucrative discounts.


  • Products: Floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, cleaning wipes, and sprays
  • Website: https://www.cleanyos.com/
  • Email: office@lysolservicebest.com
  • Email Id for Returns: office@customerservicebest.com
  • Address: 2180 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236
  • Contact: +1 (330) 650-3333
  • Processing time: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: 2-3 working days
  • Shipping costs: $30 for purchases below $60; free above $60
  • Returns: Within 90 days
  • Exchanges: applicable within 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Refunds: applicable and takes 5 business days
  • Payments: Online only

Pros of buying from Cleanyos Com:

  • Variety of cleaners available for people in the United States
  • Wipes available at affordable prices
  • Kills viruses and germs with premium quality products
  • Contact details are provided with clarity

Cons of buying from Cleanyos Com:

  • Fake reviews on the site
  • No connectivity with the social sites
  • Trust index is low
  • About us page not shown
  • No Cash-on-delivery option

Is Cleanyos Com Legit?

The site is new and is recently created. The customers should be aware of the site before using it. They should know if the site has a useful trust index or a bad one, and that is it safe to use. If Clean Yos Website Legit?

This information cannot be acquired quickly, and to help the users in this, we provide them the exact information.

The users should go through the specifications, pros, and cons carefully and end up making any decision after that.

Under the category of Cleanyos Com Reviews, we find about the site itself are not genuine and are not worth the trust. Also, the site itself is fake and has fake logos. The customers cannot rely on a web page that offers products with fake reviews and responses.

The lack of social media presence further proves the illegitimacy of the website. The unrealistic prices are bait to attract customers and extract their credit card information.

The site is reviewed and analyzed to help the customers know that the site is not legit. We find that the information present on the site is not valid and correct, and it misleads the customers.

Customer Feedback on Cleanyos Com:

The customers have complained about receiving poor quality products or no products at all. The absence of the “About Us” section raises a few doubts in the minds of the customers, like Is Cleanyos Legit?

Although, on its official website, few customers have reviewed this website and its products positively. They are delighted to receive the cleaning products, and the delivery was quick as well. But the talk of the town is that these reviews are spurious and untrustworthy.

Hopefully, this post clarifies all the doubts about the legitimacy of the site. We would like to say our readers to analyze the site before dealing with it.

Final Verdict

Our analysis of the site in this Cleanyos Com Reviews shows that the site is not a legit store and that it showcases false information. Additionally, it is a recent entry into the market, which seems to be suspicious.

In addition to this, the trust index of the store is very low. Since the site appears to be a scam, buying products from it will lead to the loss of customers. The logos are fake and untrustworthy.

The customers might receive faulty products or, in some cases, do not receive anything. It is better than the customers have an overview before purchase.

Thus, we cannot suggest the site for the purchase of the products. In case you have some shopping experience on this online portal or have a few queries related to the same, you can comment below.

0 thoughts on “Cleanyos Com Reviews [July] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. I used my Paypal account to order $50.00 worth of products. How stupid I am! I have been trying to get in touch with someone/anyone to cancel my order & their phone is not working & their email is invalid. Ughhhhh.

  2. I am glad I checked the reviews. The site looked fake. No information of the site. No about us to contact them. Prices too good to be true, which real some in. I figured I would get fake watered down homemade products with a fake label, if I even got the product at all. It is all FAKE.com!!!
    Glad I researched the site.

  3. Ordered Lysol products on July 8th, 2020 at nite. On 7/9, Tracking info says it was shipped 2 days prior to me ordering (7/6) and delivered 7/9 at 3pm. Even if they were clarovoient and knew l would order it 2 days before l did, there was no delivery. Appears to be a scam.

    1. Mine had said the same I ordered on July 14th and it said on july 11th it was delivered 🤦‍♀️. I ended up doing a chargeback from my bank

  4. Thanks
    I was about to order from them but thought it was too good to be true. So glad I checked before checkout!

    1. Same exact story! I ordered on 7/9 and the USPS tracking code shows the items shipped on 7/5/2020 and delivered to my “mailbox” on the same day as the order. NO shipment was received by me at all and I’m now disputing the charge. Tried repeatedly to contact the company and their phone is just a busy signal, and no response to email.

  5. Do not order from this scammer. That’s all it is!!! Save yourself a hassle! I thought they were legit and got scammed . .

  6. My sister and I purchased tonight before reading your info. Should have realized it was too good to be true. Contacted paypal, etc. To stop payment.

  7. I was just scammed by this company, they submitted a false usps tracking number to be paid by PayPal. I will file a dispute with my credit card. Beware!

  8. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Received an email after placing order that said my items were delivered to my address ,(the order was tracking before even placed!!) More $$ taken from account than invoice said & no response by email. Phone number is busy ALL day.

  9. I thought I was ordering through Walmart-I got confirmation through Cleanyos /PayPal-what sound I do know.

  10. I got scammed I purchased a few items from this site. Once i paid via paypal i got a notice from “seller” with shipping info.. I checked the shipping label and it was for something that was delivered 4 days before I did a purchase. 🙁 I am so bummed.

  11. I ordered from this site and when I got my confirmation regarding my order , I knew than it was a scam , but it was to late they got all my info .

  12. I’m glad I read reviews about companies before I purchase anything. Threw me off a little when I seen that they accept PayPal. Thank you for this report.

  13. Thanks for the information. I believe I was scammed and yet the amount was processed through PayPal.
    I did not receive any product. Can you suggest any way I can get a refund?

  14. Filed BBB report. Ordered $53 of Lysol *very hard to find* products online at http://www.cleanyos.com on 7-14-20, paid via PayPal (merchant was *HANTINGSHAN). Credit Card attached to my PP account was charged $61 on 7-15-20… which caused me suspicion for the additional amount. PayPal activity for this charge shows a (bogus) tracking number that was mailed from Illinois on 7-1-20 (14 days PRIOR to my ordering the Lysol products) and “delivered” on 7-10-20 (again, ‘supposed’ delivery was made PRIOR to my ordering). There was also no contact method attached to the PayPal Seller/Merchant’s name. I received no email confirmation of order (luckily I took a screenshot when the order was finished), and when I tried to sign in to my account on their website (www.cleanyos.com) today (7-15-20), it would not let me sign in, nor could I get an email when I clicked “Forgot Password” link – in effect, I had no account. Submitted PayPal dispute, but it appears from reading others’ complaints regarding this Merchants charges from PayPal, that PayPal does nothing about the charges and allows them as being legitimate. This is NOT a legit business, and they are scamming hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars. Have filed a dispute against the PayPal charge with my credit card company/bank.

    I feel these scammers are taking advantage of people dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and should be punished severely.

    1. Your story of what occurred mirrors mine. I too order $53.08 of merchandise so as to get “free DHL shipping”. My CC was charged 60.00 through Paypal and I received a bogus shipping number. The number was a USPS number for goods that delivered to me 14 days before I even placed my Cleanyos order. So sad we all got taken by these low life crooks.

  15. BE AWARE with this SITE////SPAM and FRAUD SELLER

    I have ordered the Spray and Wipes, It was delivered to wrong address as per the shipping details. BUT IT WAS NEVER DELIVERED…..

    Definitely SPAM/FRAUD……. BE AWARE

  16. I too was scammed through Cleanyos.com. On July 10, 2020. However, I hadn’t received any details of my purchase so a few days later, I submitted a request for refund via PayPal on the grounds, product not received. Today, PayPal refunded my money.

    For those who’ve paid through PayPal, I strongly suggest submitting a request for refund on the grounds of product not received. Be sure to include screenshot details (timestamp as well).

    Thank you PayPal for your due diligence and promptness!

  17. This is NOT a legit business, and they are scamming hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars. Have filed a dispute against the PayPal charge with my credit card company/bank.

  18. Yes it is a scam do not use this site. They will charge you and you never get any products. They suck someone should arrest them or take this site down. I am really angry!

  19. I too made a purchase through PayPal. Just like everyone else, realized it was a scam. PayPal refunded my money within 2 weeks. Lesson learned!

  20. Pay pay not going to do dam thing about it either, they told me they can denying my claim, looking further into the website I did manage to screenshot it and they got me for an additional $60 dollars… The tracking says it was delivered already the next day… Pay pal has disappointed me and I’m done with them as well… Hell they might be working with them..

  21. Please please someone out there shut this website down. They are fake they are a scam and they use PayPal to boot. They also send you USPS tracking information that are real but not for your order. They have fake names the one on my order was Justin Laurence. The shipper was supposed to be from DHL but they send PayPal a fake USPS tracking number. I spent $53.56 on my order and I filed a complaint with PayPal once I realized it was a scam (I discovered it when I checked the USPS tracking number) I got my money back. So stay away from this fake company.

  22. I am so silly. I used this site one evening trying to find some Lysol. I ordered $44 worth of product and used paypal. Now nothing and not even paypal is taking calls for refunds or reversals. I had to get my bank to issue a fraud notice and help me reverse the charge. What a SCAM and even paypal is a joke. Dont use them either if you want my opinion.

  23. I order Lysol 53.98 worth and was charged $60.00 I used PP TRYED TO STOP WAS told to late I found a e mail address in Russia C?C cancelled and stpped payment REAL a$$ holes

  24. They got me as well $60.00 worth! Have not heard from paypal after i sent in a complaint!! Being ripped off by both this company and PAYPAL

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