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Clearshield Mask Reviews [Nov] Is It an Authentic Site?

Clearshield Mask Reviews [Nov] Is It an Authentic Site? >>You are reading a review of a website that provides a face mask for people.  

Since you are reading this article, it may be because you want to buy Clear Shield Masks and from ClearShield.com. And who can blame you, with their specially designed mask, everyone will want to buy it.

However, if you are at this website, and reading this Clear shield Mask Reviews, then it may be possible; you live in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and you are skeptical about the Clear Shield Masks and its ClearShield.com website. 

Look That is obvious, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is skeptical nowadays about things available online.

To clear all concerns and questions you may have about the Clearshield Face Mask and its ClearShield.com website, we created this Clearshield Mask Reviews to give you all the details and specifications. 

So, keep reading this article.

What is ClearShield.com? 

ClearShield.com is an online commerce store. At ClearShield.com, you can buy their Clearshield Face Mask at an affordable rate. This mask is different from the ordinary mask that you find in the marketplace. Clear Shield called their masks – Face shields.

They called it a Face shield because it is more than the standard face masks. It will help you to communicate efficiently with your friends. You can easily see them and hear them. and there will be no face problem left.

If you feel irritated and frustrating while wearing the old cloth mask, then this mask is the best value mask for you. Clearshield Masks are comfortable to use, and you can wear them for a whole day. 

If you live within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, ClearShield.com, deliver your mask to your doorsteps within 14 days.

Specifications of ClearShield.com

  • Type: Ecommerce
  • URL: www.clearshield.health
  • E-mail: care@clearshield.health
  • Contact No.: Not Mentioned
  • Delivery Time: Within !4 days
  • Return policy: returnable within 14-days.
  • Payment Mode: Credit card.
  • Social Media: Not Mentioned.
  • Worldwide shipping: available

Advantages of ClearShield.com

  • It has Email as Customer service.
  • It Has Up-to-date Blogs on health.
  • It has Secure Payment Methods.
  • It has Masks available in Multiple packs.
  • It uses Https Secure Connections
  • It Provides Money-back Guarantee.
  • It has well-written plagiarized contents. 

Disadvantages of ClearShield.com

  • It doesn’t mention social media.
  • It doesn’t not mention contact numbers. It has not multiple payment options.
  • Apart from the website, it has no Clearshield Mask Reviews.
  • Its domain name is registered only four months ago.
  • It is not a popular website.
  • it has no discounts and deals.

Is ClearShield.com legit?

If you look at ClearShield.com, it seems to be the original website. But based on our observation, it doesn’t look like a legit website.

We don’t find any social media presence for this company. and apart from this website, we don’t see any Clearshield Mask Reviews. On top of that, there is no contact information about the company. 

With such factors, this website violates all the rules and regulations that a website needs to be legit.

Thus, this website, without a doubt, a suspicious website.

Clearshield Mask Reviews by the customers:

If you head to ClearShield.com and look for the customer’s reviews, you will find some customer reviews for the masks.

But what are they saying? Do you want to know? 

O.K. here you go… hear what customers are saying on ClearShield.com about their mask: 

One of the customers says – He cannot wear a face mask and worried about going out, but now, when he ordered from this website, it is a godsend gift.

Do you want to hear more? Good. Here is another one: 

one of them was worried that it might offer less protection than a full medical mask. and he didn’t want to use a medical cover because of the supply shortages. But now, as he is in a real crowd, he just put a blue cloth mask over the Clear Shield and ready to go.

The conclusion of ClearShield.com

Based on the observations and research ClearShield.com, we want to say something to you. And that may even shock you!

Listen: what we notice about this website is that you can pick your favorite mask from this website and can place the order, and can pay for the payments. But there is no guarantee that your products will be delivered, and if it is given, it might be in bad condition.

How can I say this? well, it is easy. There are no customer reviews available apart from this website. On top of that, we don’t find any brand authority on the marketplace, which says it is a trustable website.

So, in the end, we want to warn you. Please buy it at your own risk.

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  2. Also, if it is open at the bottom, which I found it very difficult to tell on the website, the mask is inadequate. How can a pre-formed piece of plastic adequately fit everybody? Great idea, but not ready for market yet.

  3. I wanted to order 1 clear shield mask. Before i could tell them i only wanted one, they ordered 10, they took out $169 for 10. I cancelled immediately, but they say i didnt cancel and are sending them to me. I contacted my bank to dispute the order, they are looking into it
    This must be a overseas company. No phone, no contact. I am over 80 yrs old. cannot afford this illegal transaction on their part.
    What to do. I will contacxt the ohio atty general, but usually they do nothing !! What are they in office for??

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