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Clifun com Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide!

Clifun com Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide! -> In this article, you will get to know about the online dress purchasing shop.

Looking to achieve that perfect ‘red carpet’ look for yourself that you desire makes you the ‘centre of attention and appreciation’ and the ‘showstopper of the night’? Something that leaves people in awe of you appreciating your choices that went into achieving that ‘perfect’ look for yourself? If this is what you desire, then look no further than clifun.com, a premier site for women wear. 

Clifun.com, since its inception, has become one of the most trustworthy names in the market. It has become a frontrunner in lists of sites to check out the best dress for a variety of occasions. It has gained a lot of popularity and customers from all around the world like United States, England, France, etc. Customers from all around the world have shown their faith in this site for helping them choose their perfect dress. This article shares more details about the site while putting forth various facts about the company, helping the customer decide is clifun.com a legit site for fulfilling their needs. 

What is Clifun?

Clifun.com is your perfect ‘go-to’ option if you are searching for that perfect wear for a variety of occasions. From owning that perfect party gown for yourself which is sure to make the heads turn and eyes transfixed on you in appreciation to sporting that perfect casual wear in a friends’ get-together, Clifun.com reviews ensure that you are always in possession of that perfect dress! A dress that not only helps you be in sync with the type and mood of the occasion but also be the best amongst the rest! If you are fond of possessing and flaunting a variety of dresses and stop at looking nothing but the best, then Clifun.com is the site for you. 

But often we come across sites that appear to be pretty good in their functionality and ability in the initial stage, only to discover that they were nothing more than scam sites! Then, in such a situation, arises a question in the mind of the customer, is Clifun a legit site? Or is it nothing more than one of those countless sites spread across the entire internet like piranhas, ready to suck the hard-earned money and blood out of the innocent and unsuspecting customers? To extinguish this genuine doubt, let us have a look at some legit facts about the company and its site. 

Specifications of Clifun site 

  • Website – Women dresses – https://www.clifun.com/
  • Contact number – Email – service@clifun.com
  • Address – 
  • Shipping time – 2-5 days, depending upon your geographic location 
  • Delivery time – 5-12 days, depending upon your geographic location 
  • Return policy – Item is qualified for return within 30 days from date of purchase, no questions asked! 
  • Exchange policy – Item is qualified for exchange if returned in original condition within 30 days from date of purchase, no questions asked! 
  • Refund – A refund is issued from the company if the customer is unsatisfied with his purchase and returns it within 30 days from date of purchase. The item should be in its original condition upon receival. By the company. Refund is issued in 3-5 business days after receival of the product
  • Mode of payment – Paypal is the primary mode of payment accepted by the company. It ensures quick and safe transaction and, in turn, quick booking and receival of the product by the customer. Customer can use credit and debit cards for making the payment

Is Clifun worth the money? 

If you are looking for a site which provides you with a wide range of options in a wide range of dresses, then this site is the perfect option for you. 

All the items displayed on the site are of the highest quality, having undergone multiple quality checks by product specialists in the company. Only after a product passes these tests with extremely strict regulations is it qualified to be displayed on the site and put up for sale.

With a wide range of items on display, coupled with assured quality and a wide variety of beautiful designs for the customer to look and choose from, the site definitely looks to be worth your money and time.   

Pros of buying from Clifun store

  • A wide variety of option to look and choose from
  • Site provides dresses of latest and trendy designs 
  • All the items displayed are of the highest order
  • Return and refund policy is easy and ‘customer friendly’ 

Cons of buying from Clifun store 

  • Nothing except the online payment is accepted for placing the order
  • Delivery takes a lot of time if you live in Europe and Asia 

Customer opinion about the site 

The site has garnered a lot of positive attention and appreciation from its customers thanks to its high-quality products and services. Although, it must be noted that the company has not displayed the customer reviews on its site. The sheer wide variety of dresses on offer at the site by the company has made it one of the hot favourites of its customers. Positive factors like high quality and variety of designs in its dresses have worked as an icing on the cake for the company. 

Although there were a few negative reviews, the majority of them have been positive ones.

Final Verdict 

This site acts as the perfect guide and companion for those on a lookout for something trendy and stylish for themselves. The site consists of high-quality dresses with a wide variety on display, making it useful for a large number of people. 

Company has also shared numerous other important details like shipping info, return policy, contact number for its customer, thus adding on to the ‘customer friendly’ factor of the website. The sheer amount of details shared on the site about the company strikes off the ‘scam’ option off the list. 

Therefore, if you are in the mood of buying a trendy and beautiful dress for yourself, this site is for you!

0 thoughts on “Clifun com Reviews [April] Read, Understand, Decide!

  1. I made a order April 14th and it is still being prepared. Wondering when it will at least be shipped out?

  2. I placed an order on accident with this company which was previously called Paleoin. I instantly sent an email per their website within minutes stating that I wanted to cancel this order and to get a full refund via PayPal. I have been fighting with this so called “legit” company for weeks now. I am for sure now convinced that they are a scam company, especially after reading all the Paleoin reviews. I have done everything their website says in order to cancel the order and receive a full refund, which their site claims takes 24hrs… not 2 weeks. They keep emailing me saying that they will give me a $5 coupon if I continue the order, then it was we will send your refund request to the correct department and there should be no issues with refunding your money and now today the latest is we have moved your order to first priority to be sent out if that is okay with you. Today marked the 12th email in a matter of 3 days requesting and confirming that I want a refund NOT the order. I have now filed a claim against them via PayPal and have also contacted by bank who has now sent it to their fraud department. Good Luck to those of you that have already placed an order…. and you might also researching their previous name Paleoin.

  3. I have been waiting over 3 weeks for an order to ship and have heard nothing, I have e-mailed them twice with questions and a third time today on shipping status. I am starting to get a bad feeling.

  4. I placed an order a couple weeks ago and have yet to hear from them about whether my order shipped… starting to get worried. I also tried to track my order and nothing came up. Then I tried emailing them and the stupid verification code kept saying invalid even though I know it wasn’t. I wish I never placed this order.

  5. I ordered from them as well paid extra for it to come faster and still nothing!! Tried tracking my order on their website and said that my order was invalid but I definitely was charged.!

  6. I’ve been waiting over a month for my items.. I’ve emailed y’all 3 times and no one has returned my messages. Starting to feel like y’all stole 70 bucks from a pregnant lady

  7. I made an order. My card was charged twice. I was never sent an email with my order number so I can’t track the package. I also reached out to customer service and am not able to get through. The e-mail bounces back. I am getting a bad feeling and may just dispute the whole thing

  8. Can’t even start with my frustration, all the previous comments agree with what happened to me. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM CLIFUN, HUMANSOLO OR PALEOIN. The epitome of scam.

  9. They charge me two times for same order. They didn’t send any order number and I emailed them but nobody responded.

  10. I have been waiting for over 7 weeks for my items. Considering I am waiting for maternity clothes it is likely that I will not receive them before I even give birth now. Although I get a response, it is always the same thing. Tracking number but the tracking has not been updated since the 14th of May. I am now incredibly angry and it is starting to look like they are a scam website. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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