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{Watch Video} College Brawl Video No Blur: Reveals Shocking Scenes Of The Incident!

Let’s discuss the College Brawl Video No Blur with the Reveals Shocking Scenes from the College.

Did you watch the violent Rosehill College fight video that went viral online? Are you concerned about the safety of children in Malaysia and the United States schools and colleges? If yes, then you should read this post till the end as we have explained all the details associated with this viral video and the measures that authorities have taken or are planning to take for the safety of the children in the educational institution. 

Children’s safety is always one of the main concerns among parents, and this video makes people more worried. However, it would be best to read the College Brawl Video No Blur until the end to know all the details.

What is in the College Brawl Video No Blur?

Recently, a video that shows the conflict among college students went viral on the internet. Earlier, a video was released on the internet where students were seen fighting each other, but it was blurred. Now, the video gets attention on the internet, and this video has clear footage uploaded.

Now, the no-blur, clear footage video shows a flight among the students of Rosehill College. The video clearly shows the flight in which a student hits another student with his backpack. The fight was among the male group in their Rosehill College school uniform. The video Reveals Shocking Scenes, in which students throw bag packs at each other, hit each other with a punch, and throw each other on the ground. In the video, you can easily see the aggression among the students of Rosehill College.

The viral video showcases the reality of the brawl at Rosehill College. Still, it raises some serious questions and concerns among the parents and authorities about the safety of the students. However, there is nothing new, and several fights were reported from Rosehill College earlier. Besides several flights among the students, there were parent quarrels at Rosehill College. 

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Further details about the College Brawl Video No Blur  

The explicit footage of the events has raised many questions among the people, and you can easily see the violent nature of the flight in the unclear video. Besides this, the Black Power gang’s members added fuel to the flight.

People were worried after they saw some of the students cherishing while the flight was going on. The explicit video of the fight has raised questions among the people.

What’s police Reveals Shocking Scenes from the fight?

When the fight started, authorities were not there; the sources suggest police were called to the school at 2:09 pm. Police were called after officers received several complaints about the physical violence among the students. However, police Inspector from the Counties Manukau Police, Tony Wakelin, reported that investigation has begun after the serious clash among the students, and they will report the details soon. However, currently, the video is not available on social media channels, though some website sharing links, but these are dead links.


A recent College Brawl viral video is from Rosehill College in which several students are involved in violent fights with each other. However, the police are investigating the matter and sharing details afterward.

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Disclaimer: All the above information is based on the information we received while searching from internet sources, so we don’t claim any information from our side. However, this post is not for promotional purposes.

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