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Columld com Reviews [July] Is it Scam or Legit Website?

Columld com Reviews [July] Is it Scam or Legit Website? -> In this article, get to know about a store selling piggy banks, solitaire toys, and many more at affordable prices.

Are you interested in buying various toys, adult hats, and lights at just a one-stop store? Move ahead to columld.com. 

The online websites nowadays in the sedentary world is gaining popularity day by day. It is exceptionally convenient to tap on the shopping button, and you can easily order the product in a few seconds. But with the increasing fraudulence, the trustworthiness of every shop store is significant.

The online store always has a rating and reviews section. Therefore Columld com Reviews will help us to know about the experiences of the buyers and help us to understand the durability of the website as well.

With the increasing fraudulence of the online sites in the United States, customer needs to be more aware of the fake websites. They should search for other search engines and analyze its properties carefully.

So though this online store has tempting display pictures and extremely reasonable prices, we will brief you with the main characteristics of the website, and you can find out that whether the site is legit or not?

We will highlight its main features, pros, cons, specifications, and the Columld com Reviews, and then you can make up the mind accordingly. So let’s move forward:

What is Columld.com?

It is an The website has attractive display pictures, and every product has the most cost-effective prices. 

If you look at the home page, it has the variety of Piggy Banks, especially for the ones who are animal lovers who have numerous collections like Vintage, Cast Iron, etc. People who believe in savings can have the best option of keeping money banks or the piggy banks in their homes.  

The money saved can be helpful during difficult times. The Shipping Policies and the return policies are transparent. The Free Shipping is applicable for the orders above $80. However, the Domain of this website is very young. It was created 22 days ago.  

Therefore, the site so young can raise many eyebrows. Let us proceed further to know about its specifications and other characteristics.

Specifications of Columld.com

  • Products: Solitaire Toys, Piggybank, Adult hat, Message Board, Socket Shell, and Lights
  • Email Id:columlds@outlook.com
  • Address: 14551 beechnut St 9102, Houston, Texas, 77083
  • Contact Number: +12513204716
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping duration is between 10-22 days
  • Refund Policy: Product can be returned within 30 days
  • Mode of Payment: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Stripe

Pros of Columld.com

  • The products are at extremely cost-effective prices.
  • The shipping is free over $80 shopping.
  • The return policy is feasible, as one can return a product within 30 days.

Cons of Columld.com

  • The Domain is too young and is just created 22 days ago, which makes its suspicious.
  • The traffic volume is too low because of the lack of popularity of the website.
  • The negative reviews, complaints are claimed by the buyers for not getting the right product, and many of them have not got any product. They are still struggling for the refunds.

Customer Reviews of Columld.com

As mentioned above, the buyers are not at all happy with the shopping store. They bought the product from here, but they had to face a horrible experience. Most of the buyers did not get any product delivered at their doorstep.

Some have complained about the wrong product reaching their homes. They have applied for a refund and are still struggling. 

Thus, the website’s low traffic volume, nil positive reviews, and a bundle of complaints against this website is undoubtedly not a good sign!

The customers are, therefore, not satisfied with this online shopping site. They are, unfortunately, struggling to get back their money. The disappointment of the previous buyers can be seen in their complaints.

Final Verdict

Thus looking at all the characteristics of this website, it can be clearly said that the site is not trustworthy at all. The site is a scam, and people should not buy anything from here. Though the website has a highly tempting display picture of each item, the negative reviews from the previous buyers explain all.

The beautiful and attractive image on this website is just a trap! So it is better not falling prey to such fraud. Low traffic volume, too young Domain, and negative reviews and complaints are all the reasons why this site is not legit. Shopping from here is undoubtedly not recommended. 

0 thoughts on “Columld com Reviews [July] Is it Scam or Legit Website?


  2. +12513204716 Is a Non working number from Alabama
    The address for this company is in Connecticut
    Red flag!!! They get your payment, IP address,
    Bank information, address and full name…
    In return you get robbed blind and hacked. If everyone else is selling a product for $100 to $300
    And you see someone selling the same product for
    $60 it’s a scam!!!!!
    Most scams will have a hint of curry and red dots.

  3. Total scam. My fraud dept called this morning. When I tried to buy something last night it declined payment when I had plenty in the account. Then they tried to use the number at a Chinese online electronics store. DO NOT TRUST!!!

    1. Total scam and after paypal contacted them about the disputed claim they decided to respond to my email and WANTED ME TO SEND THEM A PICTURE OF THE MASKS I RECEIVED SO THEY CAN TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENED! THEY KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT HAPPENED THEY SCAMMED US ALL OUT OF OUR MONEY.

      1. I bought a water slide to and got masks! They said the were sorry they would ship it out immediately then I never got it. Complained again they said it got lost. They offered to ship it again I said no I wanted a refund. Then they said they could only give me $40 back bc of a wrong item fee and shipping. I want all of my money back.

  4. Total scam. Bought a water slide received face masks. Phone number disconnected and address is an apartment complex in Texas. Save your money again total scam. How people can disappoint a child who was waiting patiently for something special. Won’t get money back, but van warn others just click out of site and look else where don’t get ripped off total total scam.

  5. Yep, I was scammed too. I ordered the water slide and got masks in the mail today. What a bummer.

  6. We ordered from Columnld, we ordered a waterslide and received face masks. This website is a total scam!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!!!

    1. I ordered the bonzai hydro Waterpark.. They gave me a tracking number in the beginning and it stopped at China somewhere. Then they gave me another tracking site to use with the same tracking number and I watched it the last 20 days and finally it said “delivered in mailbox”.. After talking with my postal service they told me that the supervisor said it has never even left China, which afterwards made me wander “so it does exist? It just hasn’t left China” but now after seeing the posts and reviews here it sounds like I might have a mask held up in China lol

  7. Same here, Banzai Hydro Blast Inflatable Water Park with Slides & Water Cannons on July 2 and got 10 disposable masks today.

  8. We also ordered the Banzai Hydro Blast Inflatable Water Park and received 8 masks. The company listed on my credit card statement is FUNKITTENKIT. My bank contacted them when I disputed the charge but the scammers wrote back and proved I had received the delivery July 25, 2020. However the scammers wrote that I had received a Knit Rubber Chicken Wine Cozy. Totally false, but the bank doesn’t believe me. I wrote the scammers and they want to negotiate the amount that they supposedly would refund me.

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