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Combin vs. Aigrow {Jan 2022} What’s a Better Instagram Marketing

Combin vs. Aigrow {Jan 2022} What’s a Better Instagram Marketing >> To gain engagement on Instagram is a very daunting task. With time, new creators and big brands with highly-skilled professionals making their presence felt on the platform, getting quality and organic engagement on Instagram is more challenging than ever. Managing content creation, marketing, and constantly trying new tricks and tips to gain followers on Instagram for a single person can be very exhausting without any help.

It is under these circumstances that an Instagram growth service comes into the picture. An Instagram growth service can help users get real followers in a lesser time. With so many Instagram growth services and Instagram marketing services, you don’t have to worry about getting more followers but focus on creating quality content.

Many sites claim to be the best sites to buy Instagram followers, explore their features and make the right choice for your brand and yourself. Taking your time to explore these popular Instagram marketing services will allow you to experience organic growth and engagement. Below is a comparison between two such concerns to help you make the right decision. 

What do they offer: When deciding upon which Instagram growth services and Influencer marketing services to explore to grow and get better engagement, it is crucial to understand what the platform claims to offer. Instagram growth service Combin offers attraction and management of Instagram audience. Combin is a desktop tool, and you can choose the profiles and posts you want to engage with. Combine works at an average pace and offers advanced filters to optimize your targeting. 

AiGrow, on the other hand, offers to help you grow your following with artificial intelligence. For example, the service will like potential followers’ posts on your behalf and follow and unfollow accounts. In addition, you get the ability to hyper-target the types of users you want and can control the speed at which AiGrow takes actions.

Signup and Setup: An ideal platform to help creators and Instagram users is the one that does not ask the user to go through complicated steps and perform countless verifications and other processes. The signup and setup process of AiGrow is pretty simple and straightforward. Like any standard registration, users need to enter their name, email address, and password. After that, users can click on the free trial button and then continue with providing signup credentials. The platform does not require email verification and is available in English, Spanish, and French.

Combine, on the other hand, is more complex than AiGrow. First, you need to go through email verification, agree with their policy, and download the desktop platform. The platform is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

Connecting Instagram account: Once you have signup with any of the platforms, you must connect your Instagram account with the platform. With AiGrow, you have to go to the dashboard, click on Add Instagram Account, and connect the account to the platform with your account credentials. You can enter your username and password and start organic engagement in a few clicks. With AiGrow, you can connect multiple Instagram accounts to AiGrow’s dashboard. Combin, on the other hand, supports two-factor authentication. Once you enter your username and password, you can see your posts, followers, and followings.

Price: Combin offers different packages to its users. Users can go ahead with Combin’s free trial and later upgrade to a Personal plan at $15/month or a Business plan at $30/month. AiGrow, too, offers a free program for its new users. After the trial gets over, users can then start by selecting various packages provided by the platform. These start from $75/month for 300+ new followers each month and can go up to $100/month for a period of 3 months for getting 1500-2000 new followers every month. For $150/month, users can get a dedicated account manager as well.

Customer help and service: The success of every platform lies in high-quality service/products and customer satisfaction. Both the platforms I question are dedicated to addressing any grievances that their user might have. With a detailed FAQ section, both the apps offer various ind=sight to the users. However, with AiGrow, users can ask their questions via chat and email.

Target audience and network: With AiGrow, you can automatically like, follows, unfollows, comment, and DMs on real channels on your behalf to drive organic traffic and gain engagement on Instagram. With AiGrow, you gain the kind of audience you need and do not waste time and energy targeting unnecessary people. You can target the right audience by using location, hashtags, influencer accounts, and usernames. In addition, combine allows users to connect with people with similar niches through post search using location and hashtags.

Engagement Groups:  AiGrow also provides you with an opportunity to join over 300 engagement groups completely free of cost, which will allow users to get more likes and comments on new posts. Such a feature is not offered by Combin yet.

After going through the features of the best sites to buy Instagram followers above, we can conclude that Combin is excellent for managing your Instagram page through a desktop app where you can follow, unfollow, Like, and comment with the platform’s help.

Users can like, comment and follow and unfollow a group of people at once. The platform is helpful and saves a lot of time for users. On the other hand, AiGrow is a fully functional platform with an array of unique and powerful features ideal for the growth of your Instagram page. With AiGrow’s features and AI capabilities, users can use this easy-to-use platform to gain engagement on Instagram.

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