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4 Ways to Combine Files Into One PDF

Do you find it chaotic to manage multiple PDF files on your PC or MacBook? If you have multiple PDFs related to your same subject or class notes, you may find it challenging to locate them separately. Moreover, there will be a chance that you may lose any of your PDF files on your system. Thus, to prevent this confusion, you can combine your PDF files using different solutions. 

By reading this article, you can learn about a professional PDF editor known as Wondershare PDFelement. Using this powerful tool, you can easily combine your PDFs without any restrictions. 

Part 1: Overview of the Best PDF Combiner Available in the Market

PDFelement is known for its versatility as it comprises various distinct features. It does not come up with any sort of restrictions, as you can run this software on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms. Using this desktop software, you can perform basic and advanced editing on your PDF files. For example, you can add annotations by inserting comments, suggestions, and text boxes on your PDF files.

Also, you can use a highlighter or pencil to highlight the important content on your PDF. Furthermore, you can do batch processing through this tool to increase your work efficiency. For instance, you can create, convert, and compress various PDF files simultaneously without any inconvenience. Hence, it’s a complete toolbox to manage and edit PDF files in a comfortable environment. 

Part 2: 4 Ways to Combine Files Into One PDF 

Are you ready to combine PDF files into a single one? In this section, we will bring you four different solutions that can assist you in combining PDF files flawlessly. 

Solution 1: Combine PDFs into One

If you want to send or share PDF files of a particular topic or subject, you can combine them into a single PDF. By doing so, you can rearrange the PDF files according to a specific order easily. Moreover, by forming a single PDF file, you can share and send it with great ease. It will save you from the hassle of sending and sharing multiple files repeatedly. 

Furthermore, you can add modifications and changes to your combined PDF file conveniently. You can perform all these functions efficiently through PDFelement. 

Solution 2: Combine Images into a PDF

If you have multiple scattered images in your computer of different formats, such as JPG, TIFF, or PNG, you can combine them into a single PDF file. Using PDFelement, you can easily drag and drop all the images to form a PDF file. Apart from combining all the images into a PDF, you can also apply OCR to them to execute editing proficiently. Thus, with a few clicks, you can make a neat and well-structured PDF file of your multiple images. 

Solution 3: Convert and Merge Different Files

If you have made a research paper in Word and jotted down the calculations in an Excel file, you can merge all of the data into a PDF file. By using the Combine PDF feature, you can easily share all of your research paper’s data with your instructor through a single PDF file. 

By using this PDF filler, you can combine Image, Word, Excel, and PPT files efficiently into a PDF file. Thus, the tool will automatically convert each image or Office file into a PDF format without complications. 

Solution 4: Merge and Compress PDF

If you have combined tons of your files into a single PDF file, it will eventually increase the file size. The reason for the large file size can be high-resolution images and illustrations. So, if you want to clear some of the storage space on your PC or MacBook, you can use the Compress feature of PDFelement. 

The compress feature of this PDF editor optimizes the quality of your PDF files while reducing the file size. It offers three compression modes: High, Medium, and Low. You can select your preferred compression mode to choose the best quality for your PDF file while minimizing the file size. Also, you can batch-compress multiple PDF files at the same time to save your precious time.

Part 3: Other Functions of Our Recommended PDF Combiner 

PDFelement is not an ordinary PDF editor, as you can discover various significant functions in it. To learn about other helpful functions of PDFelement, check the following section:

1. Organize PDFs

If you want to rearrange your PDF pages, you can utilize the organizing feature of PDFelement. You can drag and drop the thumbnails of your PDF pages to arrange them in a particular order. Apart from rearranging, you can also delete, rotate, and add PDF pages using the “Page” tool.

2. Convert PDFs

PDFelement is capable of converting to and from office formats, images, and webpages easily. Using the “Convert” option, you can convert your PDF file to Word, PPT, Excel, Images, etc. Moreover, you can also convert your PDF file into other popular formats using this software easily. Thus, you should try the convert feature of PDFelement to convert your file into the preferred format while preserving the original formatting.

3. OCR Scanned PDFs

The OCR feature of PDFelement can work efficiently on scanned PDF files. To make edits to your scanned PDF files or images, you can apply the OCR feature. It uses proficient text recognition technology that can help you to make changes to your scanned file instantly. Moreover, it supports more than 20 languages to offer users great diversity.

4. Fillable PDF Forms

Using PDFelement, you can also create PDF forms to conduct surveys, calculate data, or do any other function. It also offers various PDF form templates that you can use according to your main purpose. You can also take help by utilizing the “Recognize Form” option. Through this option, you can make your PDF form interactive. Moreover, this tool can also function as a PDF filler to fill both non-interactive and fillable forms.

5. Sign PDFs

To add customization to your PDFs, you can use PDFelement to sign the PDF files easily. You can add handwritten signatures to your PDFs by uploading, typing, or drawing the sign. With this PDF editor, you can also add a digital signature to your PDF files or forms for professional usage. Thus, PDFelement provides a great way to secure your PDF files by adding signatures with a few clicks. 

6. Edit and Annotate PDFs 

When it comes to the editing features of PDFelement, it will never disappoint you. You can add, delete, and change the text content on your PDF file efficiently. Moreover, you can insert high-quality images on your file using this software. Furthermore, you can highlight the important content in your PDFs by taking help from the annotating options. You can also add text boxes or shapes to your PDFs with a single tap. 

Part 4: Verdict 

If you want a toolkit software for your PDFs that provides stable and optimized performance, PDFelement can be the safest choice. It consists of all the basic functions that can help you edit, organize, convert, and combine PDF files. 

Moreover, you can also use advanced functions such as OCR to make your scanned PDFs editable or searchable. It has a friendly interface that ensures to provide you a comfortable and secure environment. From its main interface, you can easily navigate to its features without any difficulty. Thus, PDFelement is the most reliable PDF editor that can help you in performing all the functions related to PDFs comfortably. 

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