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5 Questions to Ask While Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

A carpet is one of the most expensive investments in your home or office space. Thus, when you spend so much money buying it, maintaining it properly becomes your responsibility. Nothing beats a commercial carpet cleaning service when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning is done by certified professionals that take care of all ways and means while cleaning your rug effectively. From using a commercial carpet cleaning machine to making the most of the many carpet-cleaning techniques, professional carpet cleaning pays attention to everything.

Although every commercial carpet cleaning service performs its task well, it is vital to ask a few questions to make an efficient choice. Wondering what questions to ask while hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service?

We have got you covered.

What Kind of Cleaning Products do you Use?

Cleaning products come in an array of choices. Some of them are laden with chemicals, while others are not. Using the wrong carpet cleaning products and chemicals may affect your carpet in many ways, such as discolouring or damaging its quality.

It is vital to find out what products a professional carpet service uses to clean your rug. Make it a point to ask if they use a bar of soap or detergent while cleaning the carpet. Technically, both these products leave residue, thus making your carpet get dirtier faster than ever. A liquid professional carpet cleaner or an organic carpet cleaner makes the best choices for carpet cleaning.

What Method Will you Use to Clean the Carpet?

Similar to wrong products, using the wrong method to clean the commercial carpet may also result in lasting damage. Some carpets get cleaned better with wet methods like steam cleaning or hot water extraction. But for others, using a commercial carpet cleaning machine and a cleaner works better.

Dry powder cleaning suits some materials, while wet cleaning is for others. No matter their method, a professional cleaner should always vacuum the carpet before cleaning. Proper vacuuming helps remove dirt and debris, thus offering an effective deep cleaning to your dirty carpet.

What are your Years of Experience?

It is an essential question to ask when hiring a carpet cleaning service. The years of professional service experience define their expertise and quality of work. Thus, do not hesitate to ask this question.

You can ask it directly or check their website to see how long they have been in the business. When you explore their official website, check out their certifications. Read all the reviews and testimonials in detail to learn about their quality of work.

How Much do you Charge to Clean the Carpet?

After commercial carpet washing is complete, a surprise bill for the carpet cleaning shall be the last thing you want. A true professional should be able to give you the right estimate before performing any service. Thus, do not hesitate to ask for the money that their service charges and do this before you hire them.

Taking a quote or estimate from them will help you make the right decision. If the carpet cleaning service costs a fortune, you can ditch them and look for another. Do not stick to only one platform while seeking services. Compare two or more services, ask them for quotations, and then make the right choice.

Do you Offer a Guarantee?

Last but not least, ask if the professional carpet cleaning service offers a guarantee or not. They will offer you a satisfaction guarantee if they are legit and professional. It ensures that if you are unhappy with their work or services, they will either fix it or provide you with a refund.


The above-listed questions will ensure that you choose the right carpet cleaning service to clean your rug. Thus, why wait? Start your hunt.

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