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The Complete Guide on ComPTIA Security+ Certification!

The CompTIA Security+ is one of the most sought-after exams that evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic security concepts and best practices. Anyone who wants to establish a career in IT security is welcome to apply for this certification.

This is known as the entry-level certification, though it is not that easy to pass. You need the top learning resources and CompTIA Security+ practice test to pass this exam in just one attempt. 

What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

CompTIA Security+ is a renowned vendor-neutral certification in the IT sector. It is offered by the non-profit trade association CompTIA. It equips people with the knowledge and abilities needed to pursue any of the several professional job opportunities in cybersecurity. 

You can take this certification exam in person or online at authorized test centers. To pass this 90-minute exam, you must receive a passing grade of 750 out of 900. Before pursuing for higher-level certifications, IT experts should have the basic cybersecurity abilities covered by CompTIA Security+.

What does the CompTIA Security+ exam cover?

The CompTIA Security+ is the most widely-used certification for professionals for several good reasons. It mainly focuses on six main domains. The following is a list of the domains and topics covered on the test:

  • Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities:  This includes newer denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, social engineering attacks, and vulnerabilities that are seen in the internet of things (IoT) and embedded devices.
  • Architecture and design: Expect to focus on hybrid, cloud, and enterprise environments.
  • Implementation: This field includes topics like end-to-end security, cryptography, identity and access management, and public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Operations and incident response:  In this section, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your understanding of incident response processes, including security controls, threat detection, risk mitigation, and digital forensics.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance:  This domain focus on a few important risk and compliance regulations, such as SOC, GDPR, FISMA, HIPPA, and PCI-DSS.

How many questions will be there on the CompTIA Security+ exam?

There are mainly two types of questions on the most recent Security+ exam: common multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions (PBQs). PBQs test your ability to deal with security challenges in a real-world situation; you might be asked to deploy and configure a firewall or set up a wireless network, for example.

PBQs usually appear at the beginning of the test. If you run into trouble answering a question, you can mark it for later review and come back to it if you have spare time. All of your work will be saved. It’s a good idea to answer as much of the PBQ as you are able to because some of them may only give you partial credit. Take as many Security + practice tests as you can before the test to have a better idea of what to expect.

What Jobs can you get with the CompTIA Security+ certification?

This certification offers various job roles for the candidates. Some of the main job roles are: 

  • Security engineer/analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Help desk manager
  • Software Developer
  • SOC analyst
  • Vulnerability analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Cyber threat hunter
  • Systems administrator
  • IT auditor
  • Information security manager
  • IT project manager

How can you prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam

There are various methods for getting ready for the Security+ exam. Depending on your prior experience, current knowledge, and learning style, you can pick how you want to prepare. Here are some of the options to consider: 

  • Make a study plan: 

Create a successful study plan to ace the exam. Make sure to thoroughly plan your studies by making a step-by-step list of the subjects you’ll study one at a time. In the days before the exam, keep picking up new subjects and filling in more and more knowledge. 

  • CompTIA Security+ practice tests: 

Although passing this certification is challenging, you can succeed with the right strategies and practice tests. By obtaining the best Security+ practice test from the best online resource, you may increase your chances of passing the Security+ certification.

By taking the practice test, you may determine what subjects you might need to review more thoroughly while also getting a sense of what the real test will be like. Additionally, this might help you relax on test day.

  • Use the right strategies during the test

Here are some helpful strategies or tips for how to approach the test questions: 

  • Leave the question you’re not confident about
  • Read the test questions thoroughly
  • Focus more on performance-based questions.
  • Be aware of the time
  • Remember, there is no reason to panic

Bottom Line

If you’re also preparing for this certification and looking for the best security + practice test online, get in touch with CertBlaster® now. We provide the latest and high-performance practice test for different CompTIA certifications. To know more, explore our website now. 

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