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Concert the Gen Hoshino {June 2022} Read For Details!

This article gives complete information about Concert the Gen Hoshino and how fans can benefit from it.

Did you know that the concert for Gen Hoshino started just a few days after the beginning of the Fortnite series, Season 3, Chapter 3, to commemorate the takeoff of the latest season? Here, an optional challenge can be completed by players to get the Gen Hoshino coin. In addition, they can unlock 40,000 XP as well.

The concert is even more popular in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. After watching the concert, the players are also entitled to get a Soundwave series-Gen Hoshino Spray.

To know more about Concert the Gen Hoshino, keep reading!

What is the Gen Hoshino concert?

The return of the Soundwave series via a virtual concert featuring the iconic musician Gen Hoshino will fill people with a lot of excitement.

People who might have missed the concert of Gen Hoshino can enjoy it as the concert will be on air for 72 hours. The starting date of the concert is June 9 June 2022, and it will continue till June 12 June 2022. Furthermore, watching the concert in PIP mode is available. Finally, the show ended beautifully, and the players enjoyed it thoroughly.

What is the Gen Hoshino Fortnite Coin?

Gen Hoshino is invited to deliver a soulful rendition before the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3. His award-winning album Pop Virus includes Koi, one of the best songs on Hai’s featured setlist. Also, comedy is his chart-buster song, which will also be performed at this event.

After completing the optional challenge, players are eligible to get a Gen Hoshino coin and unlock XP.

The 3D labs’ developer team will curate the mini-event. The interactive experience offered at Hoshino positions players in a space that changes activities, color, and scenery according to their mood. Fans will surely get to see a lot during the mini-event duration.

After reading about Concert the Gen Hoshino and Gen Hoshino Fortnite Coin, let’s deep dive into the characteristics of the Soundwave Series.

Features of Soundwave Series:

Every performance in the series has a special and interactive blend of experiences made by the creative team of Fortnite. The team has designed the latest set to set the mood, from cherry blossoms to neon lights at 3D labs.

How to take this gaming experience?

To attend Concert the Gen Hoshino event, Loopers can join through the Soundwave series. In Creative, you can use the Island Code “6831-7094-7130” to discover Gen Hoshino’s tile. The concert will be reprised non-stop for a full 3 days so that we can enjoy music and grasp some Soundwave Series and XP.


After completing the mini-event, the players earn a few experience points and the Gen Hoshino Spray of the Soundwave series. Unfortunately, the prize will only be limited to the mini-event and is non-purchasable from the item shop.

Concert the Gen Hoshino is a wonderful event that features Gen Hoshino and fills the fans with great enthusiasm.

To know more about this event, keep reading!

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