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How To Convert 2D Videos To 3D Videos in 2023

Videos have always been our only way to relive our unforgettable moments. Watching regular or 2D videos has always felt like something is lacking. They don’t feel very realistic and connected to us. 3D videos, on the hand, allow you to watch a video as if you are part of it. It means you need to find a great 3D video converter to turn your 2D videos into something truly enjoyable. 

Many great video converters are available to turn your 2D videos into 3D in minutes. Read this article in detail to the end to learn about the best available tools for converting 2D videos.

Part 1: What is Ani3D?

When looking for a video converter to convert your 2D videos to 3D, it is important to find the right tool. The tool should be able to properly convert your video to a 3D video, not a horror show of broken pixels, vectors, and glitches. It is also important to see that the tool allows you to get a 3D video that doesn’t require VR glasses.

Our recommendation for is best 3D video converter is Ani3D. It is a dedicated 3D video tool that allows you to convert your 2D video to 3D in two modes. You can either convert your video to Split Depth 3D, watchable by the naked eye, or VR 3D Video, which requires VR glasses or a headset. It also allows you to adjust the ratio of the newly converted 3D video.

Part 2: The Dynamic and User-Friendly Interface of Ani3D

Ani3D is a dedicated video converter for converting 2D videos to 3D. The tool interface is designed to help the user during the video conversion process. It is simple, and all the options required for video conversion are on the main screen. The interface’s background is dark, so nothing distracts you during the process. It allows you to preview your converted files before exporting them. 

The preview screen can be adjusted to your needs. You can also save time and effort by adding multiple files simultaneously to convert them to 3D. Its simple and dynamic interface and extremely fast processing make it an ideal tool for 3D video conversion.

The Dynamic and User-Friendly Interface of Ani3D

Part 3: How to Convert 2D Videos to 3D Videos with Ani3D

The procedure requires to convert 2D videos to 3D videos is very simple and fast. It is an AI-Powered 3D video converter that does not require manual input during conversion apart from uploading the files. You can follow the three steps given below to convert your 2D videos to 3D videos:

Step 1: Launch Ani3D and Upload Videos

Open the Ani3D app on your system and add your 2D videos using the “Add Files” button. Once the files are uploaded, choose the 3D video type.

Launch Ani3D and Upload Videos

Step 2: Choose the Type of 3D Video

You can choose between Split Depth 3D and VR 3D videos. Once selected, you can see a preview of the newly converted video by clicking on the “Preview” button. Next, press “Export” to fully convert the 2D videos to 3D videos.

Choose the Type of 3D Video

Step 3: Convert Your 2D Videos to 3D Videos

After pressing “Export,” a window will appear where you need to define parameters like location, format, resolution, bitrate, and frame rate. When defined, press “Export” to start the 3D video conversion.

Convert Your 2D Videos to 3D Videos

Part 4: How to Convert 2D Videos to 3D Videos with UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is another video converter that can be used to convert your 2D videos to 3D videos. It is a complete video toolbox that allows you to edit, play, burn, record, merge, and compress video files. The conversion feature of UniConverter allows you to easily convert your videos to 3D and multiple other formats using a quick and simple process.

You will need to first download and install it on your Windows or Mac device. After that, follow the provided steps to convert your 2D videos to 3D videos in UniConverter below:

Step 1: Navigate to Converter Tab is UniConverter

After launching UniConverter, click on “Converter” to open the conversion tool. Now load your 2D videos on the tool by using “Add Files” or dragging them to the screen. 

Navigate to Converter Tab is UniConverter

Step 2: Define the Required Parameters for Conversion

Once the 2D videos have been loaded, define the necessary parameters. In the “Output Format,” choose your desired format and select 3D as the video quality. Provide the location to save the converted files and enable merge if you want to merge the files.

Define the Required Parameters for Conversion

Step 3: Complete the 2D Videos to 3D Videos Conversion Process

When you have selected all the required parameters, press “Start All” if there are multiple files or tap “Convert” when converting a single file. After completing the process, you can view your converted files in the “Finished” tab.

Complete the 2D Videos to 3D Videos Conversion Process

Part 5: Other Amazing Functions of UniConverter – A Complete Video Toolbox

As mentioned above, UniConverter is a complete toolbox for video and audio files. It allows you to use multiple tools to enhance your video and audio files. A few of the amazing tools offered by UniConverter are summarized below:

  • Vocal Remover: You can use this tool to easily remove vocals from audio and videos to get the music file only. It means you no longer need to find songs for karaoke or ringtones. Select any of your favorite songs and get its instrumental version with a few clicks.
  • Voice Changer: Do you need to change the voice in your videos? It allows you to change the voice to the voice of a male, female, baby, robot, or transformer. You can easily protect your identity if you need to share your files online.
  • Noise Remover: If you have a video or audio which contains too much background noise, you can use this tool to remove it easily. You can remove background noises like echo, humming, wind, hissing, static, rain, etc., from your videos and audio.
  • Compress Video/Audio: The size of video files becomes problematic when storing them on handheld devices or sharing them online. By using this tool, you can easily compress video and audio files in over 1000 formats. It fully maintains the quality and integrity of your media files.
  • Edit Video/Audio: It allows you to edit your video and audio files to customize them for your needs. You can easily crop or trim videos and adjust the audio. If required, you can also add watermarks or subtitles to your videos.


The ability to convert videos to 3D format has allowed us to enjoy our favorite videos at a whole different level. It means the memories are more enjoyable, and our favorite movies and shows are now more immersive. If you have videos that you want to convert, Ani3D is the best 3D video converter. You can further enhance your favorite videos through a wide range of tools available in Wondershare UniConverter.

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