Cook and Becker Afk Arena (Dec) The Recent Updates!

This topic is about Cook and Becker Afk Arena to help you know about the details of this amazing book and bonuses and discounts offered on pre-orders.

Are you crazy about Afk Arena from Cook and Becker? AFK Arena is an epic fantasy role-playing game for portable devices created by Lilith Games, a Chinese development studio.

Many users from Germany, France, the United States, and other parts of the world are consistently exploring Afk Arena to know interesting facts.

This guide will help them find more about Cook and Becker Afk Arena. So, let’s read more about Cook and Becker’s creation.

What are Cook and Becker?

Cook & Becker is a digital art gallery based in the Netherlands specializing in concept art, video games, and visual art.

The firm, founded in 2011, is recognized for art books and fine art prints based on well-known video games such as kami, The Last of Us, Mass Effect, and Journey.

It was created in 2011 by Ruben Brands and Maarten brothers to give video game artists an even more vital position in the contemporary art world. Video game artists form a large part of contemporary digital art and culture.

Permissions to Cook and Becker Afk Arena:

Cook and Becker have obtained permission to print Dark Souls, Bioshock: Infinite, Battlefield, Destiny, kami, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Mass Effect, and The Witcher, among other popular videogames.

The game’s combination of turn-based RPG and idle RPG features, and its artistic visuals and attractiveness, has made it a hit with players.

What is the gameplay for Afk Arena?

The gameplay is set in Esperia, a fantasy world full of catastrophe and violence. 

This universe is home to a broad range of intelligent species and cultures. These Cook and Becker Afk Arena people are all members of various unions and factions, and they are continuously at odds over philosophies and views.

The ties of death and life, the star-crossed fates of mortals and gods, and battles with evil forces prepared the way for the rich stories of this realm. 

What distinguishes AFK Arena from others?

AFK Arena distinguishes itself from other narrative-driven videogames by emphasizing the characters’ point of view, narrating stories of the world from diverse perspectives, and painstakingly and thoroughly fleshing out the realm and its several valiant heroes.

Is there a bonus on pre-orders?

Those who want to pre-order Cook and Becker Afk Arena book before January 20, 2022, would get a code and a discount. It would unlock a special Game Bundle, which includes a new and an exclusive Avatar Frame: The Divine Gift and a Rosaline Skin: The Lost Dreamer. 

This one-of-a-kind Game Bundle will only be offered to buyers of AFK Arena artbook pre-orders, and it will be mailed along with the book when it ships.

From January 20, 2022, pre-orders would cost 69.95 USD/ €61.95 with a special game bundle. For those who order after March 20, 2022, the cost would be 69.95 USD/ €61.95, and the books would not include the exclusive game package.

Final Verdict:

The newly launched Art Book, Cook and Becker Afk Arena, comes with two exquisitely designed art books housed in a luxurious tape finished in a royal satin white. 

About 560 pages of Asperia history are spread among the two books. With a special game bundle, pre-orders will cost 64.95 USD/ €56.95 before January 20, 2022.

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