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Cooldown Aut {Sep 2021} What Are The Newest Updates?

This article elaborates on Cooldown Aut and all the related updates that were recently introduced in the game.

Have you recently been noticing many updates and modifications happening in Aut? Do you want to know whether the cooldown feature remains the same, or has that been changed? If it has been changed, then how? If you are looking for these answers, you can go through our article about Cooldown Aut today to find out the latest updates!

A game like Aut has made its mark all over the world, and users from the Philippines, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Brazil are curious to know about the happenings of this game!

About Aut:

Aut, which stands for A Universal Time, is a Roblox JoJo game. It was created by the Universal Time Studio and launched in 2018. Since then, it has gained over 221.4 million visits, with its unique gameplay, inspired by many anime series, shows and popular games, but it is mainly based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Features like Cooldown Aut and many others were changed due to its latest update on 9th September 2021.

More about Cooldown in Aut:

Here is a list of cooldowns for each character and move in the latest Aut update:

  • The Cooldown of The World Over Heaven’s Ground strike increased to 20.
  • The World’s Barrage cooldown also increased by 6.
  • Cooldown increased for The World: Over Heaven Time stop.
  • There is now an additional spawn cooldown for the awakening of SPTW.
  • Killua’s Thunderbolt cooldown is now 10, but it used to be 8.
  • 20 extra seconds have been added to the cooldowns of both Killua modes.
  • The Cooldown Aut of Goku on UI and MUI increased.
  • The cooldown increased for the C-Moon stand barrage too.
  • Cooldown of Tusks Switch acts reduced to 1 second as it was 2.5 seconds.
  • The cooldown of Tusk Act 4 Rotational Guidance is now 12.25, but it was 10.
  • Heal cooldown of X-Chara has been reduced from 30 to 18 seconds.
  • Reaper’s Soul Embodiment and Reaper’s Lost Soul cooldown increased as well.
  • increased heavilyBad Time move of Sans cooldown, and it can no longer be blocked.
  • Sans’s Counter cooldown also increased.
  • The Bait move of Sans comes out a bit faster, and the cooldown is also reduced.

Most significant update of Cooldown Aut!

There is finally an update in Aut, which fans have been waiting for since quite long. Aut has finally launched a new game mode for limited time gameplay, and there are no cooldowns in this mode! Gamers are incredibly thrilled to play this and have put out live streams talking about this new mode’s fun. Viewers in the comment section tend to agree as well!


Our final verdict is that Aut has come up with the best update in a long time, with new balances, fixed stands and specs, new voice lines and animations, added Killua and the No Cooldown Aut Limited Game Mode. If you are excited to experience all this, you should try out this update and tell us your thoughts in the comments below, but do beware that Not All Robux Generators Are Safe

You can learn more about Aut by clicking here.

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