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Coronam website Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit?

Coronam website Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit? -> Here you get to know about the authenticity of a website dealing with amazing kitchen accessories at jawdropping prices.

Are you looking for a kitchen accessories brand in the United States which will offer quite a few variants of food covers to meet different needs in the kitchen and dining table? Covering food on the table is the right way to take care of your family’s good health, including yourself. 

It helps you protect your food laid out on the table from unwanted insects like flies and other pests. The food cover products offered by Coronam should ideally solve this problem of protecting your food from the flies. 

As part of the Coronam website Reviews, this article takes a closer look at the website to help customers know better. However, it’s equally important to know Is Coronam.website legit?

What is the Coronam website?

It offers food covers made of kitchen mesh as well as kitchen insulation aluminum foil, and these are designed to cover different types of utensils in the kitchen. The different food covers offered by Coronam have varying specifications and certifications. 

Some other products have very little to show in terms of specifications or certifications These insect cages are priced higher than the kitchen folders, but they offer almost no specifications or certifications. 

This lack of details would not go down well with the customers because they would want to be sure about what they are investing in and whether it offers any value. 


  • The Coronam website offers shipping details on a page dedicated to it. 
  • It claims to use USPS Express to ship consignments and also states the three countries where it doesn’t ship – Russia, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  • Aside from food covers, Coronam also offers insect cages of varying sizes and dimensions for those interested in breeding butterflies.
  • One product category, Gauze Umbrella 80/60 cm Food Cover Picnic, has something written in Chinese but interestingly, it also has a US FDA certification 

Is Coronam website legit? 

The Coronam website is “Potentially Legit.” Still, it also mentions that “The site is too new and we don’t have enough details.” 

The Google Safe Browsing Status mentions “No unsafe content found,” and this means that the Coronam website, in its current shape, isn’t giving out misleading information. 

Coronam website reviews say it would be too early to conclude that this website is completely safe for customers. 

Coronam website pros:

The Coronam website does offer a good deal of information about the business and their whereabouts, and they seem to have taken care of certain basic features that most reviewers verify without fail. 

  • This website has embedded the much-needed SSL protocol wherein you can see the padlock icon on the browser. 
  • The website gives all the necessary contact details like a phone number, email address, office address, and even a contact person’s name. 
  • The website has elaborately stated all the terms and conditions under which it functions, but customers may not find some of these T&Cs agreeable. 
  • The website offers a detailed privacy policy to assure customers that it respects their privacy and will not compromise their data. 
  • The website has a detailed FAQ page where it has provided answers to a set of likely questions that customers may ask about its products and services. 
  • The website has a Returns Policy, too, and details of such policy are provided in the page dedicated to returns along with the contact details of the returns address. 

Coronam website cons:

  • Customers won’t be comfortable with the inconsistency in features, specifications, and certifications of the products.
  • Coronam website Reviews on YouTube show that the Coronam office address is in an unlikely residential location and it could be a fake address. 
  • The YouTube video also referred to an offer in the Coronam website of a 16 Cu. Ft frost-free freezer for just $ 99.99. This too good to be true along with free shipping that the site currently offers. 
  • The website shows the PayPal logo at the footer of every page, but that logo isn’t linked to the PayPal website. This raises a question in the mind of customers. 
  • If the website allows payment via PayPal, it should provide the necessary links and navigation, or at least some mention of it somewhere.  

Customer reviews 

There are no customer reviews for any of the listed products on the website as yet. It’s quite likely that the website still a long way from receiving enough traffic for conversions.  


It’s a little too early to judge this website, but Coronam website Reviews will continue to keep a close eye on it. At this point, the website may not have had any transactions, and hence there’s no feedback on how it has treated its customers as yet.

 However, the Chinese connection is a little too obvious, and that could raise questions in the minds of many customers, especially in the current situation. 

If the website claims to offer PayPal as a mode of payment, it should make the necessary links and navigation available to customers. Hence, the site does not look legit to us and we do not recommend it.

0 thoughts on “Coronam website Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit?

  1. They are a freaking scam. Did not ship the ceiling fan i purchased. The tracking info they provided was bogus and showed “confirmed delivery” for some product, who knows qhere, that was confirmed deliverwd two days before u even made my purchase. Mone of the contact info on their website is accuraye, the phone number us bogus as well as addresses. There is no way to contact them. They also charged me for more than they should have, and the purchase item they gave Paypal was “fast food”
    Definite scumbag scammera, 100% no doubt. In fact i cant even get to the website now.

  2. Scam. Charge was supposed to be 62.70 and they charged 71. Never received item and the tracking number I received stated it was delivered 3 days before I placed the order.

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